Hello, S$20K Sale! Thanks So Much My Dear WA Friends!

Last Update: Jun 29, 2017


Hello WA Family

How are you? I hope everything is fine with you.:)

1) Last month I mentioned I had 1,846 followers on Google Plus.

I Love Google Plus I Have 1,846 Followers

Today, I am happy to announce that my google plus followers had grown from 1,846 followers to 2,103 followers, an increase of 257 followers.:)

I am now posting at least 4 to 5 times a week my LED lighting articles on Google+ and as such we had some good sales recently which is awesome news! :).

And so I am so thankful to all of you who had followed me ... If you would like to follow me on Google+, please check my WA profile. :)

2) As mentioned on my below post, I am now targeting mostly long tail keywords or low hanging fruit keywords on our websites and they are converting very well to sales.:)

Will You Benefit From Long Tail Keywords

Today I am excited ... you know why? We just got a S$20K+ sale. Wow!:)

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Wow! That is GREAT!! Congratulations!

Nice work! :)

Congratulations Jewel.

Hey, that's awesome news. Congrats
Please check in link within post, as it is not working
"Oops, we couldn't find what you are looking for. We've been notified of this error and are working to resolve the error"

Thanks very much Abie, which url are you referring to? Is it the ai-creation or ai-ledlight site? Appreciate yr kind input.:)

Wonderful news

Awesome news Jewel. Congratulations.



Well done my friend and I am so happy for you



That's great news Jewel, keep growing your followers.

Wishing you the best!

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