Google Captcha No More in WA Keyword Tool

Last Update: April 04, 2016

Another improvement from Kyle and Carson. Google is not giving me the finger anymore when I use the WA Keyword Tool. Yay!

What I mean is I'm not getting the captcha code anymore and don't have to write weird words time and time again. It was the most annoying thing, I gave up and hardly ever used it. I even wrote a blog about it.

Now when you search on the WA Tool you don't get Google's list of the competing websites just the QSR number and NO CAPTCHA!!! Makes life much easier.

Thanks for this latest improvement guys.

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BrooklynPhil Premium
I agree that Captcha code was a PIA and I dreaded using the Keyword Tool. Thanks Kyle & Carson and Jim.
Nazmi524 Premium
JMaston Premium
Not there yet but good to know.
KatieMac Premium
They certainly give us great tools to help us
mbouteiller Premium
Thanks Jim!