Youtube money!

Last Update: March 26, 2017

About two weeks ago or so, I decided to try my hand at YouTube with my channel Veteran Made. I know its really nothing, but I made my first .01 today! I know I'm not rich, but it just proves to me the system works and I just have to keep working at it. So just keep moving forward, have fun, and success will come.

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barbaraA Premium
Joseph, Once it starts, it keeps rolling even if only a small amount at a time. Congrats.
bigrog44 Premium
Thank for sharing, Joseph.
MKearns Premium
Great. For your visual monetized viewing pleasure!
kasage00 Premium
That's great! I also made a few cents from YouTube videos. My YouTube account is connected to my Adsense account, and the report showed the YouTube earnings.
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, congrats on your first Youtube penny. It's official, but all successful businesses start with a moment like this. :)