Wintery Wonderful Wednesday Work & Wanderings!

Last Update: Nov 30, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I definitely did not want to get out of bed this chilly morning in the teens temperature-wise. I already knew that the fire had died down. I made sure to put the Blog Dogs downstairs where their kennel filled with blankets is located. That way, when the fire did burn out, they would not be too cold.

Fortunately, the sun is expected to make an appearance on this HUMP day., so hopefully that might warm things up a bit!

As I got started in my normal morning foray into the Wealthy Affiliate Community, I noticed that Kitty had remained in bed. She will likely be on the prowl later as the day warms up!

I needed to go outside and get some more firewood inside and ready for another fire in the fireplace. While I was out there, I captured a few images of the new day, to include the title image.

I'm not sure of the high temp forecast for today, but at the time these images were captured we had reached 21 degrees.

It was, at least, going to be another beautiful day, albeit a cold one, but we are supposed to be a high of 51 degrees tomorrow. We shall see though.

Then I decided that it was time to go to the bank and make a deposit.

The drive for the bank run and an errand was also nice, but it was still quite cold.

I also needed to go to the locksmith shop house too.

The sky at the locksmith shop house is always beautiful! I had planned to do some other things like fill up more water jugs, wash dishes, etc., but it was fortuitous that I went there because while I was there, I got a call from a regular Poperty Manager client of mine to go rekey a rental that was renting out tomorrow!

It was much closer to me at the shop than at the eBay house.

The drive over there was quite nice.

When I arrived, I discovered that there were three doorknob locks which needed to be matched to the key for two electronic deadbolts.

I had images of the actual work, but my phone camera has been acting up, so there is something else that I will have to replace soon. Either way, I made $115 for a fairly simple job, so that has been a great highlight of today's HUMP day activities.

The drive back to the eBay house was nice too. I still have some things to accomplish at the locksmith shop house, but I needed to get back to let the Blog Dogs out.

After I let them back in, I also fed them their main meal of the day. I also made myself a simple grilled cheese sandwich and heated up the remaining Thanksgiving meat separately, and ate it too!

Then, I got back on the computer, got caught up within the Wealthy Affiliate Community again before writing another 300+ words in my Kindle Vella project in Episode #8.

Of course, that is part of my belated Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day. Today, with everything else going on, this will likely be fit in where I can since I still have some other tasks to do for today too. I will perform some more of it, as time permits!

I have not heard from Monica today either, so I don't know if she has therapy or not. Oh well, I'm sure she is doing what she needs to do to get better--at least I hope so.

When I get back from some more errands later, I will be doing some more writing and also will be on and off the computer!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hi Jeff, I liked Humphries with the Santa Hat and the jingle bell, that is so cute. I am glad to see that you are busy that is a good thing and it makes the day go faster.

That was a awesome blessing about the locksmith job. The Lord is really blessing you Jeff and that my friend is awesome.

Mary :))

Thanks, Mary! I've had that image for a couple of years now, only rolling it out each December.

I always manage to keep busy!

The Lord is definitely blessing me. That is for sure.

I hope you have had a wonderful day, so far!


Hi Jeff, You are so very welcome it was my pleasure my friend. Like always your images are awesome. They are wonderful images.

And yes the Lord is blessings and that is awesome and you deserve it by all means.


Thank you for the kind words, Mary, and you deserve all of the same and more, my friend!


Hi Jeff, Thank you for your kind words. I do appreciate that so much. 👍👌😉 :))


You're very welcome, Mary! Let's do our best to make this a GREAT year, no matter what!


Hi Jeff, Absolutely I agree make 2023 GREAT.


Each new year that we are allowed to be a part of is very important, Mary!


Hi Jeff, Absolutely we are blessed to have another year in our lives. And that is good enough for me to just hold on little longer each and every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year.

Who ever may say that we are not blessed we can show them differently. We would be right but that doesn't mean anything until another soul is saved.


You are right, Mary! We are blessed with every second of life we are given, and we must make the most of them!


Happy Thursday, Jeff. Winter has hit. It's been in the 60s around here, but when I was leaving Vegas on Sunday and driving back to San Diego I hit a 4000-foot elevation and it was 30 F degrees outside and it definitely got my attention. Memories of growing up in CT.

TCU will be tough this week but beatable. Have a great day.

Happy Thursday, Joseph!

Winter sure seems to have arrived a bit early! I'm glad you were in the 60s where you were at though, but that was a steep drop in temps on the elevation.

The KSU / TCU game should be a thriller! We shall see!


Sounds like a chiily HUMP day Jeff, but at least the white stuff is staying away for now!

Good news on the quick job and have a great Frisatsu eve my friend!


It was, indeed, Nick! You must have taken a day off yesterday, my friend!

I hope your Frisatsu's eve is going good for you!


Happy to hear that Jeffrey!!!

I have taken a few days off actually due to the PP...

She seems OK at the moment... And will be my only major concern if you don't hear from me in the near future buddy..

Oh okay, Nick!

I figured that might be the reason!

I pray she stays better! 🙏🐶

Very much appreciated buddy!


You;re very welcome, Nick!


The wind was so cold here too, Jeff! But your pics certainly tell a different tale. So glad for you that you picked up some easy work today - that's always good. I think Kitty had the right idea staying tucked in for a while. Maybe tonight you'll hear from M and see how things are going. Hope you have a pleasant evening!

Susan 🐶😹🐶🥶

They might make it look nice, Susan, but it was very cold, my friend!

I am happy for the easy work too!

Kitty always seems to have the right idea! I could learn from her example.

Monica might and might not call, but I won't bother her. I do hope that she calls though, but it is what it is!

I am having a pleasant evening so far, and I hope that you are too!


0 degrees here, outside Oslo, currently Jeff. It has been quite warm for the time of the year, but this evening it has begun to become more like winter in terms of temperature.

Looks like the blog dogs are as fond of their main meal just like our little fur baby.

Have a continued great hump day, Jeff!


BBRRRRR! You are a LOT colder than I am, Roy, so why am I complaining?🥶

Yes, the Blog Dogs would eat 24/7 if I allowed them too!

I hope your HUMP day was excellent!


I survived HUMP day, Jeff. It is only a couple of days left to the weekend. Looking forward to FriSatSu 🥳


I'm glad to hear that, Roy!

Have an excellent and successful Frisatsu, my friend!


Hi Jeff, sounds like you had a very busy but pleasant day. Temps in the UK were cold, winter jacket cold, still managed to get out in the garden and pressure wash the pigeon crap off the patio. Spent the next few hours writing a post for the site, and when that was done, fitted some carpet for my parents. So, quite a productive day for me. Anyway, all the best, have a great day.

Hey, Brian! I did, indeed, despite the low temps.

Good on you! Some physical work and website work done! Very well done! It seems like you had an excellent day!


Yes, not a bad day at all.

It certainly wasn't, Brian! I hope your day was GREAT too!


Well I don't have any weather comment other than low forties and mid 30's at night here. We've been forecast rain tomorrow then all weekend which I like. Love writing with rain in the background.

Heading home from my J O B to watch World Cup replays. Then write another review. Life is good!

Stay warm folks. Happy creating!

I love writing when it is raining outside too, David!

Have fun tonight, and life is very good, indeed, my friend!


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