I started with Krav Maga!

Last Update: November 16, 2019

Hello friends!

I know that all of you are preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
I prepared my pins, schedule it, wrote the first post, and tomorrow I will work on emails. Its a lot of work, so I need to take a rest and do something else.
As autumn is here and lousy weather stopped me from riding a bike, I subscribed to Krav Maga classes.

What is Krav Maga?

Its Israel military self-defense system and its combination of kickbox, boxing, wrestling, aikido, karate, street fighting along with realistic fight training.
Training is very hard, but I love it! I'm learning to defend against all variety of attacks.

What Krav Maga have with WA?

Well, both WA and Krav Maga encourage me to go out of my comfort zone and do things I never think I was able.
I started my online business when I was 40 years old, and start with this great martial art in my 43 years. Both things give me a sense of worth, self-respect, and willing to succeed. I meet beautiful people here and there that are willing to help.

Also, your age is not an excuse for starting new things!

Any martial art lovers here?

I wish you a great weekend!


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Johnpavich Premium
Good for you Jelena martial arts training gives you confidence !

I heard about Krav Maga quite a few years ago , I heard it's very good.
When i was 20 yrs old I took karate for a while goji ru karate i think that's how u spell it ? It's been a long time . The founder was a little japanese man named Namagoshi Gogan who held a 10th degree black belt which at the time was a Guiness book world record !
We were taught by an amazing japanese man whose father was taught by Namagoshi Gogan .

N.G. was very famous in Japan and had about 8 dojos. His nickname was the lion cause his hair was very long and he also killed a lion to escape capture from the chinese in world war 2 it's quite a fascinating story.it maybe on google?

I was taking karate the day Bruce Lee died and the whole class of about 40 students were in shock !

A few years later i took some hungar style kung foo like shaolin temple style 🤯 not that good and also some other kung foo called my jung law hung, which in english translated to old man confusing hand technique ha ha quite funny. It was actually quite good and the teacher was super fast at kicking ! He was actually called to Hollywood to do the bruce lee movie but was not picked, they even paid to have a few of his front teeth capped ?

I think Krav Maga is something like what Bruce Lee was teaching jeet kun do or the way of the intercepting fist .
It is all styles but no styles and is ever evolvlng.
So, this is why i think Krav Maga is good cause it is a combination of many styles but if you have to think of a movement your already too slow.
This is why Bruce Lee also incorporated boxing because boxing teaches you to punch fast and not to think but punch and block etc.
So, have with the training amd its also good exercise.
All the best and don't get hurt😎
JelenaBB Premium
You have some serious teachers!
I am glad that I found this martial art. My teacher is a girl and she is so inspiring.
I need to work on my speed and endurance.
But, it's just beginning. :)
Johnpavich Premium
Yes, well take it slow the older we get our muscles can get damaged without proper conditioning.

A few years ago i tore one of my right bicep muscle from my shoulder so now i have a popeye muscle , and the specialist said they don't have much success in operating and he tore his from playing golf.
I can still move ok but sometimes if i try to screw with a screw driver 5 or 6 times in a row i have to stop cause it hurts, otherwise I'm ok.
So take care and have fun😎
JelenaBB Premium
Thank you for your advice. I will :)
bill808 Premium Plus
I was a Karate Brown Belt before I blew out my knee. Nothing to do with Karate.

being able to roll when falling has literally saved my llife and/or prevented serious injury.

Resilience is important to all of us. It is my niche. I'm here at WA to create fiscal resilience. My years studying Karate taught me meditation and self-control

Do what you can to be prepared for any emergency..
JelenaBB Premium
Thank you, Bill!
jojocinq Premium
Good luck
JelenaBB Premium
Thank you :)
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
Go for it.
JelenaBB Premium
Dave07 Premium
Hi Jelena. It's a small world - I've been learning krav maga too! In fact today was my first grading which I'm glad to say I passed. I just wrote a blog post on it myself!
I totally agree about Krav making you step outside your comfort zone and as you say - age is no excuse!
JelenaBB Premium
Congratulations Dave!
I'm glad that I will have my online Krav Maga partner :)
Going to read your post now!