Windy Whirlwind Wednesday Welcomes!

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

HUMP Day is now a reality!

Last night, I managed to get some very restful and rejuvenating sleep, and woke up feeling quite refreshed this morning! That is always a GREAT feeling! After getting the morning tasks completed, it was then time to get on the computer again.

Along with the morning news, I was also able to do the morning foray into the Wealthy Affiliate Community, as well!

Kitty opted to remain in bed, at least at the time, she will venture out later, I am sure.

After that, when the temps were in the mid 40s, I ventured outside and took the first images of this new day.

Then I headed back inside and got back down to business. There seems to always be a lot going on these days! Never a dull moment for sure!

When I took another break, and went outside to check for the mail, I was quite surprised by the rapid change in the weather in such a short time, but I do live in Kansas, so I should not have been surprised at all.

I captured some more images of the rapidly changing day! We had also gone for 44 degrees to a whopping 67 degrees too, and this was only right at noon.

It wasn't too long after that when I received a call from my associate Tommy Williams. He was bringing lunch, and we were going to share a beer together, as well!

That was quite a pleasant surprise on this HUMP Day! We talked for well over an hour about different aspects we wanted to tackle over the summer! It was a productive conversation, and one that was definitely needed.

When he left, Monica called having gotten off work from her second job early today. Since I needed a good soak in the tub, I decided to head right over there and get that done, and also so I could see her, as well! We have to take opportunities when we can.

The sun had come out again for a few moments on the driver over to her place this afternoon.

I was there in short order! I walked in and had to take a picture of her because she looked Great!

I was dazzled, I guess. I quickly did what I needed to there, and when I was finished we sat on the deck and talked for a while too.

The conversations were good and quite relaxing.

I think we were out there for about an hour, and then I felt that it was time to leave. I had been tired over the past couple of days. I did see Jacob arrive home and after that, Samantha too, so that was nice, as well.

Then it was time for me to head back, first checking some mail at the locksmith shop house, which was a good thing since my motorcycle plate had arrived among other things.

The weather still could not decide what it wanted to do yet either though.

Now back home, I am putting the final touches on this post and it will eventually drop. There were still a bunch of tasks that I needed to complete before sleep times comes later!

I will remain on the computer for a while though, so no worries there.

Many of us might be busy this evening depending upon what our tasks are!

Oh, and Kitty did show up when I got back too!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Looks like you had an extremely busy and productive HUMP day Jeff, great to see the GT being put to good use with Tommy!!

Enjoy your Frisatsu eve my friend!


It always is, Nick!

Enjoy your Frisatsu's eve, as well!


Cheers buddy, mine is just ending and off to bed soon!!


Enjoy your evening, Nick!


I slept well and woke up this morning Jeff, so all was good!


Sounds Great, Nick!

Enjoy your Frisatsu!


You too my friend!


Yep. enjoying the tax work, Nick!

There's nothing more enjoyable than sorting out our taxes Jeff!

We only need to do it once a year here and I pay an accountant to do it anyway so no worries!!

All the best buddy, you'll get them sorted out in no time!


I took accounting in college! The US is so screwed up, they can't even get their stuff together.

There is no worries though since I don't owe anything!


I do remember you took accounting Jeff, so why is it taking you so long to get everything sorted out??

I pay this girl about 80 bucks a year and she sorts everything out in double quick time!!

The US certainly sounds screwed when it comes to this and so many other things...

Great to hear that you owe nothing though my friend, if you're lucky you may even get something back!!!


Because some of my info just arrived! No worries! I'll get it finished.

I'm sure you will my friend!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday portion!


I will definitely enjoy it to the fullest, Nick, and you do the same!


Cheers buddy!!


Have fun, lol.

Always do my best to do so Stevoi!!


Glad that you and Tommy hade a nice lunch at the guzzle table, Jeff!

Hope you got a chance to check in on S&S too! I'm sure they're behaving themselves.

Happy FriSatSu Eve 😎🐢😹🐢

Isaiah πŸ™‚

They were doing good, but would not sit still for a pic!

They are much better off being back at home with the kids!

Happy Frisatsu's Eve!🐢😹🐢😎

Jeff 🌞

Good to see the tipple table getting a workout. Kansas weather sounds like "New Zealand" weather...4 seasons in one day.
I was never sure what clothing to take with me and invariably got it wrong.
I amgoingto send you a PM as I have a couple of questions, I may sk Mel too. Which basically tells you what I am going to talk about, lol


I did get that one, Stevoi!

Anytime you are in Kansas, feel free to join us at the guzzle table!


Glad your hump day was good -- so was mine. Got my website post published and then went to our monthly senior lunch. It was a really good one...came home and got a rather difficult part of my memoir written. Very productive time for some of that good sleep you are always touting.

You did have a very productive hump day, Fran.

Sleep very well after all those accomplishments.


Sounds like a great day, Jeff.

Happy Hump Day


It was, JD! Hope yours was too!

Happy HUMP Day! 🐫


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