Do You Really Want to Feel Discouraged?

Last Update: May 13, 2016


I am often told how great my blog looks, how there are is a ton of value for the readers, and that I'm bound to go far within internet marketing. I get consistent page views everyday and have loyal readers that click through and read every post I put out.

I'd consider myself successful. But I still get discouraged.

It's typically once or twice a month that I find myself in a funk. Doubting everything I've done. Feeling it's all a waste of time because I'm not able to quit my day job and have the blog support me. It's my goal and during these times of discouragement it seems unreachable.

Every other day I consider myself a successful blogger for all the reasons I mentioned above. I know many people would die to have a site the looks like mine, an email list the size of mine, and loyal readers that read every post.

I don't know what causes these funks and once I do I'll avoid that thing like the plague. But I'm sure there is not just one thing and it's probably conditioned to each stage of blogging.

What I want you to get out of this is that every blogger, new and old, faces discouragement. I've been blogging for about 10 years now but never wanted to make it a source of income, until now. Even with all my experience I still get discouraged and wonder if my time was worth it.

Keep you head up and please share any tips and tricks you've found to help keep your discouragement as low as possible.

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Hi Jaron, are you taking about the upside down wrong way out back to front wobbles. Happens on a weekly basis, the good thing is that it doesn't last, one of the even better things is that we are involved with this wonderful community. I think it is a source of strength for many of us.

I agree, and the funk I was in while writing this has since passed. thanks for reading. I know every time I get that way just to push through these days.

Your blogs are great Jaron, just believe in yourself, you know you will get there :)

Thanks Chrissie!

You know I am right !!! :)

hahaha i'll take your word for it ;)

You should!!! :)


Your blogs are fantastic, Jaron!! We all have those moments. I just wrote a blog here on WA about this subject entitled 'Quieting Our Worst Critic'. It is that perfectionist in all of us that can become very critical. Here is a great quote from my blog ~ 'Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening'. I do talk to myself a But, it really works as long as I don't do it in public ;-)

That's excellent and thank you so much!

I love your blogs, so keep doing it please very day! I try to celebrate the little achievements as they lead to the bigger achievements! When I was having Chemo, I had ups and down days but tried to keep focused on my little improvements, as I went through the treatment and eventually came out a Survivor/ Thrivor! The key is to celebrate the little achievements as they will lead to the big ones, when you feel in a funk, visulise yourself in a happier moment, meditate on it and breathe in life! I find visualisations work well for me! Keep on keeping on! Bless, Lisa

Thanks for reading my blog Lisa, it means a lot. and I'm so happy you made it through cancer. Keep catching those dreams!

Our supportive community here in WA are the ones keeping me inspired to move forward all the time. If you enjoy what you are doing, you won't feel discouraged. If ever you feel it, try to read some inspirational blogs of our fellow WA to inspire you to keep going. Hope these helps. Thank you for sharing, Jaron.
Have a happy Friday! :)

Jaron, Jaron, Jaron.................Do you know how many days I used to get discouraged in teaching. The kids weren't getting it, I was teaching it wrong. I wasn't taking enough time teaching a concept. I'm so tired and in too much pain to do this!!

On the lowest day, a student would come in and say "hey, how's your day going? You seem a little down. You know, I really love your class. It is my favorite class ever!!" That was all I needed to keep going.

Look for the little moments to celebrate. Someone saying " great job," "I loved that blog!" "I read your blogs everyday!" "Can you help me?"
Recognize people respect you, your knowledge, and your compassion. I know you will help in a moments notice. And believe me, I appreciate it. Thank you.

Thanks Liz :)

Keep up the good work.

Thank you I keep pushing through these times cause I know if I stop i'll never reach my goals.

The community here at WA is great for motivation and inspiration :)

for sure :)

Great points - I think community here where we can encourage each other is a big help. I tried a blog a few years back and gave up after a few days. Having others around who can answer questions and WA training at my fingertips is a huge help!

I totally agree!

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