Tuesday Turns Totally Terrific & Triumphant!

Last Update: Mar 14, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I went to bed earlier tan usual, and got up earlier than usual! I took care of the furry assistants and dove right into the Wealthy Affiliate Community earlier than usual!

This really jump-started the day! While I was doing this, Monica called and we talked for a little over an hour. That was another nice start to the day too!

While we were talking, I landed another locksmith job from a call which broke in on us. That is a very good thing, indeed, I will take care of that this morning.

Kitty also popped in for a moment to lend her support while I was both talking with Monica and finishing up the first foray into the WAC. That is always a welcome development too.

The day seems to be developing very fast. I ventured outside to capture some images of this new day--to include the title image.

The temperature was 22 degrees, but the sun was out, so that is a positive thing.

I am expecting the temps to rise, but we shall see!

We were well on our way to another beautiful, albeit chilly day!

Then, it was time for me to drive over to the locksmith job that I have to do! The drive over there was quite nice, despite the colder temps.

The day was still quite beautiful! Spring is definitely on its way!

I arrived at the job site.

All went very well! The job was completed in short order! I was very happy with the results.

When I arrived back at the eBay house, I got right down to business with some more writing on Kindle Vella Episode #15.

This will be the primary focus of my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day!

Then I decided that I was hungry, and prepared some more bacon!

While I made this, and when I was finished, I figured that it was time to give the Blog Dogs their main meal of the day too.

They immediately ate it. They will soon be heading back home if all goes well. I found their collars as they are getting ready to head back home in a couple of days, if all goes well.

I will continue writing until it is time to go to Monica's wrist therapy at 2:20 pm.

The time finally came for me to depart from that, and the drive was even more pleasant since the temps were in the mid-40s at that time.

I was crossing the intersection into the business district, and it was nice.

I had been wondering where Humphrey was, and I found out in a quick hurry when he photo-bombed me at the intersection leading into the business district. It is a good thing that he didn't run out in front of me! Then, he was gone in a flash!

A few minutes later, and I was there! It appeared that Monica got there a little early.

She was already hard at work.

Then they made her do some more heavy lifting! This session seemed to fly by, but they did work her hard.

We parted ways when it was over, and I headed over to the locksmith shop house, but, when I was passing the warehouse, I took an image of the much cleaner side area, so there is some progress going on over there too, finally!

I was quite happy about that! Then it was on to the shop house.

I was happy with the temps which were now at 49 degrees, although it took long enough to get there. I cut some keys for a locksmith job out-of-town tomorrow. I also chatted with my mom on the phone for about a half hour over there too!

After that, for me, it was back over to the eBay house to finish up this post (a little late--sorry), and when I was done I arrived back at the eBay house to tend to the Blog Dogs, finish this post, and after that, I will continue to do more writing and also be on the computer off and on for the rest of the evening!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


I saw a neat trick for bacon. Layout a big sheet of parchment paper and separate strips of Bacon on parchment paper. Then roll up the parchment paper like a jelly roll. Take scissors and cut up the individual slices of rolled up bacon. Place in plastic bag. Then you can cook one strip or many at one time

That is quite nifty, Kathie. So for the cooking, do you leave it in the plastic bag while boiling (am assuming this is like a ziploc bag if this is the case, right?)

Wow, Kathie! I might have to try that! Thanks for the tip! Jeff

Humphrey showing up in an intersection of all places? I'm glad you saw him in time, Jeff!!

If the blog dogs are heading back home, does this mean that german shepherd is no longer there to cause trouble anymore?

Glad to see that Monica is improving, Jeff.

Have a great Hump Day! 😎🐶🐱🐶🐫

Isaiah 😊

Humphrey does what he want to do, Isaiah!

The German Shepherd is gone! 🐶😹🐶🐫

Happy Hump Day! 🐫


Morning Jeff.

The weather looks nice down your neck of the woods. It's turned cold again in the UK - I hate cold weather!

Nice to see Humprey again. It looks like he had right of way when he appeared and crossed the road. He was standing right by the crossing and pedestrians do have right of way - that's the law. Mind you that's the law for human beings and I don't know if it applies to camels. Regardless of whether you have third-party fire and theft or a fully comprehensive policy, I think you should call your car insurance company asap. Ensure running over a camel is added to the policy and it might be worth checking if it covers Jeef's as well.

Yesterday and today are boring days for me. I'm working on some HTML that I need to complete and published online. It bores me to tears TBH but these things have to be done.

Such is the life :-(


Oh I definitely have coverage for that when it comes to Humphrey Paul. You never know when or where he will turn up.

Try to enjoy those boring days on the way to another Frisatsu!


You have better days than us Jeffoi!
We are experiencing bad winter storms!!!

I am so sorry to hear that, Maria, but, rest assured--Spring is just around the corner!


Yeah, I keep telling myself that as well, but nature does not want to agree Jeffoi!!!


It's okay, Marioi! Spring is coming very fast!



Not long now, my friend!


You had a busy day
....it's the bacon sandwich day again

I did, Antonietta! I also might be having another waffle sausage sandwich too! Take care!

Thanks Jeffery 👍🏾????🏾
That's a good day 👍🏾

Thank you, Jimmie! I hope that you had a good day too!


Sounds like a good day to me, Jeff. :)

Mine was also good, just busy.


It was, JD, and believe me--busy is ALWAYS good!


if it is good busy. :D


PS: Signing off for the night. Sleep Well my friend.

Thanks, JD! You too, my friend!



I'll be heading there very soon, JD!


Good Morning.


Good morning, JD! Have a very productive and Happy Hump day!🐫


You too, Jeff.


I definitely have, so far, JD! Jeff🐫

Only my trip to Brownwood was productive. I relaxed and vegetated since I have been home, other than fixing hamburgers for supper. JD

Sometimes, we need to have some rest too, JD!


yep. 🥱


Another nice day for you in all areas. Very good and rain-free, something I would like to say. We are just starting another storm and many folks are flooded out and or stranded all over the state as it is. Levees breaking rivers cresting, freeways flooded and highways closed due to the treacherous drive. We still have more snow piling up north with Tahoe totaling over 50' of snow (622" at the highest level) so far too and that eventually will melt causing potentially more flooding if this doesn't stop soon. Definitely, be careful what you pray for scenario out here.

I had suspected that most of the bad weather had left you, David! I now see that is not the case, Hang in there, and the only thing that I can say is that, at least, you might not have a drought when this is all over, my friend!


Great photos Jeff. Looks pleasant but a little cold.
Humphrey reminds me that we are just slipping into hump day over here.
Good luck with Chapter 15.

Thanks, Bux. It was, but you are right--at least for the morning part, it was a bit chilly! It did warm up later though!

An Early Happy Hump day to you! (Chapter 15, is hopefully done in the next few days!


Good Jeffrey

Thank you, David! I hope you had an excellent day!


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