I want a Neuralink Now, Please.

Last Update: April 26, 2017

Elon Musk announced recently that he's into the idea of developing a neural link which helps you to just "think" things and have them communicated through the internet.

Imagine this, a small headset that reads your mind, you've seen it with paraplegics operating machinery, a mouse cursor, or something.

Now go a few steps further and develop something we could slip on our head. The device would be able to communicate what you're thinking across the web, and as such you could....

a) talk to friends

b) do google searches

c) use your imagination.

Imagine this coupled with an implant which projects images, and sound, into your brain (images and sound are just electrical signals, afterall)

Now go a step further and have stimulae such as smell, touch and taste added to the mix.

You'd be able to visit anywhere in the world, (or off world?)...

You'd be able to have sexy time from afar, lol....don't tell my wife I said that, she'll hit me again, and I'll no doubt be sleeping on my belly for a week.

The things you could do with a Neuralink...

I think about 10-20 years we'll all be using them and they will seem as natural as mobile phones by then.

Who wants a Neuralink? I do....

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WTucker1 Premium
very cool Thanks for that. The future is gonna be amazing
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Jim-bo.
rich6153 Premium
I am not sure of this. Enlighten me more.
Jim-Bo Premium
google elon musk, neuralink
AGOgden Premium
...for me there are serious security issues involved here...not so certain I want others "reading" my mind...
reanna1 Premium
Me too, James!