Strategic Alliances: The Fastest Track to Success

Last Update: June 30, 2020

Guest blogging and guest podcasting is a great way to build a bigger audience for your brand. If both the blogger and the guest blogger share a similar niche or provide complimentary services to one another, this is a wonderful win-win strategy. You both benefit from each other’s traffic.

Forming strategic alliances with successful companies and platforms that align with your brand and who share common goals is even better.

In fact, forming strategic alliances with well-established brands is the fastest track to success. Period.

This is one of the exciting developing stories which sprang from a per chance opportunity that has happened only recently for our podcast.

Opportunities Present Themselves

As those who follow me may know, our podcast is called the Talking Taiwan podcast, and its about all the interesting people related to Taiwan; from those living in Taiwan, to Taiwanese Americans, and also non-Taiwanese who are involved in some way with Taiwan.

To say we’ve been busy lately would be an understatement.

We’ve been blessed to have interviewed some amazing guests since early March when the pandemic began, ranging from a NY Times best selling author, to entertainers, to politicians, to doctors who treated Ebola and on the Covid-19 front, to baseball announcers, to jazz musicians, to BLM activists.

From early March to the present, we have created and produced 27 episodes, each episode anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour long. These episodes are now on 40+ platforms, incuding Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

We are Now Producing Ted Talks

I’m sure you have heard of Ted Talks, and their main brand TedEx. These are talks on stage to an audience where authorities and influencers who are experts in their field give frank talks on a wide range of topics.

Recently one of our guests on the podcast was a man who began in the film industry but In recent years created his own version of TedEx geared toward a very specific community. In a short period of time, he has now built this TedEx to showcase over 80 speakers.

I will not go into the details at the moment, but he decided that he needed us to produce a podcast for his TedEx.

Talking Taiwan will now host and produce a brand new podcast for this growing TedEx representing a very specific community.

In the coming weeks, I will give more details as we begin this new exciting project. What is great is that this will happen in lockstep with our Talking Taiwan podcasts, and as we produce and host each podcast, we will have direct links from all their media to ours. And vice versa.

Our audiences share a common thread, and direct access to their ever-growing audience presents a unique and huge opportunity. Each podcast we produce we get to mention the Talking Taiwan podcast. This can be a game-changer for our podcast.

What an amazing and exciting opportunity for us. However, this is a complete win-win, because the owner of the TedEx knows his brand will benefit tremendously from our content.

He never would have offered this to us if he was not totally confident that we were already producing great consistent and relevant content aligned with their brand.

Although this is a great opportunity, there are many others out there for you too. You just need to align with others who are successful and doing things similar or complimentary to what you are doing.

If you see such an opportunity, go for it!

Wishing you all the best, and good hunting!



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mmonterola Premium
Wow! Good luck Kaju, I'm sure it will be a hit.

jetrbby80316 Premium
Hi Marita,

I also responded to you on my "500 post". Hard to keep up here, with all that's going on.

CStauber Premium
Congratulations on your journey so far. Thanks for the tip.

Take care,
(aka Chacha)
jetrbby80316 Premium
Thanks Charlotte:)
Dorrie1 Premium Plus
jetrbby80316 Premium
Thank You Dorrie:)
gnoose Premium
Wow Kaju, good job. Playing ball with the heavy hitters. Your hard work, dedication to your brand and persistence have brought you to this opportunity. Good job.

jetrbby80316 Premium
Hey Greg,

I just answered you on the 500 post too. Definitely, we bring opportunities for ourselves by going out and taking action, even when we may at times fear doing so.

gnoose Premium
I saw that. BTW, I meant goggles, not googles. You open the door and walk thru, either you fall to your demise, or you are on the road to a new adventure. Either way, you never know unless you open that door.

jetrbby80316 Premium
That's right!
Bimby Premium
Congratulations Kaju! Sounds super exciting!
More success to come.
Thanks for sharing.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Thank You Bimby, it is and we continue to work on it!