Beer with Kyle Friday: Navigating Google's SEO Changes & Starter Training Updates.


Hey everyone!

Welcome back to another edition of "Beer with Kyle" on this fine Friday. Today, as I crack open a special Glitter Bomb IPA from Phillips Brewing, we’re are going to jump into a WA-side update, and I also want to discuss a topic that is on everyone's mind, Google rankings.

UX Update for Starter Membership:

  • Why the Change? We've adjusted the starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate to streamline the learning process. By shifting classes 4-8 to premium/premium+ only, we ensure that starter members aren’t overwhelmed with content that requires a higher level of access.
  • What’s New? Starter members can now focus on foundational classes where they can follow along, reducing confusion and enhancing their initial learning journey.

Navigating Google's SEO Landscape:

  • The AI Influence: With AI changing how users interact with technology, Google's having to adapt (or get eaten up by other platforms). The shift towards using AI to address specific queries is forcing a big shift SEO.
  • Opportunities for Content Creators: I’ll share insights on how focusing on long-tail, granular search terms can drastically improve your site's visibility and ranking on Google.

We'll also discuss how these SEO shifts can benefit you by creating content that meets the specific, sometimes niche demands of online searchers. This approach opens up new avenues for traffic and engagement, even for smaller or newer websites.

Engage with Us:

  • How are you adjusting your SEO strategies in response to these changes?
  • What are your thoughts on the updated UX for the Wealthy Affiliate starter membership?

Let's keep the conversation going in the comments below. Your insights not only help us evolve but also enrich the community as a whole. Here’s to a productive discussion and a great weekend ahead! :)

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Hi Kyle:

Thank you for the update on the Starter account. It makes sense to separate the eight lessons to reflect the practical aspect of the Starter Membership in the first three lessons.

I also appreciate the information regarding Google and the requirements for ranking content based on long-tail keywords and other criteria. This is helpful and something I definitely cannot keep up with in general.


Yeah, shorter training makes more sense, as the Starters can now complete all of the tasks that are in front of them within the first core training, whereas before much of the core training required a domain and premium level access.

And we will continue to keep you updated and ahead of the game in the search engine marketing department. :)

Thanks Kyle,
I recently started a new website
Is that good to all use long tail keywords in every post at the beginning?
As I think at a starter website, it is hard to rank in page one with boarder search term.
And I am wondering these long tail keywords have 0 search, how do I know how often people with search these exact search term? If no one would search these exact keywords in a few months, would it be not effectively to use all long tail keywords?
It is like Hoping they will search the exact search term but don’t know if people will have interested to search these keywords?
I am really interested in these long tail keywords but have a little bit concern.

Congrats on your new website :) Yup, starting focused around a sub-niche till the site starts gaining traction and traffic, you may then scale :)

Longtail keywords that hubs are presenting... You would have done your research in the Jaaxy app and looked up the competition on Google Page 1 before settling on your keywords to see if you could do better.

It is precisely following what WA teaches. First, your posts get indexed, and often days later, down the line, they start getting noticed, provided the targeted keywords are searchable and new websites can rank efficiently.

However, a website's "authority" typically starts to establish over time, usually at the 3-6 month mark.

They fluctuate up and down the scale till Google decides where to place them.

You would also want to post regularly to the website.

Thanks for helping, so do you mean that I should focus more on long-tail keywords rather than the shorter keyword phrases I used before when I started the website?

I mean if I search the keywords in jaxy and I found that the data of avg, traffic, and QSI are <10, <10, and 0 separately, it that still a good keyword phrase to use in a blog post as I don't know are there any people will search this term.

<10 - AVG" means that Google currently lacks sufficient data; however, this may change in the future.

The QSR is zero, indicating no competition. Is this consistent with your niche? Is it a genuine keyword? If so, perform a Google search to see what appears on the first page. This can provide valuable insights.

Hi Kyle, I just got around to watching this video. In regards to what google is doing does that affect keyword searches on Jaxxy? I am asking because in my jaxxy searches last night, I had 10 keywords with no searches and no competition. Of course I did not save them as I assumed they were not usable. Is is safe to say that they are legitimate and usable? I also am finding a lot of common search terms that are not there or there is millions of searches.

I found this video very informative!!! I am just getting into a new blog and can change my keyword. I would love to if a no searches an no ccompetition keyword is ok to use.

Thanks Kyle!

Hi Kyle
The 'update' of the Starter Membership is rather a 'correction' in the flow of possibilities that Starter Memberhip offers. And it is a good one because there was a kind of 'inconsistency' between the proposed training and the actual given possibilities.
At a certain point, if you wanted to proceed, there was no other choice then going premium. That is not a criticism, actually business wise it is a clever move, but not everybody has this commercial spirit. So it is a good thing you fixed it.

Concerning Navigating Google's SEO Landscape ..
I have not sufficient experience with ranking and believe WA is at its utmost best to offer a solution in todays situation and possibilities. Now I've read some reactions in the comments below from people with obvious much more experience.

I define our WA community and actually ALL people active in Affiliate Marketing a club of 'dreamers and believers' ... Dreamers because it is naive to think that whitout extra investing in time and / or money and mix of media ( advertising, video, etc ... ) you will easely appear at the top in the ranking, which is a necessity. Believers because it is proven that it is possible and some people are indeed making good money and have a fluorescent business. I suppose you are not 'standing alone' there drinking your Philips beer at the bar in Las Vegas ;-), some people do it and make it.
But you have to come very creative 'out of the hidden corner' and I believe you can use the WA community and the HUB on a very creative way.
The improvements in the navigating is an outstreched hand and we have to see how it will proceed further in this fast changing world and technology.

Thanks for your feedback Chris, the move with the Starter membership was to offer clarity as well, as it was confusing to a newcomer what you could do, and what you couldn't (and people were getting a little annoyed further along down the training when they couldn't actually complete what they wanted to do).

So I think it will be a good improvement moving forward, and we are also going to be updating the training to 4 lessons instead of 3, streamlining particular topics so they make a lot more sense.

As for Google, we are going to keep everyone in the loop as to what is going on and there are of course a lot of active SEO folks here within the community that are frequently sharing their opinions and insights. So we will have you covered! :)

Great. Good intentions.

Good morning Kyle,

Thank you for the update.

The new starter membership looks clearer, Kyle. As I mentioned before, and I appreciate there are probably a lot of technicalities, it would be great if paid members could switch to or go to a page that shows what starter membership looks like. This could be especially useful for video creation when promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

I see a lot of people on the Wealthy Affiliate platform talking about Medium and other similar platforms, but I still think we really need to focus on our own website content. I have personally used LinkedIn and found it very helpful. I think we need to be careful not to focus too much on other platforms rather than our own website.

I'm amazed how sometimes I will carry out a search in Google and it cannot answer my question!

Have a great week.


Google doesn't hate websites. They are simply looking to capture longer tailed search phrases with the content they provide their end users. If they can do that, they make their search experience better.

The opportunity is the same, if not more as to what is used to be within the SEO has just changed. Not to mention the spurring opportunity within PPC, which is only continuing to open it's doors to every niche at the same time here...and that is not even touching the social world, Youtube, or the vast array of opportunities outside of this.

I hear you, Kyle; which gives us more opportunities!

That's good, I'm sure things are continually changing within the SEO world. PPC is something that I need to learn more about. I do run a small Google ads campaign for my off-line business and I have tried it on garden products, but the margins are tight. I have plenty of PPC training to listen to on the platform, Kyle!

Have a great day.


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