Starter Members-What is the Starter Membership For?


Your Starter Membership is free.

Yes, FREE—no asterisk to refer to the “except” at the bottom of the page, just FREE!

There is no obligation to pay anything to join Wealthy Affiliate. But you already know that because you are here.

You can access all of the Starter Membership features for free, including:

    • Access to the Wealthy Affiliate community Chat, Profile Pages, and Blogs.
    • Access to the first 5 lessons of the 2 Wealthy Affiliate core training courses.
    • Access to the Wealthy Affiliate website builder.


    To let you see what the community is all about, from the training to the community support, so that you can make the best decision for YOU!

    It is kind of like shopping for a car.

    You get to kick the tires, look under the hood, play with the radio—even take it for a test drive (with your new website!).

    Or kind of like hunting for a house or apartment.

    If you go to an Open House, or arrange for a private showing—you can view the spacious family area, open the kitchen cabinets and drawers, check out the bathrooms.

    But unlike your brand-spanking new website at Wealthy Affiliate, unless you commit (and advance to Premium or Premium Plus), to buy that car or rent/buy that apartment/house, you don’t get to drive away or move in.

    Yes, you can

    Yes, you can still advance to Premium after your 7 days are up.

    You have 7 days to kick the tires on Wealthy Affiliate...but, if you decide you don’t want to stay, you will still have access to your website for 6 months as long as you are a Starter member—you just won’t have access to oil changes or tire rotations, or software updates for your radio…you won’t have the unparalleled tech support, training, and keyword search Wealthy Affiliate. You will have access to your Starter Membership and Profile Page.


    I have spent time promoting the value of Wealthy Affiliate features, but I would be remiss if I didn't touch on the value of another...

    Our Individual Members!

    Each Premium or Premium Plus member was, at one time, a Starter Member. Currently, the Community I have referred to is not only Kyle and Carson, the co-founders, and the staff, but over 400,000 active Members. They actively provide most of your welcomes, training, information, answers to questions, and more. They provide value that cannot be estimated or equaled in the industry. The beauty of your Network within Wealthy Affiliate? You get to pick the members that you want to Follow (as many or few as you want) and receive emails, with links, from Wealthy Affiliate when they contribute.


    Yes, you...we want you to join us, to help us to help you and each other find the success we are all searching for. But if you just can't right now, we understand. But, please don't forget about us...we will still be waiting to welcome come on down, and see what's behind door number 2!

    Thanks for your time in reading this,


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    Recent Comments


    Shannon, if you haven’t started training, get on with it, like what everyone did, including myself.

    I myself, was victimized recently on July 4th on FB by scammers. My former co-office worker’s FB profile was hacked and I thought it was her. I lost $1250.00. Thank God, I detected that it was a scam on the 4th day scammers still trying to get more money from me. It happened while I was in Georgia. Now I am back in CA, I have to report to FTC and file a police report this week. I had to freeze my credit with all of the credit bureaus and everything else. So no need to be shy about it. I did not expect myself to fall as a victim. I had been very careful but scammers caught me off guard and unsuspecting! Shared my story here for everyone to be aware of scammers.


    Someone help me please. I know, I should have done this a long time ago, but there has been a lot going on in my life. None of it really good either. I have a bunch of systems that I have bought and subscribed to, but I have skipped a lot of the training and that is a lot of the problem. I haven't asked for help, and I have just slipped farther and farther into confusion on where to go and what to do now. I don't have any money to invest in myself. I'm on a fixed income and what wasn't going out to bills, was stolen. I have nickel and dimed it up to this point, and now? Well, I'm in such a deep hole the light is gone. My online presence is essentially gone except for a few sites, but I don't trust any of it anymore. I don't want to air my problems or make people feel sorry for me. At this point I just need help to make sense of the things I have, and how I can implement and take away, without using my actual identity( which you see). Long story short someone that has looked for me ( and I was unaware for many years) finally caught up earlier this year, took over my Facebook account, my bank accounts, and is just waiting for me to re-emerge, hence the on line off line movements of myself. I've lost just about everything and I'm just trying to get myself together enough to make a clean break from family and friends for a while at least until I can make sure that this is over. I just need help getting my affiliate accounts together so that I can get enough money to do that for a little while. I have a few friends that have helped me to get a lawyer who can track this person through the web, in the meantime I need training and help to get an income that will replace the 1200$ a month I make in disability and to lay low for a few months. I know it's a lot to ask, but if anyone or a group can help, I would be more than grateful. Thank you

    What you need help with ?

    Hi Shannon,

    Wishing you luck with the lawyer and getting that straightened out.

    The good news is that your Starter Membership is safe--you can stay on and keep your free website.

    You might reach out to Kyle to see if he has any suggestions for you to work on in the meantime.

    Best wishes for you,


    You have fantastic responses here; kindly let us know if you have additional questions regarding the training. All the best to you as we advance on your online journey and business endeavors.

    Hello. Thank you
    I want to promote your website and services and earn affiliate commissions.

    I have many different systems that I have bought, but when all of this was going on, and where I lost my computer, I'm having a ha4d time finding everything that I started to put in place. I'm really a hands on type of learner. I have a hard time with reading hard copy or listening for more than a few minutes for webinars and such, and I know that really , it's not that difficult. But I am still in the state of overwhelm. I thought that I had gotten rid of him, but he called a couple of days ago and it just wrecked me again. I'm just floored as to how utterly wicked this person is, everyone around me says , don't worry, but when someone takes this much time and interest in finding you and making you miserable, I have to say that I feel terrorized and he is just purposely trying to drive me insane. I was dating someone and I love him still to this day, but we broke up because of all of this. He didn't want to deal with the stress of all of this and I feel like the person must've called him or messaged him in such a way that he just couldn't get past it. I live in a tiny town in the middle of Kentucky. So, I have been the subject of ridicule my whole life and this just has made everything 200x worse. It's just I'm dealing with so much. I just need to get my head out of my axx!

    I use to watch webinars too, but the end of webinars, It’s required thousands of dollars 💵 which I can’t affort it.

    So, it’s waste of time.

    You are in the right place, & you have the right training here . Stay here. It only $49!’ Monthly or 495 yearly. No upsell.

    Get back together with your bf.

    Be nice to him & make life better.

    Other system online businesss is get rich scheme & you need to pay 💰 lots. There up-sell.

    Here cheap & effortable. U know, I have lose $10,000 to the scammer , so let just move on.

    It is my website vs the co-founder's Kyle and Carson. However, you can.

    You can promote the Wealthy Affiliate platform to get people to sign up and upgrade; you would be able to pay subscriptions. Here is how it works.

    Program details

    That's the $ sign top menu.

    As a starter, your commissions would be halved; as and when you decide to become a premium, you'd get full commissions.

    For every profile complete, set up a $1; however, you can't claim the $1 for setting up a profile until you have at least 20 referrals and one upgraded to premium.

    You can only cash them out when 5% of your starters upgrade to premium.

    It was reassuring to re-read this article. As I joined almost a year ago and things were progressing quite well but I had the gaul to flipping get sick! So fast forward a few months and I am back. I am starting with a refresh and very gingerly jumping in with the chatting and blogging. I felt like i had lost what I had so it is so-nice to find you all still here. So thank you all for still being here. Now onward and upward.

    Hi Janet, welcome back! Glad you are well. Take your time, you have a bit to catch up on, but it will come.

    Best wishes,


    Welcome back Janet. A couple of months ago I was in the exact position as you are. I have made some good progress since restarting. Yes, the article resonates because I found everyone still here!
    Best wishes


    Thanks Joe, working on things and kicking the continuing obstacles out the way!

    Thanks Jabu, I hope so, even now health and family dramas pop up. I. Just must keep at it. i am not a quitter which is kinda what I have based my web site on, so it helps me to keep going back and referring to my own apparent words of wisdom.It seems to work for me so why wouldn't it work for others. But I am barely on the first rung!

    A great post Joe, and it answers a question that many people do have all the time.

    I loved the analogy of taking the car for a test drive. I think that will resonate with many people because the starter membership is just that, a test drive of the platform to make sure that it's exactly what you want before upgrading and taking your business to the next level.

    I'll be bookmarking this one!


    Thank you Carson, very much...corrections per Diane and Rudy (both much appreciated!) will be out shortly... :-O


    Hello Joe

    Thank you for this great blog post. It will be very useful to starter members and it was even inspiring for me as a premium member. I remember when I was a starter member and the struggles I had committing myself to Wealthy Affiliate.

    Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate again in late 2022 I have a new attitude and mindset and plan to stay on Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member indefinitely and one day I might even upgrade to premium plus.

    Overall this was a great blog but I do suggest you edit to be current as there have been some big changes here last year and this year as Diane pointed out below. But other than that this is a great blog post.

    Thank you again for this great blog post. I look forward to hearing more from you and reading more of your blog posts. All the best to your success.



    Thanks Timothy for your kind words.

    ...the car is in the shop for needed repairs...

    Hello Joe

    You're welcome. I hope the needed repairs go well. All the best to your success.



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