Totally Terrific Tuesday's Toil & Travails Tend To Turn Triumphant & Totally Tantalizing!

Last Update: Sep 12, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I slept very well last night after another short conversation from Monica while I was also watching a couple of movies too.

I woke up at just before 6 am and got right down to business within the Wealthy Affiliate Community, to get this Tuesday started off in the proper way!

It is always the best way to start each new day.

Kitty even showed up--very close and personal! She has been a big help over the past couple of days.

When I was finished with the morning tasks, it was time to capture images of this sunny, but cool, new day, including the title image.

We were only in the mid 60s for most of the morning.

It has been sublime, so far!

I could not have asked for more!

Then, I decided to take one more image! Humphrey "photo-bombed" me on that one, but, at least now I was reminded that another HUMP day was tomorrow!

He was gone quickly, and I knew I had to get back to business!

Monica called me on her way to a short shift at work (4 hours), but I must have said something that she didn't like, since she had abruptly hung up on me--it happens every once in a while.

Before I could get back to business though, I had a flurry of new locksmith job calls! There were three of them to be exact! One, there was nothing that I was able to do for. The next one, I was able to do! The third one would likely be hit and miss.

I headed to the second job which was about 5 blocks from the eBay house. The drive there was nice, and quick!

It took about an hour to get the locks changed there.

I then drove a block over and delivered the keys and the bill to the Realtor which was only a block away from the job site.

After that, it was back to the eBay house for a bit, since there were a couple of tasks that I still needed to complete there.

When done with those tasks, I ventured over to the third job.

It was at Firestone. I looked at it, and knew what the problem was, but there was nothing I could do about it at the moment, but I gave the manager a suitable work-around for the time being.

They were satisfied, so I left and went down to the locksmith shop house to look for something, check the mail, and see what else was going on over there.

Then, it was back over to the eBay house to get caught back up on the computer, along with other tasks!

I wasn't back there for too long, when my buddy Kevin called on his way back to work at the railroad up in Lincoln, Nebraska! We talked for about 20 minutes, and then he had to go inside.

I asked him to look up some prices for me on something that I would need to order for the third job too.

Time sure seemed to be flying on the new day!

Sometimes, that is just the way that I like it!

I spent some more time of the computer, and I must have dozed off for a bit, that is why this post is a little late.

The rest of the day is wide open for whatever comes my way, but I plan to stay here and work in the WAC some more, until I am forced to go somewhere else, if that happens.

I plan to do another post on my book promotion site too!

This will consist of most of my Wealthy Affiliate time for the day! There is a lot more writing to be done on several fronts, but I love this because it keeps me busy!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hi there, Jeff.

Looks like you were busy providing the goods for us to enjoy. Excellent content, especially Kitty and Humphrey. You are the Wizard of Kansas (lol).
This is my fav post hands down.

I had a very busy week; my Filipino, Tesla-driving friend - Marvie stopped by with a gift (a scented candle in which I love). Last time she brought me Trader Joe's imported brownies with a sprinkle of sea salt. My hubby and I killed them within 48 hours. Almost a case of DOA, so we had to pump the brakes on the palate.

On Monday, my Shanghai friend Eimee stopped by to show us how she makes her Chinese chicken dumplings. Can you believe it, her $800K home is paid in full. My physician is also Chinese and she's the best.These two friends must become Wealthy Affiliates for sure. I am working on them like yesterday.

I am not bragging, it's just that my friends are breaking the sound barriers of wealth. Hopefully, I will follow suit one of these days. I got a lot of catching up to do, though. However, they both agreed to comment on my website soon. We'll see.

Marvie is freaking out because her Dachshund is displaying semi-abnormal behavior. He's only 4 months old. Is this normal, Jeff? You have dogs. Maybe after he is neutered he will be okay. What do you think? Any suggestions?

Guess I need to start learning Mandarin and Tagalog so I can keep up. I love my friends and I had nothing else to talk about.. They are so awesome. I did't mean to take up so much of your time, just in my gab mode.

Your friend,

Wow, Rachele! You are very kind. I'm nothing special, just doing what I do every day. It gets my day started in the proper way.

The brownies sound awesome, glad you both didn't get rushed to the ER.

Glad that your friends are doing so well--good on them! You need to double down getting them as referrals!

I am not truly after wealth. It is only temporary anyway. The more one makes the vast amount disappears to the government. I just want enough to get by paying my obligations, and then that allows me to write, which is my passion.

Younger dogs seems to go through a lot of things. It is far better to catch that early.

You will be a quick learner in the languages, I am sure. I know passable Spanish, but that is all.

No worries, and Have a Terrific Thursday!


Thanks for your feedback, Jeff -Wealthy Affiliate.

You are a good listener, so I can tell you anything without judgement. You are right, Jeff, wealth doesn't make one happier necessarily. However, my friends are very humble, hard workers and that's important.

That's true about the government. That's why so many people put their wealth in off shore accounts (Swiss Banks). Not sure if I want my money being that far away from me. You know what I mean?


I wouldn't want my money there either, Rachele! I keep a god amount of cash in my lockbox, and all the checks I get go into my accounts and I use those to pay my bills with!


You the man, Jeff.

I admire your management and organizational style. You keep things rolling.


Thanks, Rachele! I do the best that I can!


My pleasure. Jeff.


Always appreciated, Rachele!



Yes, indeed, Rachele!

Thanks for the love, Jeff.

You're very welcome, Rachele!

Busy days sometimes are the absolute best. As for the hang up, I’m sure it’ll pass just as quickly. Your temps sound nice and you can see the hint of fall in the pics. I’ve already seen some red leaves a few weeks ago here. Hope you have a super evening, Jeff!

Susan 🐶😹🐶

They are, Susan! Still didn't hear from her the rest of the day. I'm not too concerned about it though! I am glad for the lower temps for sure!

I had a super evening napping and watching movies off and on--the relaxation was incredible!

Hope you had a great evening too!


That sounds awesome, Jeff! What kind of movies do you like to watch?

Hope you’re having a great day!

Susan 🐶😹🐶

It depends on the genre I am interested in at the moment, and then I was watch what is in the queue on Amazon Prime with that genre!

I am having a slow day, but am getting a lot of tasks done, so it isn't too bad!

Hope your Hump Day is going well!🐫


Mid 60s - those are the temperature numbers I like to hear around this time of year, Jeff.

Hope you have a good Hump Day! 😎🐶😎🐶

Isaiah 🙂

Me too, Isaiah!

I wish you a Great HUMP Day! 🐶😹🐶😎


Work coming in is always good; keep that phone ringing. 🙂

After my hectic August, I'm finally getting back to my writing and posting. I got sidetracked last month as I was traveling quite a bit, but it does feel good to get back to business.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Thanks, Cynthia! I will certainly do my best!

Sorry you had a hectic August, and I am very glad that you are picking up momentum again!

Let's both have a Wonderful Wednesday!


Glad the work is rolling in, even if some of it is a challenge. I see Huphrey is about again, as reliable as ever.
Don't worry about the hanging up, Jeff, I always regarded it as a lucky escape.
Some great shots of the town, I still can't get over how wide the streets are. We would call that a runway over here.
Anyway, have a great Hump Eve, ride that positive wave and stay lucky.
The cathedral clock has just rung 11 bells. 4 hours ago I was stood in front of the clock. Supposedly the oldest chiming clock in the world.
Catch you on the morrow.

Haha! Thanks, Bux, this time it was a lucky break!

They are actually pretty wide, now that you mention it again!

I will remain as positive as I can, and since I made some money, that was a bonus!

I would love to have seen and heard that, my friend!

Sleep well tonight!


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