Black Friday and Monday Cyber Tips! Be prepared on time!

Last Update: November 01, 2019

It's nearly that time of the year again! This year's most intense sales weekend will officially kick-off on November 29th.

Let see some statistic from last year:

Online sales on Black Friday 2018 jumped 23.6 percent from 2017 to $6.2 billion. More interesting is that the average order was $146 per sale.

Last year Cyber Monday became the highest U.S. online sales day in history with $7.9 billion in revenue! Over half of the visits came from mobile devices!

So, what we can learn from this?

Prepare your websites and email list for those days.

First, your website should be mobile-friendly. It depends on the theme you choose, but don't worry, most themes are already optimized for mobile users. For any case, check how your website looks on your mobile.

Second, write at least one article about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Also, add side banner with your sales offer. Some statistics show that people start purchasing even a week before Black Friday.

Prepare banners and articles for your social accounts. If you are on Pinterest, you can start right now because your pin will get more views over time. If you are not on Pinterest, but you want to start, check my Pinterest Training:

1. Pinterest Part One
2. Pinterest Part Two

For Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can start promoting your Black Friday week before.

Schedule your email campaign before and during this crazy weekend.

You can use my scheduler as an example:

  1. The first email sent a week before Black Friday
  2. Countdown email sent three days before
  3. Main offer sent in the morning on Black Friday
  4. Reminder sent during the Friday
  5. Cyber Monday first email sent on Sunday
  6. Cyber Monday primary offer email sent on Monday morning
  7. Final email sent on Tuesday
  8. Other emails sent if you want to prolong your campaign

You can send even more emails; it's usual that during this weekend, people get a lot more emails than usual.

Be creative when you write those emails, and try to put useful content. Otherwise, you are risking that people will unsubscribe from your email list.

When we talk about email subjects, statistic shows that readers pay attention to the sales percentage.

So, when you write a subject, include a discount percentage ( not on every email, of course), words as Cyber Monday or Black Friday, then words like sale, free, discount, best offer, deal,.. etc. Also, you can use emojis.

You can play with those subjects:

  • Cyber Monday Sale, Final Hours!
  • These Deals are going FAST!
  • Last chance! Up To XX% OFF
  • ATTENTION. Black Friday is ending SOON
  • Get Ready, Get Set .. 40% off Just for TODAY

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday is ok to change design for your emails and banners and to step furder than your usual brand design. U can use gifs, interactive emails ( with flashy titles).

Also, don't forget to include a countdown timer in at least one email.

In the end, resend unopened emails. Maybe some of your readers didn't see that email or subject wasn't good enough to open an email. You can change your topic and send it again.

I hope this article will help you to make more sales this year!

Please, come back after that crazy weekend, and comment below, if those tips help you to make more money.

Also, if you have some tips for me, please share it.

Love, Jelena

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