Where I am after 6 Months

Last Update: April 19, 2015

Well it has been a very interesting 6 months and I am now following some 2,500+ wonderful people trying to edge out a place/living in the Internet Marketing/Affiliate world.Better still i have 1,300++ wonderful people who are following me. Some of the comments that have been made about my profile have been very encouraging and I thank each and everyone for their kind words. Yet since the second month I have done nothing with W.A. other than encourage a number of you by wishing you well. I have turned off the Questions and Blog Post at the point where I had 2,835 unanswered questions and/or unread blogs.

I felt like I was overwhelmed and it didn't help that i was/am still trying to re-establish my income lines..................... I know being an Affiliate of W.A. could do it for me BUT it takes too long from "now" until when I can pay the groceries and rent with $180 commission per member. So right now I am in limbo. The good news is I have a Sales Job in the Investment property area. That pays a small retainer and commission each sale. If I do as good as I have done in my history it should be a good year ahead. Be glad to see the last two years well and truly behind me. If I didn't have a faith in Christ Jesus I am not sure where I would be after 2 years of very little income. If it wasn't for His love and the love of the people I fellowship with I am sure I would be at best out on the street where so many people end up with no Hope and/or Provision.

The job requires me to fly around to different towns/cities in my country Australia 1 week on and 1 week off. My wife and I have/are adjusting to this situation and if our love for one another could be more then this being away so often will surly do it.

Once I settle into this work (on my first week now) I am sure to have some spare time up my sleeve and if not worrying about money will have time to learn and study again. At that time I will review if Network Marketing is REALLY a Provision for me or just another distraction on my Journey. If it is for me I will re-establish my studies with W.A. and get into it.

One thing I know is that W.A. by far is the best Educational facility and communication base that this Industry has. I wish all of you who are making their way in this industry the very best.

Once again thank you for all your support.

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danbarth87 Premium
Great post, John! You are spot on. Love that you are a man of faith as well!!
cschlup54 Premium
Wow, that is a lot of people to follow...just with the few I have it takes time to view websites, blogs, make comments and try to work on my own website. I also believe that WA is a very great place if you want to learn and be successful at this on-line business. I truly believe that putting Jesus first everything else will fall in place. I always remember the Foot Print Poem....he carries me during the rough times that is why there is only one set of foot prints in the sand.
PamBrown Premium
Wishing you the best of luck with your new job and hope all goes well for you and your family. I've only been here a couple of months now but I am loving the community and the learning opportunities. So right now I don't have that many followers nor am I following that many. But the numbers are rising! Finding the balance between training and communication is frustrating at times but the community interaction is also a learning opportunity in itself. Again, wishing you the best!
BigDaddyFred Premium
I agree with everything you say including the part about faith in Jesus Christ. I have shelter, food, companionship and if I can help ONE person feel better about their life I am good.

Today in a diner where I ate brunch, I told a waitress that Jesus loved her and gave her $20 in a $7 tab, She said, :" hope so..." I said I know He does!

How difficut it must be for people who are not settled in their faith.

Anyway, Best to you.
pvarga Premium
Success in your journey John, and I hope to
see you back here soon....Paul