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Hello, I'm Jerry Mc Donald (jerrymc). I was raised in the piney woods of Southeast Oklahoma.

After high school I Joined the U. S. Army and when my enlistment was up, I returned home and married my High School Sweetheart.

We raised our Family while traveling all over the western half of the good old U.S.A. working, while also getting my Degree from the University Of Hard Knocks as a Craftsman of many skills, but a Master of none.

We raised three beautiful and industrious Daughters. They have married and raised us nine wonderful Grandchildren. The Grandchildren are doing their job by raising us and blessing us with nine Great-grand-children! ( At least that was the last count my wife told me about!)

After our Daughters were raised, Me and my wife acquired my old home place from My Parents and we moved back to Southeast Oklahoma. We took up the "profession" of Small Time Ranching.

We are now Retired, somewhat. I need something to keep me challenged these days and also supplementing our income wouldn't be too shabby either. Since we now have rural Broad-band Internet access.

One of our daughters gave us an older computer so I decided to learn what this thing would do. I have been learning how to research and ran across Affiliate Marketing. So here I am and don't know com-ere from sic-um about this computer and internet stuff. Oh well, I wanted an adventure! I am enjoying learning new things, and with lots of help I can make it work and MAY become a master of this craft. Isn't that a hoot!
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Hello Jerry,
Thank you for the following.
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Thank you for the follow back.
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Hi Jerry nice to meet you and thanks for the follow . Wish you great success . Talk soon
Cheers Dave
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Thanks for the follow back. Success to you also.
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Thanks for the follow. It sounds like you have a beautiful family. I hope you do well.
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Thank you for the follow back. I hope your experience here at WA is prosperous.
Thanks for the follow and welcome to WA Jerry. Wish you all the best in the business and good luck. May you find what you're looking for while learning here in the academy. Have a nice day and see you around.
PS I'm From Duncan, OK
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Thanks for the follow back. I enjoyed your info for making videos, I might give it a try.
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Thanks Joe for the nice comments and the follow back.