SSL Broke My Plugin

Last Update: February 06, 2017

Hi Everyone, Just a heads up on a quirky behavior that I'm experiencing with a plugin...

Ever since I added the SSL to my Wordpress site, I discovered that a free plugin that I use to display scrolling image-links, stopped working. I set it up so that if you hover and click on the scrolling images, it'll take you to specific posts. Since it continuously scrolls images, it adds some dynamics and interest to the front page. The site is built using the Genesis platform, with the Lifestyle Pro Theme.

The plugin is a simple one called 'Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow'. It's relatively easy to set up by dropping a short code into a text widget onto your page.

Unfortunately the scrolling slideshow disappeared from the page after I implemented the free SSL security certificate that Wealthy Affiliate has graciously provided for us.

Anyway, after playing around with it for awhile, I discovered that if I add the code twice in the text box, I can get the slideshow to dissplay again. It wasn't until weeks later that I noticed a blank white field in the lower-most, left portion of my page, outside of the content area.

I took me a short while to figure out that this blank field (a blank table) was related to the plugin and my extraneous code. If I get rid of the extra code, the white field disappears, but the scrolling slideshow disappears also.

I've played with it for awhile now but cannot seem to get it to work properly.

So I've written a short note to the developer to see if he'll respond and offer any suggestions as a workaround.

It certainly is not the fault of the SSL certificate. The plugin needs to be updated to accommodate sites with SSL. Security with SSL is the future, and it is now a ranking metric used by Google. I certainly would not remove SSL just to get the outdated plugin to work.

I may have to find another horizontal slideshow plugin, if I decide that I still want to have one on my front page.

Thanks for reading,

- John Mark


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Loes Premium
I hope the developer will reply to you, I noticed some plugins aren't updated for years
JohnnyMark1 Premium Plus
Thanks Loes. It looks as though the plugin was updated only two months ago, and it says that it's compatible with WP version 4.7.2, but it quit working immediately after implementing SSL on my site.

I'll reply again if I find anything out.
Loes Premium
Thanks, looking forward to your update:)