Today was a hard day

Last Update: October 03, 2018

You know the drill. You control your thoughts and your actions. You are in charge of your attitude. Sometimes you also NEED to be sad, to mourn loss, to grieve what is no more. I have been on the WA newbie high for a week, and while I am still in awe of finding the community and adore the training and support, today I paused and pondered on why life has to be so difficult sometimes. Have you ever been lied to? Then you know how much it can hurt.

There is so much that I have had to learn, and it has been entirely the hard way. Not that I was doing anything wrong. The way is. just. hard.

I do have my faith, and right now I can look forward to using my growing testimony to help others, eventually. Have you ever wanted to fast-forward about 6 months into the future? I usually don't, but MAN oh MAN if there was ever a time...

Still got through a bit of training, and I am excited about my next post with keywords so will wrap that up tomorrow. If your life is hard right now, just remember that you are not alone. Thinking you are is a trap and a lie. I will rest in the truth that this is not my forever, it is just my now, and I am able not only to survive, but to perservere.

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Johanna29 Premium
Thanks everyone for the support!
EandS2018 Premium

1. YES!!!!!!!!! Sure have been lied to and it hurts!
2. YES!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes ”you NEED to be sad, to mourn loss, to grieve what is no more ”

We are sorry for this transition that you are going thru. We certainly want to validate you. Life can be hard and unfair.

Even though ” you know the drill ” when you are hurting it takes a minute for your heart to adapt. It's a process you must go thru to heal!

So speaking of WA and keywords, we gave you a keyword in the sentence above. Are you ready for it? You can be!

The word is ”THRU” While you are adjusting and healing please make certain that you ARE GOING THRU , not stopping to smell those black roses, and horrid thoughts but to the next chapter in your Life.

We are so glad you found WA. Let this be the new beginning that you needed. Your future is bright and exciting and we congratulate you! Please keep us updated with your achievements! It is a blessing to watch us all grow, and the excitement very contagious!

Keep pressing thru, You can do this !
Elaine and Scarlett
Johanna29 Premium
Thank you for validating my feelings, it means a lot <3
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Johanna, after the feel-good rush the reality and enormity of it all can come and tap you on the shoulder. Many folks are trapped in a way of life or set of mindsets that are not helpful.

Thing is coming to the online world a whole new set of possibilities open up and coming to WA we have a set of new possibilities and also a set of resources that will help us to cross many bridges, not only that but also that will help us to show others how to cross those bridges to a better future.

Six months will fly by.
IamVirginia Premium
It is OK, hun; we have all been there. Stick with it, it will be worth it.
Vickic3 Premium
Persistence and focus plus action = success and the 6 months will fly by :)