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Last Update: Oct 25, 2018

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Hi there!

Just wanted to write this quick blog and share my new commission record from 1 sale, I actually wanted to wait until I completely crushed my previous one, but...

Since last post got so much engagement and clearly inspired others I feel I am almost obligated to share this with you guys:

Ok, there you go, it´s a new personal record! :)


I cannot thank Kyle, Carson and Jay enough, and this whole community for educating me during the years I have been a member here, without your help I would probably still be completely unaware of the online opportunity that is literally EVRYWHERE.

So thank you guys, from my heart.



This post is published not to brag but to show you (especially newbies) that affiliate marketing works and is GREAT.

Please tell me in the comment section if you get inspired!?

/Thank you

Recent Comments


What a very inspirational achievement of yours.
Thank you for sharing it.

More power and God bless.


Thank you, Che, appreciate that a lot!

All the best to you and god bless


Thank you!

More power! :o)

/All the best

Nice work!!

Thank you!

Congratulations that is a fantastic result that is sure to inspire many of us here.
With Grace and Gratitude

That is amazing! What product gives you such a commision if I may ask?

DM me and I might tell you ;)

Good to hear that and really inpires.
You set a good example for all of us here.


You can't beat passive john!

Thank you for that success.

Well done

Well done John

That is brilliant news and really great for those who are just starting out.
Congratulations and may you get many more sales.
Debs :)

Thank you Debs!

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