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Last Update: Feb 13, 2019


Okay, I suppose I may ruffle a few feathers with this article, SEO is a controversial subject, and even many of the so-called SEO experts (is there really such a thing anyway?) will butt heads and not agree.

To complicate matters further, Google is always changing its algorithms, and naturally Google is a lot "smarter" now than it used to be, even than last year.

So a strategy what worked in the not so distant past will not necessarily be as effective today.

This is why I believe its the intent of WA to teach us SEO the simple way.

But effectively.

And also part of Wealthy Affiliate's genius in pedogogy.

Some here may think I am plain raving mad, but after reading many different articles, speaking with different "experts" on the topic, and listening to folks comments I've formulated my own conclusions on the subtleties of SEO article writing for ideal ranking.

SEO is truly equally both an art and a science.

Sprouted From a Question

I recently asked the question "Why does WA teach us to write an article only around one keyword?"

Other "gurus" such as Neil Patel, and Brian Dean and others claim we can and should be using more than one keyword in our articles to maximize our rankings in the SERPs.

And they are not wrong.

The reason IMO is contained in the power of Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI.

What is LSI?

For those who may not be familiar with the term, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) are related words associated to your main keyword.

For example, LSI keywords (or related keywords) to a Main keyword i.e. "Jogging" might be words like "Nike running shoes, 5K, asphalt, and rubber soles".

LSI is not to be confused with synonyms such as "running"; LSI words are related words not synonmous words, although in this case "running" would work too.

Google is a lot smarter now than it used to be; therefore when it ranks an article, it is looking for and can recognize "intent" (through its bots that search your articles) and can now discriminately discern that specific intent through an articles' LSI keywords.

The more relevant LSI keywords your article contains to the Main keyword, the more certain Google is that you are writing with "intent" about that particular subject (and that you are an authority in the subject), and therefore will rank your article higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

This is all part of Google's latest algorithm changes the past few years.

It used to be that Google would only judge your article by your Main keyword, and the number of repeated instances of that main keyword throughout your article, and use that information to know the subject you were writing about and whether you were an authority.

Today employing this "old" strategy is an adject negative, as this is indeed the definition of keyword stuffing.

Don't Think Too Technical: Follow the WA Training

Sounds pretty technical, right? Well, it actually is. But that doesn't mean we need to think "technically" when we write in order to rank our posts on Google Page 1.

In fact, I would argue that for most (except for tech nerds like me) this would be a hindrance to our writing, and I now strongly believe this is the main reason why WA teaches us to write around only one main keyword.

And to write the rest of our article "naturally."

If you dont think too technically about your writing, and base your articles around only one main keyword and just write "naturally" you are more likely to produce great content. Period.

And writing great content in the simplest and most intuitive way is what it's all about.

There is indeed a method to the madness, and the WA system works!

Write Great Content, That's All That Matters!

So let the Neil Patel's and the Brian Dean's of the world and all the other SEO gurus dissect ad infinitum all the various SEO strategies using LSI graphs and more complex tools.

If you have a penchant for this amount of depth of SEO analysis (like me), then by all means go for It. As long as you are confident such analysis will not get in the way of writing great natural.content.

However, the better strategy for most of us is the KISS principle: keep it short and simple.

Follow Kyle and Carson's lead and simple but highly effective training of Wealthy Affiliate.

Practice, practice. And practice.

You will soon be consistently writing GREAT content, and that is what matters most.

Here's to your next Page 1!



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Every day is a school day, I learnt some new things from that article, thanks!

It's a pleasure Sik, we all learn from each other here. Apply it consistently and watch your Google ranking go to the top!


Thanks so much again Sikick:) I have a new You Tube channel where I'm producing great content.
Check out our great Tokyo story as well as my Efren Reyes match win video play by play:)
Send me your YT link and I will Subscribe. You can Subscribe to my channel here:)

If you don't yet, I will happily return the favor when yours is up.:)

Great post, Kaju. It’s nice to get confirmation on the validity of WA’s training occasionally. You really know your stuff. I’m saving your post for future reference.

Excellent Grant, Thank You:) When you break it down, WA wants to teach us the simplest and most repeatable way to get rankings. And I am firmly convinced now they are:)

Thank You for the nice compliment, keep writing and publishing Great content:) btw, Like the new profile pic:)


Thank you.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. One keyword and quality content equal to a bowl full of LSI keywords. Follow the WA steps for sustainable rankings.

"Bowl full of LSI words" it Ken!
Thanks for the visual, write great content and you will never be hungry!


I like your thoughts on this. KISS.

Focus on one keyword, like WA suggests. Then write great content naturally. Theoretically, if your post is long enough there will be lots of other naturally occurring keywords within content.

Keep it KISS. Definitely all the way Sondra.
Keep writing, follow the WA way and its gonna happen naturally:)


Very thought provoking, Kaju, thank you. We are planning to write a couple of posts this afternoon and will definitely keep this in mind.
Colette and Philip

Thank You my dear friends C&P, I'm happy you liked this post. Excellent that you are writing daily, way to go!


Towards the end of it all you confirm that it all about writing great content. Point taken.

Great content is the key that trumps everything Ahimbe. Keep writing and keep practicing, and keep publishing


What an amazing insight into LSI!!
Thank You for this!!

Glad I could help you understand these concepts better Shaunna:)
My pleasure:)


Thanks Kaju, for this post. Especially breaking down LSI keywords so that I could get a better understanding. I will continue to follow the trainings and the simple way! Keep up the Great Writing!

Thanks Tip, I appreciate it:) Glad you can help you get a better understanding of an often misunderstood subject:)


You're Welcome! Yes, understanding is key. Thank You!

Understanding is the "1st" key,
Doing it is the Final Key!

Don't forget you Must Take Action on what you Learn to Succeed!


Yes, soooo True! For sure :-)

Don't forget it....better yet, just do it:)

Will Do! :-)


You're Welcome!


Everything comes with practice, practice. And practice.
Great post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Practice, practice practice Amy..and we will get there!


Elegantly written and soo-o eloquently expressed! .. awesome article! ... love this post! ... 💛

Thanks Keishalina, see there is something up there in the "nooo-gy" occasionally:)!!

that's amazing! .. lol ... soo-o funny and that's a sign of intelligence! ... enjoy it all ! ... ⭐️🎈

Thanks K, it takes one to know one!!:)

... quite right! ... lol .... enjoy a beautiful, loving Saint Valentine's!

Hugz and xxx Back atcha!!

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