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I don’t know if what I am about to write is from God or not. I’m sure a lot of it is my wishful thinking, hoping heaven will be like this. But I still think it is a pretty story.

I am entering heaven. It is so beautiful I can hardly soak it all in. People and angels are singing, dancing, and shouting praises to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am standing there in awe. It is so amazing. I am like a little kid grinning so big it hurts my face.

I turn around and I notice a mist starting to form. And out of the mist, Jesus appears. He has a beautiful smile on His face as He approaches me.

I get on my knees and I bow my head. I am giggling like a little school girl who is experiencing her first crush.

Jesus reaches down, takes my chin, raises my head and says, “Stand Johnny.”

And in my childlike, giggling voice, I speak to Him, “Jesus, can I ask you a favor?”

He says, “Johnny, you can ask me anything your heart desires.”

“You know that horse you rode in on when you destroyed Satan and all his lies. When you restored the world back to yourself.”

“Yes, I know the horse you are talking about. What about him?”

“Can I ride him?”

“Johnny, I am going to do you one better.”

Then He turns and disappears back into the mist.

He reappears leading two of most beautiful stallions I have ever seen.

They are the purest of white. They have long, flowing manes that drape down the side of their head. They have wings that expand to over twelve feet wide.

I am like a little kid at Christmas, jumping up and down, shouting in joy as I watch these majestic animals snorting and stomping the ground. These guys are ready to soar.

Then, Jesus says to me. “Johnny, let’s ride.”

We jump on their backs.

And in a whisk, we off to the heavenly skies.

It is so amazing, soaring through sky, wind rushing through our hair.

Then I look over and Jesus is looking at me. He says, “Johnny, I love you so much.”

As all this is going on, people on ground are clapping, singing in the most heavenly voices. Then they start shouting, “Go Jesus, Go Johnny.”

Angels are flying by giving us high fives. They are doing somersaults, cartwheels, pirouetting as they soar all about us. They are shouting at Jesus, “Hallelujah, sweet Jesus. Johnny is home.”

Then, Jesus shouts back, “This where He was meant to be the moment our Father and Holy and me gave him life. “

We nudge our beautiful horses, we grip their flowing manes as we hold on with everything we have.

Then in flash, we soar into the arms of our Heavenly Father.

Jesus says to the Father, “Father, I have brought your son, Johnny, home.”

Father says to Jesus, “Thank you, My Son.”

Then our Father looks into my eyes and says, “Johnny, come rest in My loving arms.”

Then I rush to His open arms and I rest my head against His chest.

I can feel His beating heart as mine is pounding.

At that moment, I now have the full of understanding of His love for me.

Two hearts beating as one.

Thank you, Father, Jesus, and my very close friend, Holy for loving me!

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johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi Neptune, to be honest, I don't know what to say. It amazing me that you would share "Stallions" with your grandson. Please tell him I love him as well. I hope and pray it helps him or you with our understanding of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
NeptuneSiver Premium
My Grandson Loves it & he loves you:
Like Edwin Barnes, a Man & Women maybe poorly dressed and penniless, yet his burning desire can bring him the opportunity of his lifetime.
EandS2018 Premium
That’s beautiful.
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
The true beauty lies in a God loves me and you this much. God bless you.
Fleeky Premium