The Dangers Of Using PLR Articles!

Last Update: September 20, 2016

I have seen a lot of discussion regarding the use of PLR (Public Label Rights) articles and ebooks for content on your blog. Now I know that doing that would make everyones job easier since it takes a lot of writing to keep the content on your site fresh.

I have seen thousands of PLR packages being promoted over the years. They are usually for sale an very inexpensive prices. Once you have them, they give you the rights to basically do what you want with them. The ideal use would be to copy and paste them right into your site as a new post with your name attached. Great Right!

Not so great. If you are thinking about doing that, I would suggest that you do not. If you do, your site is going to suffer and your rankings will start going towards the cellar.

Recently I took a copy of a PLR article that I obtained and I pasted it into a <a href="">Plagiarism Checker</a>. It showed exactly what I thought it would... 100% Plagiarism. I then took the title of the article and did a google search on it and it showed 178 different sites that were using the article.

When these packages are promoted and purchased, they are not sold as unique content. They are going to be sold maybe thousands of times and used probably just as many times.

Yes, you can take the article and start changing a little here and a little there but what ever you leave of the original content, it is still going to show up as plagiarism. Maybe only 40 or 50% but it will still have a negative impact.

What do I do with them. If I am having a bad writing day, I will take a PLR article, read through it and as I go through it I will make myself some one line notes. These notes give me some bullets that I can expand on in my own words and build from there. I will never use the same wording, I make it completely mine. All I am doing is getting some ideas for my new article.

I would recommend that you do not use a PLR article to fill your site with content. It will probably hurt in the long run and you do not want to see all your work go to waste.

Have a great day!


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WilliamBH Premium
Great tip Joe .. totally agree and most are way out of date. Cheers, William.
MPollock Premium
Great advice, thanks,
JudeP Premium
I agree Joe - they are great to use for inspiration, but definitely not for posting per se :)
Brendie Premium
They are good for research only! Always update the material with current information and then use this new information for lists (bullets, etc.). A lot of them are outdated.
You made some great points though. I do agree with the plagiarism. It can get you into a lot of trouble with Google and other entities.
KMeyer Premium
Great tip!