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Today I just want to share a great (in my opinion) result that I got (while I was asleep). That is the reason for the post name: best affiliate programs high commission.

As we are all in this community to make money and the first techniqu we learn to do that is by doing affiliate marketing I feel that many of you probably want to see some "motivation"

Hate that word lol!

Motivation comes and goes, habits (consistency) over a longer period of time is what will get you there.

Ok, I am absolutely NOT some kind of "big player" in the game, however, I talk about results that makes me happy, I am absolutely aware that this is small results for other internet marketers and they are probably laughing at this :)

However, this is money from 1 day (or in my case night as I was asleep)

you can see the date range (and result) below

This is only my commissions from ONE source, I have made commissions tonight also from atleast 4 other different sources (affiliate programs) also.

Are you a beginner?

Anyway, this is mainly to some of my referrals and also to beginners in general so you can see an example of "passive income" results.

Ohh, another thing this traffic comes from absolutely free sources, I have NOT paid for the traffic.

First of all:

All credit goes to WA (this amazing commuity you are a part of)

Because even if the affiliate program is a complete different one than the one this community offers the reason I got it is 100% due to the things I have learn from doing the training here, the bootcamp, the certification course, Jays video classes, etc.

So thank you WA!

Will never leave this place :)

So, if you have recently found this community you should know that you have found an absolute GOLD MINE here.

Get involved in the training and STICK TO IT.

I didn´t make any money at all my first 4 months here... It would have been easy to call it a quit and give up.. To be honest I almost did...

If I would have done that I wouldn´t have made a single cent online...

Probably never in my life either as I would have completely given up the idea most likely... As I khad a feeling when I started here that this was THE place, if I didn´t started to make money here I would never do it anywhere else either... I was prepared to give it 1 year, however it started to get frustrating after 4 months when I hadn´t made a single dollar...

I had a 9-5 that was killing me.. I worked on WA at nights when I got home from work and the whole thing was "hard"

It got ALOT easier once that first sale just came from nowhere one day :)

So my absolutely best advice to you is to:

  • stick to the training here,
  • stay consistent,
  • have patience,
  • REFUSE to give up!

If you do that you WILL generate a reccurring income..

When you do your job will be to scale it up

Depending on how the sales go from my other sources (affiliate programs) today, this might be a new record for 1 day for me... Have to wait and see.

So what are your thoughs on this?

What kind of record do you have in one day?

Do you have any good advice on how to find high converting and high paying affiliate programs with high commission posibilities?

Leave your comments below!

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You are soooo right. Motivation comes and goes but sticking to this is going to do it. Stories like yours are keeping me going. It’s been 4 months of hard work, always in the middle of the night, on weekends, and still no cent. 9-5 job, family, church, etc. Somehow I believe my first dollar will roll in soon.

Thanks for this,

Great post...Thank you for that and it proves that sticking to it will end up in results...I just finished my second month and it is starting to be a you I have a 9-5 job and spend my time here in the evenings to built my blogs and following the is a hard time and with no results in commisions the uncertainty if it is all worth it gets to the mind...but post like yours are very encouraging and is worth the hard time right now to create a better future...


Stay consistent and the results will come, had the EXACT same feelings as you describe, it actually took me 4 months before I made any money at all... Or 7 to be more correct, as I started a niche site that I abandoned after 3 months to start a whole new one... It was a lot easier then, consistency is still needed though.

Refuse to give up and you will make success!


Congratulations, mate. Awesome! What you are saying above I fully agree. Yes, the source of income will be coming from every angle. Not necessary only in WA. But this also our college and from here I can't deny how I am more open to various opportunity and how slowly getting there finding opportunities that I pledge to work the best to give or serve the best.

Thanks, friend.

Yes, there are MANY angles out there ;)

Thank you


Well done John, it's really nice hearing stories like these! I'm two and a half months in, I haven't made any money yet but I got into WA knowing that this is about long term success. It isn't about making money but helping others either within your niche or at the WA community itself. Sometimes I'm thinking that I'm doing something wrong but at the end, I'm just sticking to the training with my primary focus being publishing content.

Thanks for sharing this, it is inspiring to read. I have only been active here for 2 months now and I am already making enough to cover my website running costs, so I agree that the system does work. Now to just keep working on it to increase that revenue.
I think that your success here is awesome, well done!
I wish u great success for the future and good luck. :)


That is fast progress! Personally, it took me around 4,5 months before I made any money at all when I started out here as a complete beginner...

You might have previous experience though?

Nope, I have never done this before. I still do not know how social media really works either, never had FB or anything like that. I could surf and play games, that was about it. I think I just got lucky. :)
Now my head is so full of knowledge it may burst soon, lol.

My record is not half as inspiring as yours, John. Because after over a year, I have only made a few pounds on Amazon, nothing really worth mentioning, let alone celebrating on.

More to the point, are we given to know which affiliate program you used, that brought so much fortune overnight??

Thank you my friend, and well done!!


It will come, I try to focus on having many income streams spread out, you never know if one will all of a sudden stop paying so I think it is important to have many.

Sometimes we need to look in other directions, and sometimes it is just around the corner before the sales are gone pile up, the "snowball effect"

Lol, you can look on my website that I have listed on my profile here: and there you have it. Look on the "FREE $ Info Stuff" ;)

Thank you for your comment

/Keep making progress

Hi John,

Thanks for sharing this. I'm just now breaking through that 4 month point. Yours is probably the largest first commission that I remember seeing. If you can keep that up, it won't take long to replace the 9-5 income.

I like how you pointed out that it came in when you were asleep and when you least expected it.

Great job!!!

It is not my first, not even sure if it is my biggest (in total) for one day,

I just wanted to share a pretty nice commission that took place while I was sleeping

/Thank you :)

Wow...that's great. I need to read more of your stuff to learn about what you've been doing. :)

Great website! Lots of free learning opportunities.

May I ask what your sites are exactly and what your niche is? Just curious as different niches seem to have different 'luck' and target audience.

I am not yet a year into this. I manage 5 sites, but I focus mainly on 2. The others are for continued training and trying out different tweaks.
Anyway, I too didn't make a buck in the first 6 months on any of my sites. It is frustrating that you put all this time and energy into training and building, etc. then managing by posting and yet no a dollar of income for 6 months. But, I knew it would take a long time before seeing rewards. My first site is only 9 months old. And, finally I am starting to see revenues. Things seemed to get better after that first 6 months for some reason.

How long have your sites been active and do you agree that things get better after so many months because Google trusts your sites more? Or is that just a rumor.

I use and have used many different affiliate sites. Which affiliate did you use to make this killer sale in one night may I ask?

I used Amazon, AdBlade---just approved me, Content.Ad, one ad is from, and Viglink.

I would highly suggest Viglink, John. They do ads different than others and they have no traffic minimums. THey are fantastic to work with and value every affiliate no matter how new your old your site is.

Once installed, you enter an API and the program will automatically go back through all of your Pages and Posts and automatically create links from relevant words and phrases on your site.
Then it will auto do so with all future Posts you write. For example, it will take the word "DOG" and link it to Walmart dog products, or it will take the word "addiction" and create a link to Addiction books on Amazon, Or, it will take the word "drone" and link it to Amazon also. Its all done for you and you reap the income. You don't even have to place code snippets anywhere on your site.

However, they have other ad programs as well. For example, one called "Anywhere" with Viglink. Where you can insert your anywhere code into social media Posts outside your site and get paid commissions.

Other than Viglink, I focus mainly on Amazon because I love that company and what they do. I wrote my senior thesis paper on Jeff Bezos back in 1997 when he first started so I am partial toward Amazon's success. And, they treat affiliates great with many, many different ad programs, recommended ads, search ads, and product ads. Right now in April they have a special going on for entire month where they are paying 12% commission on any conversions.

I was kicked off AdSense and terminated from because my traffic was not enough or not steady...not sure but who cares because there are plenty of other great affiliate companies to sign up with.

I remain patient, yet worried a bit that my sites will never take off. I am fine with putting in the time, no matter how long it takes. I am OK with writing quality articles and managing my sites for 2 straight years, IF I KNOW that in the 3rd year and sites explode with increasing traffic and revenues. But, how can I know this? I am doing it anyway and being patient.

Again, I am only 9 months into my first site and more like 6-7 months of my other active sites. So, I still need to wait, write, manage, tweak my sites and do all the training correctly before expecting results.

Thanks for your Post, Matt

Wow thanks for that comment! You wrote a longer text than my post was lol! That is AWESOME! :) My site is the one I have listed on my profile, I also got other websites but not listed here ;)

I absolutely strongly believe that the more Google trusts your site the better it will rank... IF you are doing everything right of course, publishing consistently and using keywords, seo the right way. I would say it is not a rumor :)

The affiliate program I made this sale was from JVZoo I think, or maybe it was clickbank lol! Can´t remember, I have a great FREE app on my site that can find you the best converting affiliate programs and also show their competition level. You can find it on the "Free $ Boost Info" menue.

Is Medianet an adsite? I mean one that you put ads on your site and recieve money per click?

Have you tried CPA marketing by the way?

You got a great mindset there, 2-3 years is well worth it if you give it a fair go and stick to it.

I strongly believe that there is no such thing as a bad niche, just bad websites (that aren´t doing more than the competitors ones)

Ok, have to slow down now before I write an ebook here lol!

It is way to late here in Sweden :)

Thanks again for your comment


Thank you for this! I also have a 9 to 5 job but only Monday through Wednesday. Sticking with the training and continuing to build out your websites is instrumental. I know I will progress as I continue in this way. I know the money coming in will be the result of hard work and determination. Thanks for your post, John.

Exactly! That is true Sue :)

That's awesome John! My record in one day was nearly $1,800 back in September, but I have wayyy too many $0 days to go along with it!

I need to be more consistent to eventually go full-time at this. Big days like that motivate me to keep pushing forward through the low dollar days though.

And just like you, none of my traffic is paid for. All training on SEO, UX, conversions, etc. is thanks to WA. Took me nearly 6 months to make my first online sale.

Keep up the great work!

That´s amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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