My Journey and Response to Kyle's Blog About the Rules at WA

Last Update: July 14, 2021

When I first joined WA, I somehow got linked to the rules right away. Then I read a blog or two by others calling out people for breaking the rules. Yet a few people I followed continued to break them (I was most tuned in to religious posts). So I concluded the rules didn't mean much.

I then wrote a blog that I didn't feel good about because I knew it was breaking the religious rule. Nothing happened but I decided in my mind that writing wasn't for me. Even if the rules didn't mean much, I didn't feel good about breaking them. Then one person who wrote every day disappeared from writing for 30 days or so. I wondered if their writing ability had been taken away. Now I know.

Recently several people have been complaining of receiving a writing ban without knowing why. I agree with their complaints that at the very least a person should know why they are banned. I also think they should receive a warning first.

Anyway, I'm glad this subject is being addressed.

Why Do People Break the Rules?

I get the idea that most people don't intend to break the rules. And the problem was either a lack of knowledge or understanding of the rules. Maybe some have even seen them being broken without any consequences and concluded, as I did at first, that the rules don't mean much. We should all know by now that they do.

Even without receiving a writing ban, I've hesitated to write. Then I read Lauren's (laurenjean) blog about how someone might feel if they received a writing ban. She explained what to do and then gave some ideas of what to write about so you don't get one. As I was leaving a comment, I realized my comment could be turned into a blog. It fit one of the ideas she gave of things to write about. So here I am.


I've also read Kyle's blog on the rules and Louise's comment about religious posts which sparked many responses. Kyle's answer to Louise was somewhat vague, but he did respond which I appreciate. If you haven't read his blog, I would encourage you to do so.

I then read Rudy's(1Rudy1) blog response (to Kyle's blog) about receiving a writing ban without being told why you received one and with little you could do to find out why. He offered some good suggestions. In the comments, I discovered more people to who this has happened. When I read Lula's comment, I realized people, even very active people, are more frustrated than I thought.

Why Are People Offended?

I don't have the answer as to why people are offended since it could be for many reasons.

I could easily be offended by the many blogs written about LOA (Law of Attraction) or other "new age" type posts intended to make people believe they are the master of their universe or telling them to tap into the spirit or power inside themselves for success. These type of blogs go against my beliefs (and at least one reason people are offended).

But I don't think this kind of content is considered religious or irrelevant. Kyle included LOA as irrelevant content in his response to Louise. But I'm not sure he knows what LOA is because I see posts quite often that fall into this way of thinking.

Hey, my user name could be offensive to some. Maybe some people won't follow me or read anything I write even if they followed me back.

How do I handle content that seems offensive to me? Or"irrelevant" but religious in my mind?

When I see an email with a title to a blog post, I have a choice: will I ignore it, spam it (now that I know there is a spam button and have never used), or read it/engage? For the most part, I choose to ignore it if it sounds "new agey," political, or irrelevant. I simply don't have the time to read 50 blogs every day anyway.

How many WA blogs do you generally read on a daily basis?

How do you usually handle blogs that are offensive to you personally?

What do you do with blogs that are irrelevant to a business platform?

Thanks for reading,


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ActionJacks Premium
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, someone linked me to a copy of the rules once and I was thinking, "why are they sending me this?" Maybe it was because of this controversy.

I personally don't have a problem with religious posts but what if I was running the whole platform? Would my opinion change? Maybe, especially if I saw a potential for un-necessary drama and fighting on my platform when I am trying to keep the focus on helping people develop successful websites. Nevertheless if they are not hurting anyone I feel they should be allowed to post whatever.

Personally I go to church but I don't see anything wrong with the Law of Attraction philosophy, there are even some verses in Proverbs that could be seen to say similar things. Even so I respect your thoughts on the subject.

I will say that when we are on a platform like this its like being a guest in someone's home. It behooves us to be good guests and follow the rules of our hosts.

I try to read as many blogs as possible here, if I disagreed with something I would keep it to myself or make a polite comment expressing my different point of view. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to reading more from you!
Jesusfan Premium
Thanks for your thoughtful response, Jeremy. I think everyone should have access to the rules from the beginning.

People are so used to social media, that it's hard not to think of this as a social media platform when writing. Especially if you have no business experience like me. And if you pay to be here, why not be able to write what you want? I get that kind of thinking.

I've decided for now that writing on this platform isn't for me. I try to get on WA several times a week and read some of the top 10 posts, make comments, and ask questions in Live Chat if I have one. A PM now and then. But that's about it. Oh, and follow people who follow me or I enjoyed a post they wrote.

I'd like to say I take advantage of all the classes, but by the time I finish writing, I rarely feel up to it.

We live in a very divided country and people get offended about so many things. So, if you want to keep the peace, as Kyle and Carson would, then sticking to business-related posts is a good way to go. And lots and lots of inspirational or motivational type posts.

I know LOA uses verses from the Bible, but they are twisting them. I don't actually know that much about it, but I listen to someone on YouTube who became a Christian, got heavily into New Thought, and then came out of it and is now an apologist for biblical faith. She can explain how LOA and the Bible are not compatible.

ActionJacks Premium
Thanks for your reply Lynn! Personally I would start with doing the classes as they seem more beneficial than reading people's posts, even mine!

One good thing about this platform is that we can make websites and talk about what we like there. I am about to create a religious website for my father-in-law who is the worship leader at our church and does a religious podcast thing. So that should be interesting.

As far as LOA goes only read a couple books on it that was very old so it was in the public domain (over 90 years). I don't know what everybody says or debates about it these days but the book had some religious quotes as well. To me it seems like a simple philosophy of focusing on your goals and visualizing them.

I used to read the books on my headphones as an audiobook while I worked as a cook at some go nowhere job trying to go to school full time and take care of a baby. Every one else was listening to rap music or whatever on their headphones but I feel like God put that book in my path to help me organize my thoughts and form good goals.

Before that my goals were always very vague and "someday I will" type things. Its sad that some people try to use it to attack religion I guess is what's happening? I never thought that it was a substitute for God or anything, just a way of understanding how his world works better. Some people will go overboard with anything. I try to not listen to any particular people, just read things myself, think about if they make sense and are good, and pray for guidance about what I read.

Wow sorry such a long post, I do enjoy talking with you!
RitaAnn Premium
Hello Lynn, your information is just the way I have felt for many years, however, the faces behind the screens are causing 'religion' to be snuffed out in hopes of the new world order.

I personally experienced this about 20 yrs. ago. there is more than can possibly be explained by this little 'helloooo' :-)

We now see it in big technology because as with Lot, he was alone. When we focus more on the funds as opposed to the spiritual nature, we lose what all these same people are whining and complaining about.

You and I possibly understand this.

Don't lose hope, never give up, and keep pressing forward and onward.

Not everyone follows big tech or adheres to their brain washing via technology and do actually try to work towards more.

I am one of those people.
Who is John Galt

Jesusfan Premium
Hi RitaAnn,

Thanks for your thoughts.

I think I was trying to say that I agree that WA is not a place to write about anything that doesn't relate to business. I understand that politics and religion are divisive and often offensive, and this isn't the place. Unfortunately, many people who are trying to encourage others step over the line IMO, and give people the idea that we are our own gods and we determine our future. They don't use those words, of course, but it is what they are saying. And that is the type of religion that is allowed. I accept that and choose not to read those types of posts, and if I accidentally do find myself reading one like that, I stop reading and don't comment or click like.

I'm not sure I'm following what you are saying. Are "the faces behind the screens" big tech in general or the people here at WA? Are you referring to Lot in the Bible? He was alone, but I'm not really seeing the connection you are trying to make when you talk about focusing "on the funds as opposed to the spiritual nature" And how does that cause us to "lose what all these same people are whining and complaining about." I'm not sure I do understand.

Furthermore, what do you mean when you say, "not everyone follows big tech or adheres to their brainwashing via technology..." Did I somehow suggest in what I wrote that I thought everyone did?

This world is not my home, but I live here for now. I can't expect people who don't accept my faith to live as if they did. They live as if this world is their home and they want to make the most of it...but without God.

I would love it if you would clarify so I can indeed understand.

Israel777 Premium
Hi Lynn,
Thank you so much for this post of yours. I only read posts here in WA that are relevant.

I unfollow people who are offensive and spammy.

There’s already so much stress in the world. No need for few more stresses.

God bless you more.

Jesusfan Premium
Sounds like you have a good strategy, Israel.

I agree that this world has enough stress without adding more.

Have a great day and God bless you richly!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Good one, Lynn! I read and answer many blogs! I am not easily offended as I believe people have the right to say what they want (Free Speech). I have the right to disagree, but rather than get into an argument, I can simply delete the post! I don't feel that I need to, or have the right to punish them by sending them to spam, I simply delete!

Debbi26 Premium Plus
Jesusfan Premium
Hey Jeff,

I suspect you read and answer many more blogs than I ever will. I know it's part of your routine. Plus you write a daily blog that I doubt would ever offend anyone.

I'm glad you aren't easily offended and just delete a post if you disagree. I can't imagine using the spam button unless it was directed at me personally (which I don't see happening either).

Have a great day!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thank you, Lynn! You have a GREAT day too!

Debbi26 Premium Plus
Because this community is so large AND diverse, there is no way to make everyone happy. Someone will ALWAYS be offended or get upset about something that is written.

Being online is even harder than communicating in person. There is no body language or voice inflection to help you determine exactly what the person is trying to convey. At least with person to person communication, it's easier to get immediate clarification and interpretation. This can prevent a lot of conflict.

However, even in person to person contact, I was told LONG ago, don't talk politics or religion. Those are delicate topics on a good day and right now times are tough. I am with you all the way but others may feel strongly about a doctrine that is 360 degrees different. This is not the forum to change each others beliefs. It's why we have personal blogs.

Personally, blogs that offend me (which in all the years I've been here are VERY few and far between) I don't respond and pass by. As with FB, I have unfriended or unfollowed a few but again those are so VERY few. I do take issue with bullies, rude people and scammers. Kyle is pretty good about taking care of the later.

We're all here to support and encourage each other. Keep in mind too that some people can write "irrelevant" blogs here to practice their writing skills. Not everyone comes in with English as their 1st language or even a professional background. So, let's be kind. Honestly for all that I have been forgiven for, I have no right to judge anyone else.

Jesusfan Premium
You are right, Debbi. This platform is very large and diverse. I would never want to offend someone on this platform, and I hope I never do. But I might.

I also heard many times never to talk about politics or religion with others, but I don't know. I talk about my faith all the time with people who I mostly agree with, but only sometimes with people who don't agree with my faith and then only if they are interested in doing so. I could do without political talk almost all the time, but my husband feels differently. So we talk politics. And we don't always agree...surprise, surprise.

That being said, I 100% accept that this is not the platform to talk about either of those things. I'm okay with that. I only question what WA defines as religion and what they don't, and what is acceptable even if it offends people of faith.

I also think people might define the word "offensive" differently.

I can choose not to read a post, and that's good enough for me. Obviously, people here on this platform choose not to read and engage with posts all the time. Otherwise, everyone who writes would have thousands of likes and comments, right? As far as irrelevant posts, I have no problem with them. Zero. But, from what I hear, those people are also in danger of getting a write ban.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Debbi. I hope I have not come across as being judgmental because that is not my intention. I, too, have done things wrong. Personally, I find everyone to be absolutely wonderful and respectful.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Well said, Debbi!