How to set your goals for the new year

Last Update: December 28, 2017

Before setting goals for the next year, it can be useful to reflect on what you have achieved in the current year. Work through the following questions:

  1. What did you achieve personally and professionally this year?
  2. What have you achieved that you are you most proud of
  3. Do you have enough time to practice your professional and personal goals, your hobbies, plus spend time with family and friends
  4. What personal or professional challenges did you meet in this year
  5. What personal or professional challenges did you solve in a good way

The answers to these questions may have an effect on how you set your goals for the new year. And here are some tips on how to do that.

1. The goal must be specific and indicate an expected result.

Goals like "I'm going to train more" says nothing about the desired result. A specific goal may be that "I will write 52 blog posts with a minimum of 1000-words" " or "I will master every aspect of keyword research and keyword use". Then you need to make a plan for how much you need to work out to achieve this goal.

2. The goal must be measurable. You must be able to measure if you have reached the goal or not.

"I will write one 1000-word blog post per week" or "I will go through all WA training one more time before April" are goals that are clear and measurable.

3. The goal must be accepted. Do you really believe that you will do it?

Keep in mind, however, that the goals should challenge you to stretch further. The goals must be ambitious, but do not overdo it to lose credibility.

4. The goal must be realistic. It must be possible to reach your goal and also keep your other obligations.

The goal must, therefore, be adjusted according to your obligations, both private and at work. If your day-job keeps you busy and one of your children will need your presence at soccer practice, this must also be taken into consideration in your goal setting.

5. The goal must be time and cost-based. Delivery date and costs must be clarified.

This may sound a bit too "business-like", but the fact is that we are trying to build a business here and we better start thinking like this from the start.
Set deadlines for your various goals. If costs are involved in reaching the goals, make sure you have funds so you will not have to postpone anything.

6. The goals must be simple. They should motivate you.

You should make goals that you can live with over a period of time. They should be so simple that they can not be misunderstood. That will help motivate you in everyday life. Good goals tend to be self-fulfilling prophecies.

7. At least one of your goals should be about cutting out something.

Not all goals need to require a lot of extra time and effort. Feel free to find one thing in your life that you can cut out or spend less time on, and implement it right away. One thing that saves you stress, unnecessary driving, or unnecessary expenses. This will help you to become more efficient in your daily life and to save energy from being used where it is not needed.

8. Write your goals down and share them with someone.

When you write down your goals, you become more conscious of what they are. You become more precise and increase the intention to reach the goal.
When sharing your goals with others, suddenly there is a commitment involved. And hopefully the ones we show and tell the goals will help solve problems, give support and help you find the mechanisms needed to reach the goals.

So, now it's all up to you. Be specific and realistic in your goal setting. I will not wish you good luck because luck has nothing to do with it.
But I will wish you all the best for the new year, and may you reach all your goals.

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