Reddit is blocking me

Last Update: November 03, 2014

I watched Jay's training video and tried to post a link on Reddit. No luck I could not.

Today I tried again, I'm getting a message, - you aren't allowed to post there.

The post is about internet marketing, I chose "affiliate marketing" and "online" subreddit I can't get through. My website URL is webmarketingpass. I think it's some filter seeing me as a spammer. Help please!

Thank you all!


The latest reply from Reddit: You're posting spam.

Reddit is not a self-promoting marketing platform. If you want to advertise, buy an ad. You obviously have done no research on the subject

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Electra-5150 Premium
Yeah, I just recently tried to create a sub reddit,as per Jays training on"What to do after you publish" video, but i got Banned immediately!
Shawn Martin Premium
The site is problematic at best. Go to DIGG instead :)
CarlaIves Premium
I can't wait to see what they tell you. I want to try Reddit but so many of my friends have had tons of trouble on that site and a few have been banned for seemingly innocuous things. Good Luck!
Jim-WMP Premium
I just sent two tickets to the moderators.
You have to choose a subreddit / category.
I chose webmarketing, which is my site.

I checked around, I think it's like any other forum, you can't just dump your links right away. Use it in an answer if it fits.

Got a reply: You're posting spam.

It has to be the niche. Might work for others.
kholmes Premium
Reddit is really picky, there should be a comment at the top for the reason, or you will have to choose a different Reddit sub topic...:))
Jim-WMP Premium
Gives me no reason...I guess it assumes marketer = spammer.
I sent a ticket, will see what happens.

kholmes Premium
Let me know how it goes. :))
magicmonday Premium
The best thing to do would be to message the admins on Reddit to see what is causing the issue. Hit the contact us link at the bottom of the Reddit homepage.

If there is a workaround, they would have your answer.
Jim-WMP Premium
Done! Thank you.