"Wealthy Affiliate is a scam." What did you expect?!


I'm asking the question as yesterday I saw a new Premium Member say that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam and they want a refund.

I have been a Member for around two years so I asked myself what I had expected of Wealthy Affiliate.

Back to 2010

I was in my 2nd year at university studying computer science and looking for online opportunities when I accidentally found Wealthy Affiliate.

It was a choice of Wealthy Affiliate or Affiliorama. I compared both by just reading the sites and I thought Wealthy Affiliate was my best option but there was also a big problem.

To try WA in 2010 you had to pay to join, no free Starters account in that era. I live in El Salvador and the average wage is $250.00 per month so if someone is putting the food on the table is not easy to pay for membership. So I borrowed from my best friend Mario enough for one month and I quickly fell in LOVE with Wealthy Affiliate but after that month unfortunately I could not afford to stay. :(

What happened next?

In 2011 I got a good job at a big computer manufacturer. I knew in that moment I had to rejoin Wealthy Affiliate as I could afford to and because I still wanted to learn something new and have a new income to spend on my family doing something I love to do. Before I paid I even emailed Kyle first to ask about the latest training, tools and support before signing up as a Premium Member for a whole year.

So did Wealthy Affiliate meet my expectations?!

Absolutely I came to Wealthy Affiliate with ZERO knowledge but after two years I know I made the best decision ever to train here.

I have also made great friends who help me, Beverley (BIS), Richard (@RICH.), Steve (IveTriedThat), Dom (DomW), Vicky (veronica.l), Jeff (stadium), "My Queen!" Patty (findingemo), Jackie (JX40), Luke (That Helpful Dude), Gozito (Chris Lee), Toddler (ToddT182), Emma (Ema),Merry (Meredithlonestar), John (TJ Books).... to name just a few. :)

I sometimes see @RICH. write "Wealthy Affiliate is less than a $1 a day, and if you can't make $359 back in a year, you are idle or doing it wrong.... or both." I agree 100% even if US $1 is a lot of money here in El Salvador when you need to pay for 365 days upfront!

Okay now it's your turn. Is Wealthy Affiliate what you expected? I'd love to know what you think!

Jorge x

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Hi Jorge. As far as I'm concerned WA is 3 things:
1. An online business training centre
2. Learning what makes a website tick...properly
3. A support community for those hours of work in isolation

My membership has been paid as has my Jaaxy membership...all from what I learned AND DID here, which is more than what I learned from the scammers. Still working on my websites with a goal of moving from a part-time income to full-time. And it all started with a kick in the pants from Kyle and Nenita to just start a website and quit overthinking it. I took action because I know we don't go to bed broke and wake up rich, it was up to me. Where's the scam in that? Thanks for your post.


I love your 3 t point. I couldn't agree with you.

Yeah Wealthy Affiliate does not offer you make you rich overnight. They ALWAY say only your hard work pays off.

I am pretty sure Rick you will have a full time income and good to know Kyle and Nenita helps in take action.

Yeah It's you and me to be successful in our success.! I am thinking is not a SCAM!

Glad you like it my friend.- :)

Hi Jorge
Great post! I am totally happy with everything that WA has to offer in training and tools, and a helpful community. I've learnt so much and am blown out with what I've accomplished since joining WA. Haven't completed all the training yet but am nearly there. And I'm looking forward to creating another website after completing all the training.

WA definitely delivers what it promises! 100% happy customer here :)


Aww good to know you accomplished some goals. I am sure you are making a great progress and you will accomplish the remaining goals. :)

When I reenjoined to WA I came with ZERO knowledge and I still learning and I love it. :D

That's ood you will create another websites. My best wishes to you. :)

I am 100agree with you. I am a mega happy member here. :)

Hi Jorge, (English this time ;))..

You are a person who knows the value of a dollar spent. In the wealthier countries, many people have an 'entitlement' mentality. Meaning, they 'believe', they should have an easy life & often have very little idea about how the majority of the humans on this planet have to simply struggle to survive. It is harder to have gratitude; if you don't have to work hard & get way more than your fair share, than if you have to work hard for very little.

I applaud your courage to make your goals a reality Jorge. You are a great ambassador for this strong community. Kudos my friend!!!

(oh, & yes WAU is definitely a scam ;) )

Damien, Damien, Damien. How's my friend?!

Yeah to me it's very valuable every penny here. lol

Yes I see how people wealthy countries just don't have a mindset in invest in the future as you said they just want the easy life.

I know is not easy have gratitude and you put a great comparison!

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Aw you in the list of my friends here-. :)


Me siento honrado de estar en la lista de mi amigo ~ Espero poder estar cerca de WA por un tiempo, así que no voy a deshacer de mí tan fácilmente :)

Hahaha. My pleasure too my friend. Yo que se estarás cerca de WA por mucho tiempo. Yo no me preocuparía de deshacerme de ti tan facil. :)

This is the first such program I joined last September. Fortunately, I was not taken for a ride like others had been.

This is a great website that provides excellent training that is easy to follow. People who do not wish to follow the lessons and just want to scan and gather information will not know what they are missing. I would say it is that group of people that will not benefit because they either think they know it all or want fast cash. Not available here at WA.

I do have to agree with Rich that $1 a day for all this is very economical. Someone else also commented a few days ago how much money did you spend on your college degree compared to what you spend for one year membership at WA. That really puts it in perspective. Debbie


Aww good to know Wealthy Affiliate it's your first program!

Training is easy and we have to folloe this saying ::"Rinse and repeat" that's it. You are right if perople don't change their mindset and just don't follow the training will be impossible to succeed.

When I joined to Wealthy Affiliate I knew I will not earn money overnight I know with y hardwork I will get it. :)

Yeah people spent no only money in U, spent money to drink a coffee, watching games.

I even - maybe you know-I wrote a blog about that https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jespinola/blog/are-you-a-starbucks-fan

Thanks for your comment. :)

Hey Jorge. It's a great enviornment to learn how to build your own online business. I've not seen anything as good as WA. It's the complete opposite to a scam.

Hey Dave, I am couldn't agree with you!

I have all in one place! Wealthy Affiliate was my first place to learn and I did the best choice ever!

Yeah Wealthy Affiliate is a free scam scheme!

Great story Jorge! Congratulations and kuddos to your friend Mario! :)

My expectations are about ME!

I expect ''myself'' to train, create a website, create content, keep learning, keep applying what I've learned to my business.

Wealthy Affiliate is my school, Kyle and Carson are my mentors, the wonderful members around me are my friends and helpers.

I don't expect the program or anyone of them to do anything for me.
''I'' have to want to learn, want to be guided, want to ask for help.

It's what YOU, ME and WE put into this that makes the difference.

Having said this, I am quite appalled that someone would dare to ask for their money back. THEY are the reason it is not working for them.

Larry had us say it yesterday and I'll say it again thank you WA, Kyle & Carson, the whole WA team and wonderful members! Love y'all, Gen

Hola Genevieve!

Yeah and Mario still is my best friend for almost 10 years! :)

You have good expectations and I think you achieved some of them and yes Wealthy Affiliate is our school.

Kyle, Carson are an awesome community and you are right as individual members we have to work hard. Nobody will do it for me the you can clarify my doubts and you are right we makes the difference. :)

Whe I saw that post I got shocked and I say WHAT?! I really can undersatnd that blog.


That's sweet, did he join WA too? :)
Work hard and help each other out, well said.
Pretty shocking indeed about that ''member''! Too bad for them.
99.999999999% of members are MORE than happy on WA, it goes without saying that this statistic includes you and me! ;)

Nope. I still convincing him to join!

You work hard and I work hard if we see a new member here. We know we got help from another member. :)

Yeah yeah include me! I really love this community. Yeah maybe this member is upset with his/her entire life. Who knows!

Hey Jorge,

Great story about your experience here and I totally agree that WA is a fantastic platform for learning, community, and support.

Thanks for sharing!
Best Regards,

Hey hey Jim. :)

Thanks for ready and glad you like it. I really really love Weathy Affiliate.

Aw I remember you are one of my friends here, It's my pleasure to have you as friend! :)

Hey Jorge,

The feeling is mutual. The pleasure is mine as well. :)

Best Regards,

Awww thank you so much Jim. I really appreciate. :)

Very intelligent and true post

Hey Jesse,

Thanks for your words and glads you like it. :)

Quite frankly, just the fact that I got a message 2 days ago stating that I got commission for a few trainings I posted on WA is the biggest proof that WA is no scam!

WA is out to help people and we are literally given all the tools necessary to create online businesses. It's just a matter of getting ourselves together and doing what needs to be done!

I will always support WA :-)


I am happy you got commission and kudos and you really doing good. I have seen one your trainings. :)

I am agree 100% with you. I have all the support, training and tools here.

Thank you for your support. :)

Thank you for your kind words!

Most welcome. :)

I am in my second month and I am patiently waiting to see any of my articles appear in Google. WA is everything I need. I have joined many online affiliate/money making schemes and WA kicks all their butts!

WA has showed me more in just a few weeks than I could ever had hoped for. The information you have access to here is superb.

I give WA a big thumbs up! Even if my site never ranks in Google I still will not feel ripped off as I have learnt so much. However I am confident, just hate waiting! lol!

More than happy!



I am pretty sure you are doing good. Patience is ones of the key of success! If you are not willing to wait, so changes to be successful on your business.

As you said Wealthy Affiliate is a complete system and yes kick off all the system out there.

I just remember when I joined in 2010 got the same feeling like you. I learnty a lot here and I really love Wealthy Affiliate and still is awesome!

Wishing you every success. I am confident you will succeed. :)

Jorge x

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