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May 04, 2019
I have been a member for awhile, but I have been putting off succeeding at this for some time now. I am afraid of failing like so many things in my life. In my warped thinking, if I don't give it my all, then the system let me down, not me. That is a lie from hell. I fail because of my lack of trust and belief. I don't trust the system because most systems are "get rich schemes" or lies. I don't feel that way about WA. I feel they are honest. WA offers the tools, but I need to use those tools.
May 01, 2019
To be clear about ranking here at WA. My fellow members and especially new members, please take notice. Till these ranking start paying money or at least offer credits, then please take these ranking in WA with a grain of salt. Let me make this clear, I love the WA community. They helped me so much. I love watching my ranking rise, but a rise in rankings doesn't promise profits from your website. Don't just get into approving your WA rankings. Pay attention to your website and make it profitabl
Hi everybody, I just posted this latest post 4 days ago. I haven't even added any images yet. Basically, I am not done with this post. I still have work to do. I got the email today, it is indexed. I couldn't believe it. Don't give up. Do the lessons, study, trust and believe not only in the WA system, but in yourself and God. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, never said He would take trials and tribulaton away from me, but He does promise He will walk every step of the way with me. Please forgive for br
April 20, 2019
Just got another email about another post getting indexed. I'm on a roll. Lets keep it up. johnny
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April 19, 2019
I just got an email about another post gets indexed. Awesome. Love it!
March 13, 2019
Hi to my WA community. I hope everyone is well and working toward your dreams and goals. I wish you all the best. It seems like the “comments section” of WA has taken a beating the past few weeks. You can feel a sense of frustration among some members. It feels like some are just using the current format for commenting to accumulate credits or just get paid. There is nothing wrong with that. Let’s be honest here. We all want to succeed at our internet endeavors. And WA is the
November 10, 2018
Stallions I don’t know if what I am about to write is from God or not. I’m sure a lot of it is my wishful thinking, hoping heaven will be like this. But I still think it is a pretty story. I am entering heaven. It is so beautiful I can hardly soak it all in. People and angels are singing, dancing, and shouting praises to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am standing there in awe. It is so amazing. I am like a little kid grinning so big it hurts my face. I turn around and I
July 01, 2018
Finishing course 2: Lesson 10. I laid off working on my website for a little while. Reviewing a lot of material I had gone over before. It helps me to go over the lessons more than once. My niche is video gaming. I am looking at it from an old guy's point of view (I am 61 and love playing video games). Also, how video games have changed over the years.But most important how they can bring people together. I am glad I haven't given up on this program. I have learned so much. I still have to figh
January 23, 2018
Just finished course two and loving it all. Once you get it going, keep it going. Thanks everyone who has helped me get through this and also, thanks for any future help I know I will be getting from other members. If I can help others, please let me know. johnny
January 23, 2018
Hi everyone, My Progress: I started out very slow. I signed up with WA over a year ago. I talked my wife into letting me get this so I could make some extra money to supplement our incomes. I wanted to make our life a little easier. In the last year, I have went from job to job. Not finding anything that paid enough or I wanted to do. We were and are still struggling for now, not enough money or time to do what we want to do. About two months ago, I finally got it through my thick head (I can b