Need a quick favor from Canada, UK member?

Last Update: July 03, 2017

Howdy friends.

I have integrated the New Amazon One Link on my baseball website and need someone from Canada or UK to click on an affiliate link or 2 to make sure I have implemented everything correctly.

I want to make sure you are being redirected to Amazon Canada or Amazon UK.

You can go to my profile to find the baseball site

Or you can copy/ paste baseballxgear into your browser.

I know how busy you are and this would be most appreciated. If everything is working properly, I will do training so everyone gets it right.

Thanks again ~Jeremy

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JulietAA Premium
Hi Jeremy,
I just clicked on your Amazon links from the UK, they took me to and not uk
How does the Amazon one link work.
Compsol99 Premium
Hi Jeremy,
I'm also in Canada and I clicked on a couple of the baseball glove links but they directed me to the site and not the site.
Hope this helps!
leoemery Premium Plus
Hi Jeremy - I'm in Canada I clicked on your baseball bat links and the radar gun links - I do get sent to amazon but it's .com - not .ca

I also see below the radar gun (pocket one) on amazon there is this note: This item does not ship to Canada. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally.

The other gun (stalker) no such note.

Hope this helps
jeremy111 Premium
Thanks Leo.
I'm just getting back in and will look into this.

I'm pretty sure I did everything right.

If you're in CA or UK it should send you to those storefronts according to Amazon.

Looks like further investigation is in order.

Thanks for taking the time. Much appreciated.
leoemery Premium Plus
No problem, if you need me to check things again just give me a buzz, anything to help
jeremy111 Premium
Awesome Leo!
Thank you my friend :)
DZeroX Premium
Hi Jeremy, links are not working properly. I'm on stalker-sport-2-radar-gun-review post and when I click on the link it redirects me to but it shows 0 results. I upload a picture so you can take a look.

Also, when I am in your "what-is-the-best-radar-gun" post and I click on the Pocket Radar Ball Coach link it redirects me to

I think the other links in your website might be having similar issues.
jeremy111 Premium
This is awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time :)

I will work on it and let you know how it goes.
Thanks you very much ~Jeremy
jvranjes Premium
Zero results may only mean that it is not available. I am adding this to follow the discussion; very interested. Good luck Jeremy.