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Last Update: Jun 11, 2018

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What if I told you blogging doesn't work?

Neither do websites...

Or sales funnels...

It doesn't...

It especially doesn't work for you...

What about Facebook?

What about LinkedIn marketing?

Pay per click?

Direct mail?

Picking up the phone?


Building relationships?

None of them works...

Especially for you...

And speaking?

Print advertising?

Become a published author?


Appearing on television?

Having your own show?

Having your own newspaper column?

None of these things works either...

They especially don't work for you so don't even bother...

How about owning a business?

Having time freedom?

Being able to provide for yourself and your family on your own terms?

Coming up with new ideas and building wealth?

Overcoming challenges?


Don't work...

Especially not for you...

Waking up full of energy?

Liking the way you look?

Enjoying feeling good?

Enjoying what you eat without feeling guilty?

Looking younger and happier?

Crap... Who are you kidding...

That's unrealistic...

Especially for you...

And loving relationships?

People you can count on?

Memorable friendships?

Kids, you're proud of who love you unconditionally?

Spiritual health?

None of that stuff works...

It's not attainable...

And it's especially not attainable for you...

So if you've read this far you're probably realizing that maybe it's time to throw up a white flag, start settling for mediocrity and superglue a big "Victim" sticker across your forehead...

Let me know how that one goes...

Or...As crazy as what you just read may sound...Recognize if only for a moment that this is the exact type of BS you and I tell ourselves at times and on occasion things we tell ourselves a lot...

The bottom-line is this...

All of these things work and ARE attainable especially for you...

Should you strive to attain all of them and exert all of your time, energy, money and resources into all of them at the same time?

Probably not but if something's not working, it's more than likely because you're not working it the right way for your desired outcome, are missing some pieces of key information or even more likely a combination of both...

Fortunately for all of us, there's no better time to start taking the right action than now...

Whatever you want... Take MASSIVE action today!

To our freedom...

John W. Newman

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Unusual post thanks for sharing Best Alan

Go you thinking Alan! Cheers :-)

Yep yep



Ironically, I was on the subway earlier today, and saw a man who resembled you, so I was going to send you a PM since we haven't chatted in a while. I remember you saying, "I'm not going anywhere." so I knew it was just a matter of time before our paths crossed again.

Apparently, the Universe has decided that we reconnect, sooner rather than later. Thanks for providing this inspiration to us, John.

Great to see you again Veronica! Been super busy, but I'll try and drop in more often :-)

Good Morning John,

Nice to see you, it has been quite awhile.
I hope you are keeping well. A positive attitude makes the sun shine.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Sure does Taetske! Thanks :-)

I wish I knew what the missing piece was with my website/business. I've been trying everything to make this work, but am still majorly struggling to get growth and results after 3 years. Obviously there's some reason, but I haven't figured out what it is yet

Keep going and one day it will all click... promise :-)

I don't know, I hope you're right. But 3 years and 800 website posts later, I can't say I'm feeling confident.

Yes John. YOU are the key!

Thank you, Mike! Absolutely :-)

They don't work......if we don't work.

Nailed it Debbie :-)

I read a quote these days that said something like this: Waiting for change and not doing anything about it is like going to the airport waiting for the ship.

That is very true. Many people do not want change. Just today I was discussing with my wife about one of my former colleagues who was fired because she was making problems and problems everywhere. She was told over and over to change, but she never did. This person was so talented but was not willing to take massive action to make things work and make things better.

Thanks for this great reminder that things work if you make them work,

Thanks for sharing Oscar :-)

Well said John. Well said.

Thanks Adam :-)

Well said! That's what I want to hear.

Awesome! :-)

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