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The best thing I like about Affiliate Marketing is the fact that you can sell someone else's products online using a fabulous website and produce an income.

I have been in that space before, where you develop your own products and go through all the difficulties of trying to sell them online.

Our original Online Business.

Many years ago ( back in the early 2000s to be exact) my wife and I had our own online nursery. We had a fabulous Website that was years ahead of other sites selling similar items.

Our nursery specialized in producing and selling the plant hemerocallis, better known as the Daylily. We stocked over 600 different types and colors of these dramatic flowering plants.

We put a lot of hard work and effort into our venture and we Hybridised and sold some 80 odd new varieties of our own.

As well as Daylilies we also produced, hybridized and sold other bulb and perennial plants. One of these was the Hippeastrum. Every bulb we sold was a large, ready to flower specimen. We even added a smaller bulb or two as a surprise to the buyers

So Now I'll get to the Point.

About a week ago I ordered a rather special 'Old Variety" Hippeastrum bulb called Papilio. I was very surprised a few days later when a rather large parcel arrived at our door .

My wife waited with glee in her eyes as I slowly unwrapped the box.

Then the disappointment Hit.

When I removed the final wrapping we were both so shocked that we just stared at each other.

Was what we were looking at a weed or a plant, on closer inspection I realized it was a seedling bulb about a quarter of an inch in diameter.

Yes, I should have known better, I should have asked the size of the bulb before purchasing it. I made the assumption that all nursery people were the same, and that they were like me and had a desire to please their customers.

Why did they send this tiny bulb in such a big box?

I really have no idea. Was it because they wanted to raise our expectations, than crush us with disappointment? Or was it the only box they had available? Maybe it was so that they could justify the high postage costs?

I have wanted to purchase this plant for some time now, it was very expensive, probably about twice the price of other varieties, and certainly a lot dearer than any Hippeastrum I've ever listed for sale.

I will never buy from them again.

I know how much it can cost to grow your customer list. I always put a lot of effort into growing ours. That's why it's so important to spend time on customer retention as well.

Retaining a customer is really fairly easy.

All you need to do is to:

1). Communicate clearly with them

2) Provide a quality product or service.

3). Provide excellent customer service

What you don't do is:

1). Mislead them. For example showing pictures of a product that doesn't match what they will receive

2). Over charge the postage in the hope that you can gain a few extra dollars.

3). Over charge for the product/ service.

You need to remember that it costs money to gain new customers and it's actually easier, and cheaper, to keep old ones than it is to gain new ones

What Does this have to do with Affiliate Marketing.


Just because you are selling someone else's products doesn't mean you aren't responsible for making sure that your customer receives exactly what they are paying for.

I personally believe that you shouldn't sell any product without either trying it out yourself or, at the very least, discussing it with others that have purchased it previously.

Is MMO any different?

I don't believe it is. Anything you want to sell to others must meet with your own rigid standards, especially if you want to be successful.

When I first started at Wealthy Affiliate some four years ago, I decided that I wouldn't start the bootcamp lessons, or try to sell the WA platform until I was 100% certain that the system was an honest one and could actually do what Kyle and Carson stated it would accomplish.

No way was Intending to sell any potential business model to anyone without fully understanding it myself. Nor would I sell it without positive proof it would work.

Sure, I could read the many positive reviews written by other members, and I could talk to them directly and find out about their online story. But this wasn't enough for me so I completed the training, Learned from other members, built website's and experienced the truth of how to produce a passive income.

It took me several years to reach the point where I was totally convinced that the Wealthy Affiliate platform not only worked if you followed all the training provided, but it was the best platform available if you really wanted to build a successful online business.

In Conclusion.:

What I'm trying to emphasize here is that Honesty pays. Be honest with yourself as well as others. The system developed by Kyle and Carson at Wealthy affiliate really does work. But success totally depends on you, your input and your resilience. Don't be fooled, it's not an easy road but it is a fun one that can definitely pay dividends in the end .

There's absolutely no need to take short cuts, or to lie to others. You can become a successful Affiliate Marketing entrepreneur who provides an excellent product or service.

It's totally up to you

All The Best. Jim

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An excellent post, Jim. And very interesting to learn about your nursery business. Have a nice weekend.


Thank you Susan

Excellent post, Jim and on target! I have found a handful of hugely successful bloggers that are following what you write in your post to the letter.

Integrity and honesty work wonders. Trying to promote something you don´t know much about, will not get anyone very far.


Thank you Roy.

Great post, Jim. I know what it feels like to be lied by deception. Also great advice. 👍


Thank you Myra

An excellent article with great words and advice.

Thank you Graham.

It's great to here this from your life experience. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Jim.

You're welcome.

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