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Hey folks,

Because I am such an incredibly passionate person with a huge number of hobbies and interests, I must admit, I am finding it incredibly difficult to focus. Without focus or direction I keep spreading my energy too thin.

I have shared a lot about this process here and at this point I am seeking ideas on how to focus. The funny thing is that I am sure I would know exactly what to say to one of my clients to help them find the answers within themselves.

For some reason I don't seem to be able to do that for myself at the moment lol. I am not stressed or worried about it. I have only been in the Wealthy Affiliate community for just over a month, so I have all the time in the world. At the same time, I would love to begin bringing my efforts into focus.

As for things I am interested in, things I have learned about or certifications I have attained, here is my list:

  • Blogging: on my own blog and as a guest author
  • Writing: I journal and do free writing daily and I have published 7 books (one self help book and 6 erotica titles)
  • Yoga: I grew up with yoga integrated into my life. I became a children's yoga and creative movement teacher in my late teens
  • Massage: I have training in Lomi Lomi, Thai and Swedish massage and have taught couple's massage
  • Ecstatic Dance, Poi and Hula Hooping: I absolutely love moving my body to music in a safe, spiritual, drug and alcohol free space. I have lead ecstatic dance workshops for years
  • Creative Visualization and Alternative Healing Modalities: I have taken literally hundreds of workshops, trainings and certification over the past 20 years or so.
  • Retreats: I have hosted a variety of workshops and retreats for women and a few retreats focused on compassionate communication for couples
  • Sacred Sexuality: I began studying sacred sexuality when I was around 16 years old. I continued to study a variety of related topics (Tantra, Kundalini yoga, Quodoshka Teachings, the Kama Sutra, OMing, and a variety of related focuses).
  • Real Estate: I have always loved flipping houses. I recently completed all of the training, pre-requisites, background check and passed the real estate license exam and then decided it wasn't for me lol. So while I love flipping houses and I have one rental property, I am not a real estate agent.
  • Micro Farming and Animals: As some of you already know, I just moved to an urban micro farm property (2 acres in town). I have chickens, dogs and cats and in the Spring we are getting a horse and some goats.
  • Tiny Homes: I just recently purchased a tiny cabin that we are in the process of finishing. It came as a shell and we are insulating it, putting up drywall and I will do the interior design for it.
  • Travel: There's no denying it, I have the soul of a gypsy. I have lived in Ontario, British Columbia, Arizona, Washington and Iowa. I have been to most of the states in the US and most of the provinces in Canada. I have not yet been out of North America, so that's next!
  • Art: I have intentionally raised artists. I have four kids and 3 step kids and each of the kids I fully raised are artists. They have all out performed any skills I have (painting, sewing, pottery, DIY projects, etc.).
  • Music: I am a music lover and I can play the djembe, Native American love flute and the Didgeridoo. I host drumming circles and always have a dj or musicians at my ecstatic dance class.
  • Random Passions I Have Dabbled With: Horse back riding, paddle boarding, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, working with leather, jewelry making, fashion design, photography (As you can probably tell from my other posts and my Instagram account that I love taking photos), aerial silks..

I guarantee you I am forgetting something important but I thought it would be a good start to look at my list and begin narrowing it down. If I had to choose my top three favourite focuses, I would have to say blogging (which I honestly like better than writing for some reason), dance and travel or homesteading (or even the combination of homesteading on a daily basis and then traveling to experience change and culture).

My husband knows me well and says that if I try to narrow my focus down to one topic, I will feel stuck. One of the members here said I could possibly create a "What Joy Buys" niche site focused on my personal experiences of the world, writing blog posts about my most treasured purchases. I have also been considering helping other entrepreneurs and start ups create their sales funnels. This was another suggestion from my husband. He figured it would be diverse enough to keep me passionately entertained.

So there you have it; an introduction to the world of Joy. If an idea pops into your head please share. I do better with more rather than less. I went out today and got the supplies for my new vision board. I realize I am a bit all over the map at the moment but I plan on taking my time and choosing a direction that feeds my soul.

Thanks for reading my ramblings! I hope you are having a glorious Monday!

In community,


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You are Amazing Woman!!

Why Thank you!

Dazed and confused, try something that you really love to do.

Haha. I think that's my strength and my weakness...I literally LOVE to do all of these things. That's why I am thinking about blogging about all of it...

Good luck I know you can do it, go for it.


Focus is my big issue too - too many interesting things around and my curious nature won't let me focus ...

:) Relate-able moment!

Sometimes I feel the same way, but I decided to do it all...just one at a time. I don't know if this is the solution for you, but I plan to create several websites here at WA, each with a different interest.

I have started with a few and they are getting decent traffic (500-1000) per month each and they are just over a month old...just not sure if I want to spread my focus between so many niches. But I am also considering this as an option. Thanks so much for sharing! It truly helps to hear other people's perspectives!

Yes, doing all of them might be a bit.much, so go with the ones which do well.

Excellent suggestion. Thanks.

Nice Monday night reading, thanx for sharing Joy.


I understand you! I always feel bored focusing on just one thing. I am bad at starting things and not finishing them as I want to try more and more. I started painting but didn't get very far. I want to learn languages but always get sidetracked (I have learned Spanish on and off since I was a kid so that is the only one I understand), I started working with wire to make jewelry etc., I started glass painting. I like to cook and make jam etc. but never seem to find the time to do as much as I want.

I also must be learning all the time, hence my long journey to finish my Master's Degree in Ocean and Coastal Studies. I feel bored when I am not learning something new.

I also love to garden, hike, take photos, travel.......

I don't know the answer to your question but I like the suggestion by onmyownterms below!

There a thousand different directions you could take with so many amazing skills!


A woman after my own heart! I can totally relate. The thing with me is that when I take something on I dig in on a very deep level. Then I take something else on and so on. Some of them stick and some of them are just now and then hobbies...I am getting closer to an answer every moment...thank you for your part in this process!

Yes, school is the one I really dig into I guess. There are a million others that I cycle around to eventually and then they drift away for awhile! Of course I have been spending a lot of time the last 4 years learning about all the health and nutrition issues to fix my autoimmune conditions also. That has been a major time (and money) sink!

I am sure you will find a great path out of this jungle of ideas!!

Ha, I didn't even mention my Fitness and Nutrition focus lol. Yes, I dug into psychology and early childhood education (when my kids were still little).

Ha. is available lol

Ha ha! I hadn't thought of it as an actual domain name!!

My mind turns everything into a domain name. It's partially because I build sites, blogs, and marketing plans for start ups.

Oh, I see! I try to resist the temptation to look. I get excited about ideas for websites but I know I don't have time now and I need to focus on the one I have.

I buy them and then set them aside for clients or future projects or workshops. I didn't buy that one though lol.

That sounds fun!

Another good share Joy :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you Joy,

It's so refreshing to know that I'm not the only scatter brain in the world. LOL If you check out my homesteading site you will see a very wide variety of scatterocisty.

We have to take it one passion at a time I guess. I would go nuts with just one focus.

I wish you all the luck in the world and peace of mind. It's good your husband is an understanding guy!

We need more like him!

Have fun!

I think I ran across your site the other day actually. Or at least your profile and I meant to reach out considering the fact that we have a similar interest.

My husband is an amazing man. It also helps that I have managed to create a steady income from my coaching over the past 10 years...I suppose I integrate a lot of my interests into my coaching in tiny ways here and there...

I will keep having fun for sure!



I also like the personal brand idea Joy. Blog about life, your travels, everything - pour your soul out to the world and allow them to drink it up. You can offer a myriad of viable services and talk about the things that make your life 'work.' Sometimes, being a master generalist is what it is all about.

I would love to expand on this...that is what I have been thinking but I can't seem to fully see the vision yet. I have been coaching for 10 years and I still want to coach just not in such a narrow field. Hmmm...time to get out my new vision board I suppose. Thank you, I have found your insights to be invaluable.

Do you think is the right domain to match a blog like that?


I am always available to be your sounding board.

Thank you from my heart to yours!

I like the domain idea Joy!!


I would maybe play with your name a little. Something like Joy withJoy.
I read everything with interest and can absolutely relate.To choose just one thing for me would be a little boring I think.Something that can comprise several things , or at least two.In my case, poetry(further will make a separate site on poetry for sure, but it's not the thing to start), languages, psychology, especially brain work, cats, flowers, relationships..Well I think I have an idea and just need a couple of days to check it...:)

Sounds like you have a lot of interests and passions as well!

Yes, which makes choice complicated... But need to start with something..LOL



Thanks Joy for sharing !



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