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Using the Gutenberg editor at all is setting you up for failure in the future. When you use the Gutenberg editor, it is actively destroying your database.Wordpresses main responsibility is not the design of your website, but to saving and retrieving your content from a database on your hosts web server.It’s important that your content has as little information as possible of styling. There will always be exceptions, like say when you want to have a bit of text or an image centered on th
I've become re-interested in the possibility of building my two Wordpress sites into HTML-only sites, perhaps using the new version of Dreamweaver CC. I’ve noticed that it incorporates the current HTML5 tags, Doc type, a live split screen showing what your changes do to the page, as well as other neat features to make building responsive websites easier. I’m thinking of this because I find myself at a crossroad again. Years ago I had purchased Adobe Web Premium CS3. I had built and
Email notices from WA to my home email have just seemed to stop coming in about two to three weeks ago. They're not going to my junk folder. It seems if I don't regularly log into WA, email notices just stop being sent to me.Is this intentional?Is anyone else experiencing this?
In Googles Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) it's recommended to add your website property twice, one that includes the prefix www, and once without the prefix. So now you have two properties.At this point, you essentially have two domains, so it's important to tell Google what your preferred domain is. You do this by clicking into each property, and following this path: Click the Gear icon => Click Site Settings => Then select your Preferred Domain.Now th
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February 06, 2017
Hi Everyone, Just a heads up on a quirky behavior that I'm experiencing with a plugin...Ever since I added the SSL to my Wordpress site, I discovered that a free plugin that I use to display scrolling image-links, stopped working. I set it up so that if you hover and click on the scrolling images, it'll take you to specific posts. Since it continuously scrolls images, it adds some dynamics and interest to the front page. The site is built using the Genesis platform, with the Lifestyle Pro Theme
Hi Folks, According to the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, Google has enhanced the cross sharing of data between Google Webmaster Tools (now called Search Console) and Google Analytics.In your efforts to understand your traffic, it's even more important to link the two properties. You may read about it here at the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: you're there, you may want to subscribe to their email list so that you'll be notified about
Okay, now some of you may have already seen this one-minute motivational video posted on YouTube, but I just discovered it. I really get a charge out of it and now *watch it first thing every morning*. Shia LaBeouf was the guy who starred in the Transformer movies. Check it out...
It looks as though more search traffic is being done by mobile devices directly to Amazon, rather than through the Google search engine. Even more reason to also set our sites up for mobile devices. This brings up the question, if the importance of ranking well in Google is diminishing, how do we get our sites in front of people looking for products directly from Amazon and elsewhere? Article:
According to Matt Cutts, backlinks are still a very important ranking metric for the search results of a webpage.
April 25, 2013
“CISPA Once again allows companies to share sensitive and personal American Internet data with the government, including the National Security Agency and other military agencies.” - The ACLUThe bill gives private companies the power to share our private emails, tweets and Facebook messages with various government agencies.CISPA violates our 4th Amendment rights - without a warrant.Corporate giants like AT&T, IBM, Intel, Oracle, Symantec and Verizon support CISPA.