Tuesday Tends To Trend Towards Terrificness!

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

After a Great weather day, and some phone conversations, I stayed up a little later than usual before going to bed. The sleep was very therapeutic, and I woke up again before 6 am.

I am stoked because I will go to my very first VA appointment this week, and then there is another one next week too!

Anyway, I got on the computer soon after to perform my age-old ritual of diving in to the vibrant Wealthy Affiliate Community!

That will get the day started the right way, in my opinion.

Eventually, I made my way outside to capture images of what promises to be a Great new day.

We were at 36 degrees at the time, but there will be a lot warmer temps on the way. I decided at the last minute to capture one more image of the burgeoning new day.

I was not surprised when I saw Humphrey! He was gone in an instant, but it reminds me that tomorrow is already another HUMP day!

Today, of course, I need to go finish or at least check on a locksmith job that I had last week and either fix it or insure that it is still working as it should be. Then, if any others come in, I will attend to those, as well.

WOW! We did make it to 64 degrees today already. I will soon be leaving to check on a locksmith job from last week. We'll see how that turns out.

I captured a couple more images of the afternoon which was quite nice.

Then it was time to head over to the movie theater to see if they still had a problem with their lock there.

The drive over was nice, and everything was taken care of in short order.

Since I was already out, I ran another quick errand, and after that, I decided to head over to the locksmith shop house to check on things there.

This was nearing the shop house.

Finally, I arrived, ad picked up some mail that I needed, and made sure everything was still safe and secure.

Then, I simply returned back home to get some more tasks completed here. I also called the property manager of the theater, and he and I chatted for a few minutes too. That was constructive, as well.

After all of the running around and errands were concluded, we were at 70 degrees! WOW! I could not believe it. It was a sure sign that Spring is on its way!

I will remain on the computer for a while longer, but I might go outside and enjoy the surprise weather a little more too!

I ventured out to the truck and called my mother, we talked for over half an hour, and I also made another couple of calls. The weather today was absolutely amazing, and I have absolutely no complaints!

I might even work on another website post for one of the two websites that I am actively involved in. We will see how it all goes. I must admit that it has been a long day too.

I hope to get a lot more tasks completed tonight, but how much I get accomplished will remain to be seen. All that any of us can do each day depends on many factors. We just need the wisdom to make it all happen!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Good you got the VA thing started, Jeff. Hopefully it will end up being very helpful for you.

My Tuesday was also a good one...one highlight: A friend who is just learning banjo brought her Washburn over to show me her progress. She loved my old Ode banjo, which I feel was one of the finest made. Discovered my arthritic fingers don't like forming chords any more, but can still do the right-hand finger-picking pretty well. Good thing the bass is so much easier! She got me inspired...believe I'll go to the Thursday night music session, first time in a long time, and play a little bass. They need a regular bass player.

Almost ready to start the second section of my memoirs -- The Colorado cattle ranch years -- cut far too short because of health problems, but still some good adventures.

Hey, I'm not waiting 'till the end of my life to see the whole thing pass in front of my eyes...instead, am doing it a few years at a time and enjoying the memories.

Thanks, Fran. It should be, We shall see.

Sounds like you had a little fun with both the banjo and the bass. That is awesome!

We need to always embrace the memories.

Tuesday sounds like it was good, Jeff.

Mine was exhausting. Dad and I took Mom to the Stephenville Walmart Eye Doctor/Vision Center to have her eyes checked and get glasses in the works. After I had gotten them to the eye doctor, I went shopping. whoof, that is a chore, and in a store, I am not used to. :( Afterwards, we stopped by Golden Chicken in Dublin and got supper. Then after I got the cold stuff put up, we ate.

Happy Hump Day


It sure sounds like you had a very busy day, JD! At least it sounds like you a bought a good dinner to eat for the evening though.

Hopefully it will be a relaxing HUMP day for you today!🐫


Thanks, Jeff.

Today was pretty good. Beautiful weather today. I think we were at 77 about 1 pm. :)

Happy Hump Day


Wow, JD, your temps were higher than mine by 4 degrees!




Wow Jeff! Where has OMW gone??

And I see you could even be hitting 80 next week!

Still pretty mild here as well but I hope that OWS doesn't take over too soon!

Enjoy the rest of your HUMP day eve buddy!!


There is always a possibility for that, Nick!

Enjoy your HUMP Day tomorrow!


You too my friend!!


Will do!


How's your HUMP day shaping up then Jeff??


Very well, Nick! Hope yours is too!


Excellent news Jeff!

Mine has been quite long and I am shaping up for an early night (hopefully)!!!


Sounds great, Nick!


Let's see buddy!!


Terrific Tuesday tickles the town with its tantalizing treats and tremendous togetherness.


Very well done, Stanley! I love it!

Hope all is going well!


Yes, it is and trying my best to get a new niche up and still thinking if I should revive an old blog site.

I hope it works out for you, Stanley!


Had a beautiful day around my nieghborhood today too Jeff, temps in the 60's with lots of sunshine. You just gotta love a day like that.

I really like your pictures so clear and colorful, good work.

I do, indeed, Jack! These are the best days in the world--before it gets too hot, which might be pretty soon, unfortunately!

Thanks for the kind words, my friend! Hope all is going well!


Yes, hump day is here again. Time to pull my finger out and make another video. Heavy rain for Wednesday, so no excuses for stopping in and working.
And 70 degrees, cor blimey, that’s almost shorts weather. Certainly a good excuse for a cold beer or two.

Hump day is around the corner.

It definitely could have been shorts weather today for sure, Bux!


And the beer …

Oh, believe me, I didn't forget about that, Bux!


Silly me, I didn’t need to ask really.


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