14 Months At WA & Why I Give & Give

Last Update: November 03, 2015

Hello WA Family

Time flies. I am already 14 months here ....

Some of you may know that I am not full-time on this ... I spent about 2 hours here at Wealthy Affiliate ...

Have I learn or earn anything? What is success? Do I need lots of money in order to call myself a success?

Truthfully, I am very happy with my stay here at Wealthy Affiliate as I had learnt many things and I had made awesome friends here ...

So, Jewel, what is your achievement and success at WA?

I don't think I had "great" achievements to show as I think I am pretty slow as a "tortoise" when it comes to learning technical stuff ... but here it is, I hope to think I had a little success here :

- Finished my 10 levels of

- Finished Affiliate Bootcamp - Course 5

- Followers : 2,565 Followers

- Ambassador for 235 days

- Number of blog posts at WA : 114 Blog posts, 14,708 Comments

- My website is at least a Page Rank 1 now, previously at zero

- Number of posts and posts at my website : 148 Blog posts

So, Jewel, did you earn any money?

- WA commissions collected : $210.50

- Other affiliate commissions : $687.50

Total earned : $898.00 only

I am a giver and when I see someone in need here at WA, I extend my financial help willingly. So far, I had contributed a few hundreds to 9 WA members here. :))

Some people may think I am stupid ... after all, I didn't earn a lot, lol. :) But I don't care ... I just love to give and giving gives me so much joy :))

I believe in the concept of "sowing and reaping"... and when you are sowing, you should never think of receiving back ... and that is what I called "the beauty of sowing"

I have "sowed" financially since I was 18 years old and I see so many blessings in my life.

My Blessings :-

- I have 4 beautiful and healthy children and a great family

- We are debt free, not owing anybody or any bank loan.

- Our house and car are fully paid

- Bought a commercial office, 1,900 sq ft at about S$500K about 4 years but now the price is worth S$1 Million

So, what more do I want in life?

Thank you everyone for allowing me to share my heart, lol. ;))

To Your Success!!

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edtay78 Premium
You are a great role model Jewel! Wishing you the best!
JewelCarol Premium
Hey Edmund, yr kind words touched me, thank you!! ;))
PIOFJR Premium
You're very generous and kind. Wish you more blessing to come.
JewelCarol Premium
Thank you for yr lovely words, Pio. ;))
lisa970 Premium
You are a blessing yourself and that is why I give to it hurts.I got burn recently by someone I was helping but I met someone who remind me why I love giving..And it do make me feel good.Bring joy In my heart.Be blessed
JewelCarol Premium
Thank you Lisa for yr kind comments. What I know is, yr future blessings will far outweigh the times others had tried to swindle yr money. So, take heart, when you help the unfortunate or the poor, you are lending to God and can never outgive God. ;))
PSenwelo Premium
Continue being so loving, caring, so humble and so generous!

It shall be given unto you good measure, pressed down and shaken together and running over!!!
JewelCarol Premium
Thank you Pat, I appreciate yr lovely words!! God is faithful, just and compassionate!! :))
FHagstrom Premium
Jewel, you are one of a kind and a rare gem indeed :)
JewelCarol Premium
Aww ...thank you for yr kind words, Forrest. :))