Hello, Happy Valentine's Day!

Last Update: February 13, 2018

Hello WA Family!

Today is 14 February and it is Valentine Day!! So nice! :)

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful and memorable Valentine Day!!

I remembered not too long ago, I didn't think social media promotion is great but I am starting to think differently ...

Yes, it is true, social medial will help our websites to get new targeted visitors and that will increase our profits .. :)

What I realized is that by promoting on social media, it does help us on our website SEO rankings ...

As such, by having frequent and consistent social signals to our websites, it can definitely boost our website rankings ...

So, as you can see, consistency is a critical factor in yr social media promotions .. Google wants to see how active you are on yr websites.

I am still slow where social media is concerned but we all start somewhere, don't we? Now I love google plus and am starting on instagram.

So, my friends, it is never too late to start on promoting on social media! :)

Happy a wonderful day!

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phakacha8 Premium
Happy Valentines day and thanks for the social media encouragement.

JewelCarol Premium
Hey Phakacha8, it is my pleasure, thank you. :)
vin8 Premium
Happy Valentines Day Jewel, have a great day.
JewelCarol Premium
Hey Wayne, thank you, have a great day too. :)
ar20746 Premium Plus
Best wishes to you too.
JewelCarol Premium
Hey Joze, same to you too. :)
Lazyblogger Premium
Happy Valentine's Day to you as well Jewel. And yes, social media is a crucial part of your business if your approach is right. We have to remember that telling is more important than selling.

Make It A Great Day!
JewelCarol Premium
Hey Bishop, thank you, yes, we should not neglect it. :)
EdwardLarry Premium
Hi JewelCarol Happy Valentine"s Day
JewelCarol Premium
Hey Larry, thank you, same to you! :)