27 songs in 27 days !

Last Update: September 16, 2020

This is going to be a very short post !!!

Are you ready for this?

the other day I was listening to the radio while working on a job at a friends business. I was listening to the radio that had been tuned to a country station.

Now I have nothing against country I even learned how to 2 step many years ago and I was very good at it.

i decided not to turn the station to my favorite station cause this is the station that the workers like to listen to and I didn't want to mess with it.

All of a sudden the D.J. says this male country singer decided to write an album of songs so he went into the woods away from people and radios and phones and distractions.

He sat down and wrote 27 songs in 27 days.

Let me repeat that your not hearing things , he sat down and wrote 27 songs in 27 days.

whaaat! Are you kidding me! I stopped working for a few minutes and suddenly felt really dumb.

So, if this guy can write this many songs in this short of time we have no excuses to say I have a problem writing posts for your site 🤯.

I wish I could remember his name I Googled but no luck so now I'am going to try and find the radio station and see if they have info about this on their site.

End of story anything is possible if you really try😎👌

Have a great day!!!

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FKelso Premium
27 songs vs 27 blogs? What about research? I'm afraid I could not do it.
Johnpavich Premium
Well I think this fellow knows his music really well!
I guess if you really knew your topic you could start writing from memory or experience ?
Yes, it's quite unbelievable what people can do😎☝️
Thank you for your input!
FKelso Premium
True -- I write some of my posts from experience, and then they take no time at all.
drjec Premium
This is an interesting form of inspiration very cool.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
This is so inspiring, John!!! Thanks for sharing!!💚

Are going to try 27 posts in 27 days? I think you could do it!!🎉
Johnpavich Premium
I was wondering about that, if he could write a song a. day 😜☝️
Zorica13 Premium
Hello, my friend!
I can translate and read such small posts easily. The Google translator receives a maximum of 3900 characters. Many factors limit me in communication.
The commitment and planning of time to create is important here, but the most important is the creativity everyone has for something. Creativity is a gift.
Someone else might have gone into the woods and planned to create songs, but would there be songs?
Big greetings, Zorica
Johnpavich Premium
Very true everyone is different, not anyone can be a john lennon or billy joel😎☝️
Stanleycmng Premium
Yes, indeed. One blog a day and one song a day sound similar... Time commitment is key.