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Hi, I am Joann Kinney I work a full time time 12 hr shift job and I have driven an ice cream truck for the past 11 years from March til Nov. I researched WA since Thanksgiving and thought carefully before I took the big step into joining. I am ready for major life changes and I love a challenge as for learning. I have made some goals for myself didn't know if I could post them. My personal family is growing and now I would like my WA family to grow I would like buddies.
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webkab Premium
Welcome to WA. There's lots of info on this site so don't let it blow your mind. Follow the 30 training offered here and also go to WAbinars and go to Affiliate Walk Through parts 1 & 2. There it will put it all together for you. I also suggest going to potpiegirls blog. She good. MUCH SUCCESS
Joann Kinney Premium
Well it happened the overwhelming of alot of information at once.Don't even know if I should just do the 13 week action plan then the 30 days to success. Looking for a buddie to chat with.
Joann Kinney Premium
Hi, I am Joann Kinney new to WA and IM I am doing baby steps. I am making major life changes and I am starting with WA and I would like a buddy.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family