$2826 In Wealthy Affiliate Commissions So Far & Counting!

Last Update: June 05, 2018

Since I started building content towards getting sign-ups for Wealthy Affiliate last October. I have made $2826 just from referrals to WA alone. In just 9 short months and its only June 5 so my total for 9 months will surpass $3000 by the end of the month.

With all my sites combined I have reached over $6,000 a month now for 9 months straight.

I don't just have sites geared towards Wealthy Affiliate sign-ups. I also have 4 other sites on a variety of topics.

I own one site thats geared toward selling affiliate products for iPhone repairs that in the last 30 days alone has broought in $2503.14 in commissions.

So if you are searching for some verification that what you are learning at Wealthy Affiliate actually works.

There you go...

If you are having trouble or need some additional guidance leave it in the comments below or if your a premium member shoot me a personal message and I will be more than happy to help.

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ACWMS Premium
Wow! I need to work a lot harder! That’s awesome!!
hanskristian Premium
Keep up the good work!!
jvranjes Premium
Can you say more about AliExpress site. This seems to be an e-commerce. If so, how do you drive traffic? Great work.
jvranjes Premium
Thank you. Yes I know, I am an affiliate but have never used it.
CandP Premium
Thanks for this post and yes-you are proof that the training works. Sharing these figures is much appreciated. Onward and upward with our WA training. Thanks, Michael!
Continued success to you, Colette and Philip
DBlanchard Premium Plus
Wow!!! what an accomplishment in a such a short period of time! You are an inspiration to the rest of us!!
Congratulations on your success!!!