HUGE $100k Affiliate Commission From ONE sale only?!

Last Update: Jun 1, 2021

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I have made posts here before on big affiliate commissions in the past, I said I was going to stop when I reached over $10k from one sale... The latest post I created here was where I made over $14k, for 2 days in a row...

Funny how we humans work, when we reach a goal we tend to create another one, right? :)

However, not long ago one of the leads I generated converted and I made $30k from that sale, so I though I was going to share that with all of you here on WA, unfortunatly the lead requested a refund a couple of weeks later so I never made that 30k (from that sale)...

2 months ago I almost came close, I made $26k from one sale! This time the lead didn´t ask for a refund (they rarely do with this affiliate program)

However, as of now it looks like I will blow past that $30k (from one sale) as you can see below I have a lead that going to spend $665,657 and I will get 6% of that amount... So yeah, that will be over $30k

It might sound weird but this kind of amounts are not surprising me anymore, amazing how things can change, not many years ago I would only dream about this...

Nowadays, this affiliate program only, brings me on average around $20k-$35k per month... and I don´t even focus that much on it anymore... Why? Because it is not really a niche I am passionated about. So, my focus now is to do what I think is more fun, my favourite niche, and focus on e-mail marketing and having a good relationship with my subscribers in that niche instead.

Imagine what kind of resluts someone who are really interested in the niche would make..

I never would have imagined that I would make $10-$100k for only 1 affiliate sale when I started this journey here on WA, and sure, I haven´t made 100k from one sale yet, but I know other affiliates who have... Last month for example, one person who I helped getting started with this made over $60k from only 1 sale, and he made over $100k for the whole month, only from this affiliate program.

Below is a screenshot from the small Facebook group of the affiliates of the program:

The method? (The WA method)

The method I use to generate this kind of leads are through content marketing, with a website, just like the bootcamp course here on WA tought me to do, so for anyone just starting out here (on the Wealthy Affiliate University),

my best advice is to take the bootcamp course! Because what you learn there can be used in ANY niche!

Atleast that is what worked for me.

I hoped this short post inspired you and help you to keep pushing. I do not want to think where I would be today if I had listened to that voice that kept telling me to quit and give up when I was 4 months into my journey here on WA and still hadn´t made any money at all...

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere my first $8 sale was made, through the bootcamp. Then I knew, If I can make 1 I can make 10, 100s, 1000s, and MORE!

So please do NOT listen to that nasty voice inside your head if you are a beginner.

I will forever be grateful for the affiliate that brought me here 6 years ago now, when I had no idea of what affiliate marketing even was. I ended up here by reading a review of a scam on his website, and he explained so good how it was a scam and also recommended WA to learn how to mamke money online really works... and yeah, he was very right on that. His name is John also, coincidense? Thank you for that brother. I am also forever grateful to Kyle, Carson and of course Jay, who always put out high quality training videos!

Please leave a comment below if this inspired you, or if you got any questions about this I would be more than happy to answer them below!

I wish you success!


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What an inspirational piece, especially for those of us just starting out. Thank you so much for sharing and thanks for the encouragement!


Wow John- that is amazing! I’m blown away by what you wrote about.

It sure is something when you can make those high affiliate commissions. Beginners may not think that’s the case, but it's possible. You did it by following the WA training here, and it works.

Kudos to you on your recent success!

All the best,

Thank you Eric!

That is the inspiring numbers those of us who are new to WA and affiliate marketing in general need to hear, I have to say though John if I was getting 6% of a £600k order it would be getting all my focus lol

Great to see and well done, properly inspirational stuff, thank you.

Thank you sir, haha yes I know what you mean, but we humans tend to get used to all kinds of stuff, good as bad... Funny how things work, right?

Thank you again, makes me very happy to hear you got inspired.


I am a bit confused. I think I know which affiliate program this is, and on their site, they write at least twice that they pay more than $150000 monthly to their affiliates. This does not look so much for all affiliates.

The private FB group which you show above has 754 VIP affiliate members of that business, and there may be many more affiliates around. So they can not earn much on average. Any comment?

It is simple really, look at any affiliate program and you will see the same thing... Take the WA affiliate program for example, am sure that the part not making any significant amounts are way bigger than the part that does.

To succeed in anything (in my experience) requires sacrifice (time, effort,etc)

My thing is that I have been super consitent putting out content... That is what works for me because I am neither super techniqual, a conversion pro, or a SEO pro or anything like that... I just know a little of all of them, and strive to learn more and more all the time.

So I kind of looking at it like this: Keep taking shoots and eventually you will hit a homerun.

"I missed 100% of the shots I didn´t take" - Wayne Gretzky

No doubt it is as you describe it, you alone are taking more than 1/5 of their affiliate expenses. It all goes to just a handful of people.

Haha well I think that is fair then as I probably put in 5x or even 10x more effort than thhose who don´t put in the work :)

No but seriously, I think the nr you found is old numbers, but eventhen it is just like with everything else that most won´t be successful as most aren´t prepared to put in the work... and that is a good thing in my opinion, it kind of weeds out those who do not "deserve" it, right?

I am very often in the top-5 of the affiliates of the month there though, but not always... and sometimes someone "unknown" shows up as the #1 earner for a month... afterall, they could end up there with only one sale and potentially make $200k or even more...

Good morning John,

Thank you for your excellent and encouraging blog post.

It's always good to hear a success story, I know there are quite a few of them here at Wealthy Affiliate!

It's great that you have just followed the training and have accomplished this level in a relatively short time. How amazing that you were struggling at four months and now look.

I know this will motivate many people including myself. I am making money online and have been for some years, however, I know I can do much better. I have an off-line business that is keeping me busy and doing well. Although, it is kind of holding my online business up a bit. I will get there!

Have a great day and huge congratulations to you.


Thank you Roy!

If there is anything I can help you with just ask!


Thank you, John, that's really appreciated.

It's also good to read a post like yours as I'm fully aware of the power of the Internet. Unfortunately, I know too many people would read your article and say that it's a scam, (I know it's not!) I really see the possibilities and I know results like yours are more than possible for many people if they put their mind to the job.

All the successful Internet marketers I've ever come across are people who are consistent, you are one of them!

Have a wonderful day.


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