Totally Terrific Tuesday Tends To Turn Turbulent, Tempestuous, & Then Triumphant!

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

First off, sadly my team lost last night, but it was a could close game in the rematch of last year's Super Bowl football matchup!

I still managed to sleep very well though. All the way through to when my alarm clock awakened me!

Kitty was still sleeping when I managed to get up and get busy!

I first got the morning fire started. (It eventually fizzled out, but then the weather--while in the 40s later, didn't really need it to continued.)

After that, I immediately got busy in the vibrant Wealthy Affiliate Community!

What a ride! It didn't take too long to complete, and it set the tone for this new day too!

When that was completed, I went outside and captured images of this new day, including the title image! It was in the 40s at the time. I'm not sure what the temps will reach to later!

It was beautiful though--a stark contrast to yesterday! I missed one of the streets so I decided to take a last one before I wet back inside and got back down to business.

What was I thinking? Humphrey appeared for a moment, and then was gone again! Wow--another HUMP Day tomorrow?? The weeks sure seem to by literally flying by!

In another two days, it will be Thanksgiving for us in the US, and that will fly by way too fast, as well.

When I settled back at the computer, Mel Waller ended up calling me, coincidentally when I was commenting on one of his post.

Our chat lasted quite a while --almost 2 hours, and it was quite refreshing! Things seem to be going well with him. We chatted about a variety of subjects. It is never boring talking to Mel, as one of his videos on his YT channel that we had a couple of years ago surpasses 4 hours!

I had to put him on hold for a minute when a call came through. I have landed another locksmith job for this coming Monday. We shall see, but I have the information now.

Shortly thereafter, it was time for him to go to bed, but we will talk again later!

I restoked the fire after it had petered out, so that looks good! Then I ventured outside to wait for the call from my buddy Kevin!

The weather outside was excellent, so I could not complain! My mom had called right before him, so I warned her that I would have to let her go!

He called, and I let her go, telling her I would call her back shortly!

He will have five days around the Thanksgiving Holiday! I feel like I

I did, and then her and I talked for a long while after that!

When she had to let me go, I went back inside the eBay house and put the finishing touches on this post!

I hope that everyone has been doing well here today! I feel like I have too!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty!

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Tuesday? Today, which is Thanksgiving day, that seems like ages ago! I must say, though, our weather has slowly improved over the last few days. It's in toe 40s and our two feet of snow has almost completely vanished. Not sorry about that.

My car runs again; I had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner at our local church. Turkey and all the fixings, and I mean all -- besides the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy, there must have been 12 side dishes. Brought some turkey home for Mocha, which he greatly appreciated.

My car is running again, which is a relief and a blessing...especially since the roads are clear at present. So glad.

You are lucky, Fran. We are set to get our first dose of the white stuff this weekend.

Glad you had a Great Thanksgiving. There was a church I could have gone too, and an ex-girlfriend who had invited me over, as well, but I chose my lifelong friend Ron when he invited and it was close-knit and quant this time around. That post will come soon.

Glad to hear that your roads are clear, as well. Keep enjoying the rest of a Holiday Frisatsu. They are the best.

Win some, lose some. It's a game.
Yes, hurtling through hump day here in Blighty.
Our chancellor is making a fiscal statement at lunchtime, so expecting to be poorer tomorrow than I was yesterday.
Funny how they always give the tax cuts to the well off. I think they forget about folks at the bottom of the rich list. Certainly forgotten about me. (collective pitiful sigh please)
Take care me old mate, keep warm, keep working, keep writing. In fact, keep keeping.

I'll join in that with you Bux ::: SIGH :::


Love it. Just half a slice of toast for dinner tonight. Dry toast and water.

Oh has Lent fasting started already Bux or making up for the weekend? ;-)


What you trying to say, Mel.
Trying so hard to lose a little weight. Currently just over 90kg whatever that is in pounds, ounces and fahrenheit.
It's pie and mash night tonight, so maybe I'll try harder tomorrow.
Enjoy your day, I hope things are settling down.

That would be 198 pounds. I am 220 pounds. My ideal weight is 185. I need to lose some also.

Have a great night Bux!


Toast for two then.
I might have a baked bean on mine, and just half a glass of water.

Sounds good Bux. It can be good to do a 24 water fast also... helps detox and kick the immune system into gear.


I know, Bux!

Glad your HUMP day is hurtling along, my friend!

As for the tax cuts, yes the rich get richer and the poor get poorer--sad but true!

I like that, Bux! WE will Keep Keeping!


Its usually the other way round for me. My immune system kicks me off the pitch.

Mine was essentially the same, Bux!

Nothing in the Fiscal budget for me. Nothing, nothing, nothing.
Oh well, I'll just keep keeping.
Hope your day is going well. Your Autumn - Fall - photos show the gradual change, keep them coming.
Catch you later

I know what you mean, Bux! I have my methods for doing that too!

I thought you had already lost some weight, Mel!


Awesome, Bux! We need to make some money so our budgets will be sound!


Don't we ever!

Yes, indeed, Bux! Seems to be getting harder to do though!

Lose, gain, lose, gain... just like the 4 seasons in KS. They come and go. ;-)


They do, indeed, Mel!


Hi Jeff

I had a great time watching the Stryper video you sent and will watch the second one tomorrow!

My wife’s pumpkin pie was great, as usual.😎

Happy jump day! 🤘🐫🤘
Frank 🎸

Wow, Frank! Don't tell me you ate the whole thing!

Happy HUMP Day!🐫


Don’t worry, Jeff. It’s just one of many pies and cakes!

I have to start gearing up for tomorrow by making a pig of myself today. 😂

It’s like warming up for an eating marathon! Lol 🦃

I’ll be running around all day picking up last minute items for my wife and helping her clean up in the kitchen.😎

Did you decide on where you’re going to have Thanksgiving tomorrow??

Frank 🐫🤘🎸

I don't blame you, Frank! I would do the same, but just having more chili today for the most part! It is sunny but quite cold!

I did, I will be at my Army Buddy Ron's house! Wish I could be with the fam, but, alas, I cannot! If I'm lucky, I might be able to see them this evening for a bit! Banned again, apparently! I'm not counting on it though, but wishful thinking.

If something happens with the Ron visit, then I still have a couple of options!

Enjoy it to the fullest, my friend!


You too, Jeff. I know you had a great time at Ron’s last year. 😎😎

Frank 🤘🐫🦃🤘🎸

Actually, the last couple of years, Frank!


Jeff out here we Niner faithful were counting on you to beat the Birds. Oh well, we'll take care of that for you in our NFC title rematch with a healthy Brock Purdy. Since we got Chase young, we've been putting the fear back into QBs with Bosa on one end, and Young both All-Pro DE's, and former Ohio State teammates, on the other end. The Philly Birds have been barely winning games and Jalen hurts is going to have a hard time running on us, so we will settle the score from when they injured Purdy last year. Payback time.

Happy you're getting work. It is Winter out here. Low 40s . My WA membership is up in a few days. So I'll look for you and your posts.

Cheers to 2024 being a year of cleaning the house and reinstating law and order with appropriate outcomes. So we all can feel safe or safer at least. This woke wild wild west bs has got to go asap.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you all for what you've provided me here.

We would have won that game, If Valdez-Scantling had not dropped the ball! Stuff happens though. You are right, the Eagles keep slipping by, but that is all they have to do to keep winning, David!

I hope that 2024 will be the year that does this, but we can only wait and see!

Happy Thanksgiving too, David! We are still alive, so there is a lot to be thankful for! I sent you an email, did you ever get it?

Jeff 🦃

Another good day, Jeff.

It has been ok here. I got in a nap so I am doing better.


Awesome, JD! This time, I did not get a nap, so will be retiring soon, and might be up later! Hope you had a GREAT day!


it was ok.

Goodnight and sleep well.


Glad to hear that, JD!

I slept well and hope that you did too!


I did till 4:30. :(

Finally got in a nap.


Uh oh, JD, but you did get a nap!

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!


You too, Jeff.


It will be, JD! Thank you, my friend!


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