How Long Does it take to Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate?


I know a lot of people have posted blogs on this topic before. But I'm going to take another perspective and approach here to answer this question.

I'm going to evaluate the actual reasons why it seems to take so long to make money at Wealthy Affiliate and how you can speed up the process!

(P.S. This post is going to be long but I'll make sure it worth your time!)

The Traditional Way People Tackle This Question...

A lot of people have concerns regarding how long does it take for one to start making money with Wealthy Affiliate and how long to start making a full-time income, etc...

This is a very common and normal concern especially by beginners.

What most people do is compare the time needed to build a traditional business to the time needed to build an online business.

Of course the time needed for a traditional business way exceeds the time needed to build a successful online business with Wealthy Affiliate and the success rate is much lower for the former.

This is a good point to look at to convince and help beginners justify the time needed here at Wealthy Affiliate.

My Approach: I Examine How Wealthy Affiliate Works!

Now, back to the common question:

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? Why is it taking so long to make money?

Of course we all know that success takes time and Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme.

Let's put this common advice a side and take a look at how Wealthy Affiliate really works...

Here's what we do at WA:

  1. Select a Niche/Interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Create quality content and get ranked in search engines
  4. Drive traffic to our website
  5. Monetize our site by promoting relevant affiliate products!

As WA members, we all know this. What I want to focus here is the traffic generation part.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches us to focus on getting organic traffic from search engines because it is one of the best targeted traffic in the long run.

Now, creating content takes time, building authority in your niche takes time, gaining trust from Google takes time, getting Google ranking takes time, getting organic traffic takes time...

And that is the reason why it seems so long to make money at Wealthy Affiliate. Because there are a lot of hard work needed in the beginning while you couldn't see any results.

You might feel that you're wasting your time because you can't see results. People fail because they give up at this stage.

So, the reason it takes so long to make money at Wealthy Affiliate is because we are mostly focusing on FREE ORGANIC TRAFFIC!

What's Wrong with Free Organic Traffic?

There's nothing wrong with going after Free Organic Traffic because it works. The downside is that it takes a much longer time than Paid Traffic.

In fact, I've personally asked a lot of Super Affiliates within WA to find out what are the strategies they are using and what works the best for them.

Guess what I found?

Most of the Super Affiliates here became rich and successful because they put in a lot of time to create quality content. A lot of them get most of their traffic from Google. Yet they're able to make it to Vegas for those promoting WA. And for those building business on their own niche, they are able to make good money with just Free Organic Traffic.

So, I've saved you a lot of time here if you want to learn how successful WA members became successful.

I've found out the answers for you. Basically, they just FOLLOW THE TRAINING, TAKE MASSIVE ACTION & NEVER GIVE UP!

No matter how cliche this may sound, this is still the most powerful secret to succeed and make money at Wealthy Affiliate.

And check this out...

Here's my earnings growth since January 2018, ALL via free organic traffic:

So, How to Speed Up the Process?

Free Organic Traffic is definitely not the only way to succeed. However, Kyle & Carson focus a lot on free organic traffic because it is the strategy that always work and most importantly, it's FREE!

A lot of beginners don't have much capital to invest in paid traffic. That's why free organic traffic is more suitable for the majority.

However, if you have the capital to invest and you want to see faster results, I would recommend you to learn about Paid Traffic, Email Marketing and "Funnel Hacking". (Today, I'll just talk about traffic first. I won't touch on the other two.)

There are many different types of paid traffic you can use but it ultimately depends on your niche and where your target audience is. For example, there are:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) - This is taught in WA
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • Native Ads and many more.

Each of them requires a different set of skills and strategy. If you want to start using paid traffic, you need to first understand where your target audience is. Then focus on that one strategy first. Once you master that one, you can move on to the next.

So, what's the potential of paid traffic?

There are a lot of trial and error involved so the time and money need for paid traffic to work varies.

However, it's totally possible to build a full-time income by leveraging paid traffic in the right way within 3 months or less. This is definitely not possible with free traffic.

You should only be expecting to make your first sale in 3 months time if you're using free traffic.

Also, you should expect yourself to be losing money in the beginning because that's normal. It's just the way it works. But you need to understand what's working and what's not from each trial.

Paid Traffic Success Story

Meet Ronnie (@mrronnie)!

I just want to briefly share with you about Ronnie. He is my idol LOL.

In a nutshell, he joined Wealthy Affiliate back in June 2017 but he made it to Vegas 2018 in just a few months time. That's crazy!

So I contacted him because I want to learn more from him.

I found out that he is already an experienced affiliate marketer before joining WA. So he leveraged Paid Traffic and his own marketing method to reach 300 sales in a very short period of time.

That's the power of Paid Traffic done right! (I said "done right" because beginners always tend to lose quite a bit of money before getting the hand of it. Losing money is part of the necessary learning process.)

So, Ronnie, if you're reading this, I just want to let you know that I admire you a lot and I've learnt a lot from you despite we only chat for a little bit.

I'm sure we will chat a lot more in Vegas 2019!!

Once again, I just want to share one of his WA posts that I love and learnt a lot:

Paid vs Free Traffic: Expectations and Mindset

If you want to start using paid traffic, you need to read this post first because it equips you with the right mindset to succeed.

How Long Does it take to Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate?

Now, back to the original question. For the majority of people here using Free Organic Traffic, here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Make your first sale within your first 2 to 3 month
  • A breakthrough in organic traffic at around the 6 month's mark
  • Making consistent sales and earning a consistent passive income within a year's time
  • Quite your full-time job after around 1 year, 1.5 year or 2 years time (depends on your time and commitment to your own business)

However, the criteria for these to happen is only if you are willing to put in consistent hard work to learn from WA and also take massive action on your own website/business.

By consistent effort, I mean you should be aiming for at least 2 to 3 posts per week (MINIMUM!). If you can post more often, you can definitely expect faster results.

If you're only willing to log in to WA 2 to 3 times a day and work on your business "WHEN YOU HAVE TIME", you're not gonna achieve the expected results I've just laid out for you.

P.S. The time frame I gave you is just a guideline because many of you want to have some clear expectation in order to have the motivation to work hard.

However, this time frame varies depending on a lot of factors, both internal and external. Internal factors are the things I've just mentioned about your own mindset and hard work. External factors include things like the competition in your chosen niche.

My Advice to You

Set a long term goal, a mid term goal and a short term goal for yourself. Always have monthly, weekly and daily plans for yourself to follow.

The only way for you to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate is by treating it as a BUSINESS. Unfortunately, many people are just dabbling around. That's why it's hard for these people to have any breakthrough in life.

Let me end this post with a quote you MUST remember:

The Bigger your "WHY", the Smaller your "HOW"!

If you have a very compelling reason to achieve something, it will be a lot easier for you to make it happen.

For example, imagine one of your loved ones is going to pass away but you're very far away and you're caught in a situation that you can't leave. However, the fact that your loved one is going to pass away is a very compelling reason for you to put aside what you're doing and do whatever it takes to be back with your loved one, no matter how difficult it is.

This is the same in online business. What is your WHY to achieve whatever you want to achieve? Is it because you want financial freedom? Why do you want financial freedom? Is it because of your family?

In fact, Kyle has just published a post talking about your WHY in business:

What is your why in business, followed by your how?

You should follow this thread if you haven't. He is talking about the exact same thing I was talking about just now.

The Bigger your WHY, the Smaller your HOW!

Do you find this post helpful?

If you do, please give it a like below and let me know what you think about Free VS Paid traffic and the mindset to success!

Look forward to learning more from you :)

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Thank you for the great article. I followed each of the links and got some great information. You have helped me set reasonable goals now that I have more facts to work with. I really don't function well with abstract, ungrounded information.

That's great! That's also one of the purpose for this post. I know a lot of people don't know what to expect so they don't really have much motivation to put in the effort.

All the best Candice!

All great advice. :)

Thanks Jaime!

Great Article again dear friend.... Really helpful...

My pleasure Paul!

Great post, Jerry. I've been thinking about the same topic. Business building is definitely different than regular income because of the lack of instant gratification (pay check). It definitely takes a Huge "why".

Exactly! There's a paradigm shift involved here in order to succeed :)

Thanks for sharing an excellent blog, you have great information here.

Thank you Alejandra :)

I just started a couple of days ago. Thank you for the post, it was very insightful and helps me put a more realistic expectation on achievable results. I know that each individual will ultimately have their own unique experiences, its just good to know what you have shared.

Awesome! Glad you like my post Juanita! Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate by the way. I wish you great success :)

Great post, and what I needed to read. I’ve stayed a way from paid traffic for exactly the reasons you state. I will read your friend’s post with anticipation. Thanks.

You're welcome Grant! All the best!

Hi, I have to ask this about "My advice to you". From what position are you offering your advice? What are your credentials in this business, in terms of traffic and income you are generating? Give some personal facts which would support your claims and advices. This would add to the credibility of your claims.

"full-time income by leveraging paid traffic in the right way within 3 months or less" So did you do this?

As for free traffic and sales, I have a new site which made sales in the first month. In the 4th month it made around 70 sales, and the traffic is passing 200 per day. You do not need paid traffic.

Hi Jovo,
I may not be as successful and experienced as you but I'm sure from my sharing I can help people who are less experienced or even beginners here.

I'm still hustling for more traffic and more sales. I know it's better if I have some credentials to prove but I don't have that right now. This doesn't mean I can't share my knowledge here, right?

Full-time income within 3 months by leveraging paid traffic is achieved by Ronnie and he shared that in his post. It's totally possible, isn't it? I'm just sharing the information I know to try to add value to the community and help more people.

I appreciate your feedback and I know this piece of information may be rudimentary for you but there's no need to be sarcastic or even critical here.

Isn't this helpful to the community? :)

And by the way I'm not saying we definitely need paid traffic to be successful. I'm just saying it can be a faster alternative. And I'm sure there are people looking for this information.

Like I've said, I didn't say organic traffic doesn't work. I did say it work and it does work well in the long run.

Congrats for your achievements but I'll appreciate if you can be less sarcastic here. Thanks!

It doesn't help to be negative and sarcastic in this community.

Wow, I am impressed that your new site is doing so well. Mine is 3 months old, and I have very little traffic. Congratulations on your success. I hope you are able to build upon that success.

I do not see who is sarcastic, you are using inappropriate words. I am normally only pessimistic, this comes with age. And I am far from being successful.

Yes, sharing the knowledge is a good thing, this is how we learn and make progress, but you are not talking from own experience.

I asked from what position you were giving "My advice to you". So you admit you do not have credentials, hence you don't seem to be in a position to give advices to others. This is not helpful.

At least I'm willing to share from my experience so far and what I've learnt along the way. I can see that it is helpful to people who are looking for answers for this question.

Don't have credentials = not helpful? That doesn't make sense.

I believe we can learn from every person because everyone of us has values and things we can share with the world to make it better.

If you don't want to listen to someone who has no credential, you can just leave. You don't have to criticize something for not being helpful just because you think people with no credential are not helpful.

"Share from my experience" - but this is not your experience, you said it yourself.

You miss the point, so let me say more directly - you were giving strong advices, and this was in your headings. You are not qualified to give such advices. You do not know (yet) "How to speed up the process", you did not do it yourself.

So the problem is with your attitude. See again your blog, you were lecturing, speaking as an authority who gives "advice to you", instead of simply sharing your opinion and make the blog for discussion.

But you are right in one thing - it is best for me to leave, so indeed no need to continue this discussion.

JerryHuang's advice is based on his interview with successful people. As such I find it something to consider seriously and research in more depth. He certainly opened my mind to paid advertising.

Hi help where I can even though I am not making a full time income in internet marketing. I have life experience and the training I have received here at WA and at other places to share. Hopefully it is helpful. Thanks Jerry for what you do..

Thanks Bill! I'm glad this is helpful to you :)

Do you know expert is relative? It doesn't mean you need to have a PhD in something or you need to be earning a certain amount of money before you can become an expert.

As long as you know something more than others, you can share and you can even teach, why not?

Like Bill had said, I did my homework. I spent time asking a lot of Super Affiliates. They are the proof.

So, what's wrong with me "teaching" here? And what's wrong with my attitude?

I hope you can be more optimistic and less critical because being more optimistic will definitely help you in your business and in your life.

Thank you for the great tips Jerry. It does require a website first!

You're welcome Michael!

Awesome, Jerry. I really appreciate your post.

Thanks for pointing in Rommie's direction. I've started following both of you.

I wish you lots of success,

Thank you Eliane!

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