Beginner's Stage Fright?

Last Update: December 29, 2013

I am new to Wealthy Affiliate and am happy to be here. The first few days, I immersed myself in the training so much, that I woke up thinking about WA and my website, and went to sleep doing the same thing. I looked forward to the work, and still do. That is such a great feeling, even if it sometimes has frustration and fear along with it. I have almost completed one website except for writing the content.

I personally associate stage fright with actors, or public speaking, but have been feeling it online the last two days or so. After I had made myself a little familiar with my profile page, and completed the "Getting Started," course and some of the "Affiliate Bootcamp," courses, I realized some WA members were following me. I kept thinking wow, I need to do work on some other things, like the blog and interact with others. Otherwise, they will be following blank white space, lol.

But for about two days I procrastinated and my drive dipped lower. Which is strange because I love to write, and I found out I loved learning the "build your own website," section in the course. I had always assumed building websites was for the technically talented people. But Kyle and Carson made it so simple and logical. I actually had fun learning how to build one from scratch. It is so exciting to see something that you created (with WA's help), come to life.

But getting back to the stage fright feeling, I felt I did not have enough experience to start a blog yet. I would have negative thoughts like, "What in the world are you going to post?" "What if you embarrass yourself somehow?" "You don't have enough education in online business to post anything about this subject." Aren't all those things silly? I kept thinking I don't want to quit, I know I can do this. So I replaced those thoughts with positive ones, and decided to just dive in. Thank you to all those that follow me and read this. I hope we can all learn and help each other. Good luck to everyone!

The following are two great quotes:

“You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.”
- Wayne W. Dyer

"Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”
- Wayne W. Dyer

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dancegoddess Premium
Well, congratulations on writing your first blog! It's quite well done actually! Don't worry about embarrassing yourself though because everyone I've met here so far have been really, really nice and honestly just want to help!
Jenna7 Premium
Dancegoddess, thank you for your reply. I agree with you,, everyone here is very nice and extremely supportive. Good luck to you, and I look forward to following you and everyone!
Maal Premium
You set yourself a challenge, formulated solutions and achieved your goal, that is what we are all trying to do constantly. Well done.
Jenna7 Premium
Maal, thank you very much. I did not realize how much getting people's comments back helps. It will be neat to see how everyone arrives at their own goals.
Viterbi Premium
It doesn't matter if you are not an expert in online business;

Do your research and due diligence before your write your articles, and everything else will follow.

My 2 cents: always admit (and write about it also) that you are no expert. Do not pretend that you are, people sense it; but if you are sincere, it does make a difference! ;-)

At the end of the day, there are no experts and gurus; the more you live, the more you learn.
Jenna7 Premium
Hi Viterbi, thank you for your post.

I will take your advice :) That is very true about doing your research, being yourself and sharing that with others.

I like that there are no gurus. I have run into too many when I was looking for how to make an online business.

Have a great day.
nathaniell Premium Plus
I too wrote my very first blog post on WA. It's kind of like hearing your own voice recorded on something - it's embarrassing to you, but pretty much everyone else things it's normal!

It's good to blog on WA to practice and learn to 'find your writing voice', but it's not required that you do. You don't HAVE to. Still, it's a good way to meet people. It shows that you're active in the community, and you'll likely run into some people you can connect with.

I find that blogging honestly means that you find people like yourself! Of course, it's a risk, and you can also discover some people that disagree with you or whose opinions you could care less to hear, but like anything else, there's good and bad points.

And about waking up and regretting what you wrote: As long as you don't get too emotional or passionate, I don't think you will have to worry about it. I did have several nights that I came back and blogged some ridiculous after having a few too many drinks. I DID regret that, and though I can't recommend it, I got over it. LOL.

Good luck here at WA.
Jenna7 Premium
Nathaniell, thank you very much.

It is nice to hear others go through the same thing.

I don't know why I thought or think sometimes I have to sound cool or be all together when I post, that is so goofy. I wanted to be like, "Hey, I know exactly what I am doing." But actually I don't. But the neat thing is that I am learning how to do things.

And there will always be some disagreements with others. I have a good friend who taught me about that. And helped me to look at things from different points of view. And I learned an incredible amount from that.

Thanks again, and good luck to you too!
Jtstretch Premium

Thank you for posting a blog!

I started here about two weeks ago and didn't know what to post either! I realized that hey I'll just post updates, questions, anything of the sort and see what happens. Well the community here is so amazing that they will respond to all of your blog posts. Everyone here is really here to help each other and I'm so glad I joined and became involved.

I know that feeling you're talking about when you've immersed yourself in so much of the training. Don't feel lazy if you step away and take a break. A rested mind is the most powerful, so I wouldn't take anything more than a day break!

Best of luck and wishes to you and your online work goals!

Jenna7 Premium
Justin, thank you so much for your comment. This place is really amazing, and I am kind of just trying to get used to it still. I found WA accidentally by researching and almost signing up for another site/program, which I found out to be scam. I kind of feel overwhelmed, but also excited. And I get a good feeling here; the atmosphere feels great.

Thank you so much again for your comment, and kind wishes. I wish the same for you.

Have a great night or day(it is late night where I am lol)

Jtstretch Premium
It's 3:45 AM where I am lol. I haven't slept since I joined here, but I promise the work goes a long way. I look forward to watching you progress!