Companies that Pay for You to Travel

Last Update: January 24, 2016

There are companies that pay for your travel and there are

Companies that pay for you to travel.

With companies that pay for your travel, you don't usually get to see much.

You'd be hard pressed to remember where you've been, because the two places you'll spend in every city you are paid to travel to will be your hotel room (which will look nearly the same as every other hotel room you stay in) and either offices or convention centers (which again look mostly the same).

However, you can get paid to actually see the world.

How? By writing about your travels and recommending places to stay, whom to buy tickets from, discounted activities, etc.

When you recommend these companies and people buy, you will be paid a commission.

Okay, so get to the point, Jeremy, which are the companies that will pay for you to travel?

There are thousands of companies that will pay you for sending them sales through affiliate marketing (see

Off the top of my head, some that relate specifically to travel are:

  • Expedia (sells plane tickets and hotel rooms).
  • AirBNB (rents out private vacation homes and apartments).
  • Groupon (sells discounted tickets to local attractions worldwide).
  • Amazon (sells books about everything, including travel).

Great, I'm ready, how do I start selling that stuff?

Whoa... Hold on there. You're a few steps away from selling.

First, you need to build your site with travel content and get some traffic to your site to show these companies you are worth their time.

This will take some dedication, but luckily all you have to do is follow the steps here at Wealthy Affiliate and it won't be long before you can get started with the selling.

Okay, okay, I'm ready for the first step, then. What do I do?

First, you need to make sure this is something you can really dedicate yourself to.

To do that, take the first ten lessons here at Wealthy Affiliate, which you can do in about a week in your spare time.

If you find that you enjoy those lessons and you can commit to this, then you will be invited to join the premium membership here, which will walk you through all the additional steps.

If you join during that first week, you'll get a special discounted rate of $19 for the first month just to make extra specially sure that this is for you.

I want to do this! Just tell me how to start the free lessons!

Okay, okay, if you've gotten this far, you can certainly handle the first ten lessons. Just click "Create a Free Account" above and once you've created your free account, click "Get Started Here" to the left and away you go.

I can't wait to hear about your travels!

Please comment below if you have any additional ideas on companies that will pay you to travel. Alternatively, leave me any questions you have.

I love to help!


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rwagener Premium
Great Post.
My website is in the travel area and I have tried to sign up with both and Tripadvisor and not even had a response and its been a few weeks now. Not sure what else to do. Ideas?
JeremyWest Premium
Hmmmm.... That's strange. Have you tried the others I've mentioned? I have affiliate accounts with all 4 of them.
rwagener Premium
I'll follow through on these affiliate options. Thanks
KatieMac Premium
Great post, sounds like a good way to travel if you can satisfy the said companies, I knew there were people who blogged about their holiday's and got paid for that
rosieM Premium
This sounds almost too good to be true...I'm not quite there yet, but have bookmarked for the future....thank you!
JeremyWest Premium
Well, it does take time to build up a site with enough traffic to pay you a decent income. One thing you can do is start in Southeast Asia where your costs will be quite low. ;-)
Loes Premium
Terrific idea! Here in Holland we have "" you can bid on holidays and events, last year we went for 3 days in a hotel for only €28 for the whole weekend and 2 persons
Eric1975 Premium
Interesting post! I wouldn't mind writing about travel.