There's Trouble in the Village


Over gentrification has become an ever-growing problem in numerous major cities, not only in the United States, but around the globe.

That's why there's Trouble in the Village.

We are living in very dangerous times where for the past 10-15 years affordable living has become an ever greater challenge in major cities, where starting and thriving in a startup brick and mortar business such as a storefront on the street of a decent neighborhood has all but become virtually impossible.

Due to skyrocketing rents and real estate, the "mom and pop shops" are being pushed out by the only entities that could afford to pay such astronomical real estate prices: the large chain conglomerates and the oligarchs.

The major cities of the United States have long been taken over by the Wal-Marts, the Duane Reades, and Starbucks.

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Over gentrification - by definition the process of renovating deteriorated urban neighborhoods by means of the influx of more affluent residents, thus forcing relocation of current, established residents and businesses to move and seek lower cost housing and stores - has become a global problem in so many major cities.

Such over gentrification has been taken to new heights in recent years particularly in New York City and in London.

However since I live in the great and diverse metropolis of New York City, let me take this opportunity to express to you first hand the problems we have been facing - and the Great Project I'm currently involved with that is raising awareness and will be premiering on October 19.

Trouble in Greenwich Village NYC

There's trouble in The Village in NYC.

My dear friends, in New York City's once epicenter and sanctuary for the Arts Greenwich Village - the historic place that brought us Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Judy Collins, Andy Warhol, Jack Kerouac, Richard Pryor, Lady Gaga, Lenny Bruce, and Stonewall - this over gentrification problem has been taken to new dizzying heights, and it is not good.

I'm proud to say I've not only built the website, but have become an integral part of the project team of the director of this award winning documentary film that will premiere in NYC for two shows daily from October 19-25.

The Lost Village: An Award Winning Documentary

Director Roger Paradiso has created the Award Winning ground breaking documentary called "The Lost Village" the first film exposing how large private education institutions such as New York University (NYU) located in the Village with satellite real estate property all over the city, and Columbia University (CU) have become the largest real estate companies in the Big Apple, and how through tuition gouging have made higher education practically unaffordable and have degraded the quality of life of its students.

This is a provocative film about how The Village is losing its historic character.

In this film for the first time ever, Paradiso exposes among many things the hidden "secrets" behind some long-known truths about these large education institutions - such institutions that exist all over the country - and furthermore provides proof how NYU's vast majority of students have had to resort to "turning tricks" such as prostitution to earn enough money to afford to pay the astronomical tuition.

It costs $36,664 per one undergraduate semester for each NYU student including all direct and indirect expenses. That’s per semester! Considering there are 8 semesters in a 4-year undergraduate education that would be a total cost of $293,312 for a Bachelor’s degree!

Other secrets Paradiso covers in the film the oligarchs don't want you to know:

  • Why all the artist's had to leave the Village
  • The Effect of NYU on the mom and pop shops
  • The Effects of the closing of Village Institutions due to over gentrification
  • How NYU became the biggest real estate company in NYC

The film has already won several notable Outstanding Film Awards including

Making It a Town Hall

After each film showing, there will be a special Q&A "Town Hall" style session with a panel of experts discussing the vital issues addressed in the film. Everyone in the audience is invited to participate, and each 30 minute panel discussion will be aired on Facebook Live.

“Yours Truly” may be the moderator during some of the sessions. I will let you know which ones I will be moderating.

After watching the film and listening to the panelists, Villagers who attend will be free to audition for a role in the sequel, and a video clip will be available.

"The Lost Village" will be premiering at the Cinema Village Theater in NYC for two viewings daily (2:45 pm and 6:45 pm) from Friday October 19-25.

Please contact me directly if you would like additional information.



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Hi Kaju, are part of a really exciting and important project. I hope the movie has an impact and leads to the discussions for solutions. It's really sad to see our history erased.

Yes that is our goal with the Q&A panel sessions Debbie, to get a discussion going with the people who have seen the change.

Discussions lead to brainstorming, brainstorming leads to planning, and planning leads to action. The tide can be stemmed.

Thanks for contributing to this conversation:)

Very interesting topic Kaju. This is a complex world wide issue . Jim

No doubt, and I am glad to be part of the conversation, Jim. Thank You:)

Thank you for being a part of this. This is a subject I'm interested in. Universities in cities are a double-edged sword for the communities they operate out of. Here, we have Yale, and some of the issues in your blog about the universities operating as large real estate companies affect downtown New Haven as well. The university owns a lot more property than most people around here probably realize.

(Soap Box Warning LoL) With higher education tuition running out of control, I wonder if the bubble is ever going to burst. As long as town and city governments try to get schools to steer kids to college to make their numbers look good instead of telling them other viable options like trade schools or the military, colleges and universities will continue to price gouge. Unfortunately, students and their families will still buy into the falsified ideals of higher education and not realize until it is too late that in many cases the ROI was not worth it.

Thank You for your contribution here D.
I am of the opinion that there will be a time in the foreseeable future that the bubble will burst. Just like in 2008 with the financial crisis, the same thing will happen to these private universities acting as mega real estate companies.

Crime sent downtowners out to the suburbs back in the 70's and 80's. Downtowns across the nation turned into wastelands. Historic Beale Street in Memphis had zero open businesses. Busing was a major cause of this mass flight. Busing sent the criminals to the suburbs, thus sending people flying back downtown. Across America, downtowns have made a major comeback while the suburbs are now crime and drug-ridden gangbanger hangouts. America is in sad shape and will never get better. The country is polarized by race, gender, politics, religion, etc. That is why I made the move to Ukraine. I would rather deal with the Russians than all the special interests, agenda-driven, spin doctor media that dominates mainstream usa..

Very interesting take Mark, I need to re-read this again.
Glad you are now in a place where you are happy:)

Kaju, I live on the exact opposite end of the continent from you and in one of (if not THE) most un-affordable places in Canada. Everyone wants to "retire" here as our weather is temperate, but this means retirees across the country have pushed houses prices to insane levels. A complete tear-down rotted house located in proximity to downtown will fetch nearly $1-million and that's for a TEAR DOWN.

Wages have not kept up at all. The national Cost of Inflation averages at 2.5% per year (keep in mind, that's based on a national average, so if you live in the MOST expensive part of the country, your 'average' would be significantly higher), so if you're not earning a wage increase of at least 2.5% per year, you're falling further and further behind. My employer has afforded me wage increases of 0%, 0%, and 2% over 3 years. They actually negotiated a wage increase last year based on something absurd that equated to a whopping $0.13/hour and our union touted that as a "good thing".

Our fuel prices are the highest in the country. Groceries are obscenely priced compared to elsewhere. My kids play sports (hockey) and that's a $1500/year expense + gear + tournament travel, so triple that price for an exact number.

People live paycheque to paycheque with zero savings. The debt ratio in our area is astonishing. My wife's cousin posted an excited message on Facebook where she mentioned she now knows after meeting with a financial planner the exact YEAR and MONTH they will get out of debt - the scary part is that's 8 years out...

Businesses are going bankrupt all over and NOBODY can have a small business in the downtown core and survive. The commercial rents are the highest in the country! Added to that are the business and property taxes that the cities levy and that breaks most. Just yesterday in the news a 'famous' local chocolate company in Vancouver has had to close for those exact reasons. But that said, there's a Starbucks around the corner (if not on EVERY corner).

I wish I had an answer, but I don't. At least for us, we started saving for our kids education the day they were born and we threw everything into their education funds. We live in a 'fixer upper' house, drive vehicles that are over 10 years old, don't eat out, and are extremely frugal on where we shop and what we buy (it HAS to be on sale). Our family vacations in the summer consist of tenting in a campground. We carry no debt but our mortgage, which will be paid off in 10 years. We're in a much better position than 97% of the population, but it's been extremely tough. I officially 'retire' in 8-9 years and when that happens, we'll likely move elsewhere as it's just far too expensive to stay here.

But all that said, you can BET the head's of all the major corporations, banks, big-pharma organizations, universities - they're all pulling in un-godly salaries that could employee several families. It's just not right...

Wow, you said it all, Ellford. What a crazy situation in Vancouver, i thought NYC was bad.

Good one you for being frugal (I suppose no other choice), this is a movie that you MUST-SEE.

I wish you and your family all the luck in the world, and hope WA comes through for you:)


It's been a global issue, I believe. It will be interesting to see this provocative show. You must feel very proud for being involved with kind of project.

Thank You Anusuya, its a very sensitive topic, but it is wrong to charge students this astronomical price for education. NYU and other topic level education institutions have become nothing but money-mongering real estate holding companies.

Imagine 65k a year to become an elementary school teacher

Isn't that crazy Steve, just insane!!
(good to see you, btw)

A very topical issue Kaju and good on you for getting involved. On our African continent the city most affected by gentrification is Capetown. Formerly forcibly removed communities although having had their property rights restored to some extent,simply cannot afford to live in their now gentrified neighborhoods.

Thank You for sharing this important issue Lez, this is definitely global. I will now be reading up more on Capetown. Having property rights restored is yet egregious if the property and rents are jacked up so high only the elite can afford them. smh....

Good afternoon Kaju,

This is sad, disgusting, awful and what other words can I use?
So triste to see this change and upset to read the incredible price of education. Are they out of their heads?
The good part of your post is that you form part of the team which makes this public knowledge, well done.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Thank You Taetske, indeed it is everything you say it is. Very sad. But that is why this documentary film is important, its the first film of its kind that exposes such hidden truths.

I'm proud to be a part of it.

Wow! Kaju, this is amazing, and to be a part of from the ground up!!
Movie directors, and producers, right ere, at WA!!!
Best, to you, Kaju!! You're rockin' with the big boys!!

Thank You so much Barb, it is an honor to be part of this film, and to also do the website:)

All the Best, my friend, and check out the film!

I will look for it!!
BTW... I just realized, you're NOT the clown, in your profile!!! LOL

That's right!
Are you surprised? (lol)

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