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Hi! I'm Toni. I'm not exactly a spring chicken anymore. (We don't really need to get into numbers here...) And... let's just say I've tested a few different paths along the way and just haven't found that one avenue that's the right fit for me.

Of course, I've learned a lot about myself along the way, including some of my preferences going forward. One of the main ones is that I want a fulfilling job that allows me a lot of flexibility in my schedule. I also don't want to be tied down to a certain place - and I want to be my own boss.

And because of those discoveries - here I am! And I am determined to see this through - as far as I can go with it. So thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to working with all of you!
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Money I would be happy earning
5k - 8k
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Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
I am willing to invest as many as it takes to really get this ball rolling. I am so ready!
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Jun 22, 2022
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How much money per month would you be happy earning?
5k - 8k

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
I am willing to invest as many as it takes to really get this ball rolling. I am so ready!
Kyle Premium Plus
So awesome Toni, I know from experience that goals are what lead us to success. Work relentlessly in pursuit of these goals and they CAN and WILL happen.

In fact, wipe failure out of your mind right now. It simply won't happen. You have too much help, support and an entire community of help behind you to ever let that happen :)

If you need anything going forward, just let me known and I will be happy to give you a hand.
TheAbie Premium Plus
That's amazing; I know from experience that goals lead us to success. Work relentlessly to seek these goals; they can and will happen.

You have too much help, support, and an entire community of service behind you at the Wealthy Affiliate platform, including the co-founders Kyle & Carson. I'm sure you'll do just fine; keep it up!

If you need anything going forward, just let me know; always a pleasure to be of assistance.

Super welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
These are excellent goals and they are so achievable if you follow the training and ask for help from the supportive community.
I wish you much success.
Lisa :-)
NikkiMcGowan Premium
No goal is unrealistic!! Keep your dreams alive!! Goals help us focus on moving forward. Remind yourself of them daily!

The harder you work and the more time you put in the more progress you will see! That's what's so awesome about this endeavor, you are your only rate-limiting step! You have an amazing community of fellow affiliates striving to not only push themselves forward but to help you move forward too!!

Set your goals, smash them, then set new ones!! Patience and Persistence are key!! One day you'll look back and laugh at the times you doubted yourself! You got this!! Just keep pushing forward with training, reach out when you need help and the rewards will come!!

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey!!
jghwebbrand Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

Great goals here. The training will help you understand how this works so you can gauge how much time you want to spend to achieve your goals. With your determination to do the training and to apply it, you will be amazed at how much you can achieve.

WA is a very friendly, helpful and active community. We like to help new comers achieve success. The Online Entrepreneur Training which is a self-managed program. You can do it at your pace. When you have questions, you can ask them in the comments section after each lesson.

Now that you've outlined your goals, you can start working towards them. Remember that this is a journey and not a destination.

There is a lot of work ahead, so the more effort that you put in, the more you will achieve.

We wish you much success in your online journey.
Kiersti1 Premium
Welcome to wealthy affiliate. Those are some good goals you got there. They are totally achievable. Keep up the good work.
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Kyle Premium Plus
How's your day going? Just popping by to see how things are going so far for you. You have my full attention if you need anything at all moving forward. :)
Thanks so much for introducing yourself and checking in on me. I am very excited to to see how this turns out for me - I'm feeling very optimistic about it!
I do have a quick question for you: of those who start working through this program, how many actually make it all the way through to the end versus those who don't? And I'm not expecting an exact answer for this, just an answer off the top of your head.

Again, thanks so much for everything. I look forward to working with you in the near future!
Kyle Premium Plus
You have lots to be excited about Toni, it is a fun and can be a very lucrative journey moving forward. Anyone that wants to build a business, make it through. We don't have data on who does and doesn't, but generally speaking a certain percentage of people give up before they reach success...and that is human nature.

If you don't give up, you don't fail. Simple as that, and that is the logic I have always put forward with anything I want to achieve success with (business or otherwise).
Thank you! That's very encouraging! I've always managed to succeed in my endeavors, but I've always done it with that small cloud of doubt and fear hanging around me. I just do my best to ignore it. Hopefully the same will prove true this time, too.
Again, thank you for the encouraging words. I really am looking forward to what awaits me.

Kyle Premium Plus
No problem at all Toni, it is great to have you here at WA and I absolutely look forward to working with you and seeing you progress in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead.

I am connected to WA throughout the day, so if you ever have any questions let me know. I am always around! :)
Kyle Premium Plus
Just wanted to shoot you a quick message and see how things were going thus far Toni? I am here to help if you ever need a hand with anything, just give me a shout (simply click Reply to this message and ask anything you want)!

Also, quick reminder. Today is the last day to get your first month $30 off discount on the Premium membership. If you ever want to move on over to a Premium membership and get the bonuses, you can do so here.


Just a simple reminder here. :)
J-KWest Premium Plus
How's it going? It’s coming up on a week since you joined WA, and I hope you’re getting the most from your free starter membership. Remember, it doesn’t expire, and it’s here for as long as you want it.

There’s also a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Of course, Wealthy Affiliate Premium is a faster way to reach your goals. It gives you access to complete training series' on topics like site-building as I've mentioned before...


There are also series that tackle topics like keyword research, among others...


But I know premium isn't for everyone, and it's not the only way.

So I wanted to drop off a huge list of tutorials and resources you have here as a FREE STARTER member.

You won’t need all of these right away, some will be more helpful at a later stage, but I’ll leave the list here so you have it as a resource that you can return to later on.

Website Customization Stuff: ----------
For the next video, you can just start at the 10-minute mark. ----------
Working with Images: ----------
Keyword/Topic Research (Find What People Are Asking Online) and Getting Traffic ----------
Creating Content: ----------
Google Analytics (Who is Visiting Your Site?):

Google Analytics is how you track traffic on your site. I use a WordPress plugin called “GA Google Analytics” for this but there are others.

Here’s how you find and install plugins on your site: ----------
If you choose to use GA Analytics, the instructions are simple.

Once you install and activate it, go to Plugin Settings, then add your “GA Tracking ID”

Under Tracking Code Location, you can choose “include tracking code in page footer (via wp_footer)

To get your GA Tracking ID, the following tutorial should help: ----------
Here are some more free resources: ----------
Understanding Google Analytics: ----------
Affiliate Programs and Links:

Once you have content on your site and it's generating traffic, you’ll want to monetize it with affiliate offers. You can search Google by typing [your niche or topic] + affiliate program.

You can also locate affiliate programs and products/services to promote at the link below.


These tutorials help you add links to your content: ----------
Mindset and Miscellaneous:
These are various free resources that will provide you with additional insights. A couple of notes about these tutorials:

Some use “niche-specific” websites as examples, but the same techniques and principles apply to all niches.

The other thing (which applies to ALL online courses, software, and programs) is that user interfaces change. This can make some training seem outdated, even if it’s only a couple of weeks old.

In most cases, it’s not an issue…

Many links, buttons, options, etc. may get re-located to a different location on the screen during an update, but most of the time, it’s just a matter of playing around inside the interface to find what you’re looking for.

Whenever I can’t find a setting or an option for a plugin, program, etc., or something has been changed enough that I can make sense of it, I just search online. Usually, the program or software I’m learning has its own tutorial and updates.

Anyway, these free tutorials should help you get the most out of your free starter account as you continue your online journey.

Talk soon,
Thank you so much for this reference list. I already know just from reading through the titles that I will definitely be referring back to this message many things throughout this program. I'm looking forward to really getting this ball on the move.
So, again, thank you for everything!
I hope you have a great day and a blessed week.

J-KWest Premium Plus
No problem, happy to help Toni. Hope you are doing well.
I'm doing great, a little anxious about the upcoming weeks here in the program - but excited and ready for change!
You have an absolutely adorable family - I love the profile picture!
I do have a question if you don't mind... How long does it typically take to go through the training?

Thanks again for everything!
Oh yes, and before I go,
How are you doing?
J-KWest Premium Plus
Thanks, my family is pretty awesome, lol. I’m lucky. And also doing well, thanks for asking.

I totally understand being anxious but there’s nothing you can break that can’t be fixed :-)

It’s a learning process and journey for all of us.

As far as how long to go through the training, it really just depends on how much time you can put into it per day, week, etc.

Also, if you have some previous experience it’s helpful. I actually had a website already when I found Wealthy Affiliate so I was able to go through a lot of the technical stuff quickly.

I didn’t really know anything about affiliate marketing though so that took longer.

The other thing is how you spend your time. For example, even though I had a site, I started a new site here and spent far too much time messing around with themes, logos, colours, fonts, and so on.

Then I changed my niche and did it all over again, lol.

Some people spend weeks on that stuff, and others do the absolute minimum for design and spend more time on the content of their website, which is the better thing to do.

Others get bogged down in the social media parts of the training, and depending on their niche, that might be the right choice.

Some niches, like a B2B niche for example, don’t work as well on social media though, so in that case it’s better to skim through those sections and focus more on search engine training.

So it’s hard to say. I really wish I could give you a more specific answer, it’s just so different for each person.

I know some younger people here have been able to race through it. Those of us with families though, and all of the responsibilities of a household go through it quite a bit slower.

Hope that provides a little insight, but with I could have been more helpful.
J-KWest Premium Plus
Hey, how are you doing today? Hopefully well.

I mentioned this the other day, but I wanted to go over it again because it's such a helpful feature and it can save you a ton of time, and a few headaches too, lol. I'm referring to the Smart Search feature.

Eric made this great video on how to get the most from it... Other than that, how has your progress been?
J-KWest Premium Plus
How’s it going? It’s been a few days since you joined, and I wanted to touch base to see if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense.

It can sometimes seem more complicated than it actually is. When you take a step back and look at the big picture, it’s very simple.

All you’re doing is answering questions online.

Of course, there’s a little more to it, but the general "blueprint" of what you’re doing can be broken into just a few steps.

1. You find questions people are asking search engines.
2. If the question hasn’t been answered yet, or you can answer it better, write an article about it.
3. People find your articles when searching online, and you make money with affiliate products, display ads, and various offers.

There are methods and strategies within each step, and those are taught here, but the basic premise is simple.

I’ll also leave you with some success stories today. Hope all is well and as always, let me know if you need anything.