Tennis Star Roger Federer Success Tips

Last Update: February 21, 2020

I have been a big tennis fan for years.Roger Federer the Swedish super star has won more grand slams then anyone. However, in a year or less the Serbian super star Jokovic could eclipse him and the Spanish super star Nadal.
That is not the story here. The story is while I was watching the recent Autralian Open in January I heard a reporter mention an interview with Federer.The reporter asked Roger Federer to what do you attribute your success ?Roger said 3 things,1. listen, he always listens to what his coach is telling him, his therapist, etc.2. Learning, he said he is still learning even at 38 years old.3. Work hard and if you are in a slump work harder !
Seems pretty simple and sensible.Now if you look up Roger's name on Google and his tips on success you will find one with 5 tips and one with 10 tips, I recommend looking them up.One of those tips I thought was interesting was always keep adapting to evolve. For instance a lot of the top players are now hitting the ball back at their opponent as fast as they can so that they don't have much time to think and I notice a lot of players are having great success with this plan.To show you how successfull this can be many years ago about 20 of my friends started our own ping pong tournament.A few year later another childhood friend joined us and he was unbelievably fast !Yes Don went all the way to the final game 50 to be exact without a loss and won the large trophy .Yes we had a few trophy's and a big party and door prizes, it was a lot of fun. When I played Don I dreaded it cause I could only get a handful of points on him.We all had to ask Don how did you get so darn fast ?Don said they had ping pong table at work and not many people wanted to play. So, he would fold the table in 1/2 like Forest Gump did in the movie. He hit the ball at the 90 degree angled table and the harder he hit it the faster the ball came back. So, when he played against us it was play dough to him. It was like slow motion compared to hitting the ball at the table .Nothing beats working hard and smart, you can work hard but you have to also work smart !Have a great day !!!

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drjec Premium
Good analogy and good advice.
starfalex123 Premium
John, That is truly amazing.Working hard and smart.Thank you for sharing such positive thoughts with us. Have a great weekend. Fitzgerald
Johnpavich Premium
Your very welcome working smarter as i get older is my motto!
As a young man i use to hear old people say they know they are getting old when they bend down to pick something up they see if there is anything else they can pick up while they are already bent down.
Funny I do that now ha ha !
Stanleycmng Premium
Speed as success factor. Sports can teach us many things about success and failure.
Johnpavich Premium
I have met a lot of people that were successful at sports and later in business.
It's a want to compete and win I guess😎👌