Journey so far!

Last Update: November 15, 2016

With my first month trial i come to the descion of whether to continue paying monthly for WA or not.

i have learnt loads since i started 3 months a go and want to carry on doing so and gain more success.

My website is slowly getting better with posts at least once every three days, although i am aiming for daily posting. im not gonna lie i am struggling with traffic and writing good lengthy content which i would aim to improve in time.

it is hard and at sometimes i do feel like quitting

Im going to try hard to improve my website for the next 8 days or so and then go from there as thats when my WA ends, although i do think i will try and save up and make getting the £40 monthly subsciption my main priority!!


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StepChook Premium
Do just a little each day and you'll soon be motivated at just how much it all adds up.
MPollock Premium
Just keep focused on the sites and make the extra money on the side. wish you good luck.
RManfredi Premium
do not give up
DanielF1313 Premium
Good luck dude, still workin on mine as well. Hopi g I'm adding enough content
joshua1999 Premium
cheers man and you to
onmyownterms Premium
If you can, the annual Black Friday (11/25) sale is approaching. It's the best subscription value that WA offers.
joshua1999 Premium
I would if I could, I just wouldn't be able to afford it:(