Timid Though Terrific Thursday Tends To Trend Towards Triumphant Tasks!

Last Update: Jun 8, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Recovering after my torrid afternoon dealing with a simplistic problem with my cell phone transfer, I stayed up later than usual to get caught up on a couple of things.

I also woke up at 6 am to get my eBay packages ready to go for shipment.

I did all of this before my morning expedition into the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

This allowed me some sense of normality for the new day.

Monica called shortly after that, and we talked for over an hour, and while we were chatting, I ventured outside to take a couple of images of the new day, including the title image.

At the time, the temps were in the 70s. I think it is headed into the mid 80s, but we shall see.

Then more work was done, and finally I surrendered to a 1.5 hour power nap to recharge my own batteries. Late night last night and earlier morning than usually caused me to need this.

I'm also still getting accustomed to the new phone too. My buddy, Kevin, when he called me last night walked me through it. That was a big help.

Kitty missed the first WAC foray, but she did show up briefly in the early afternoon.

It is always a pleasure to see her.

Then. my buddy, Kevin called on his way to work at the railroad and he told me other things to do with the new phone to optimize it, so that was a very productive conversation.

I was at the "guzzle table", as Paul likes to call it, so I captured a few images of the afternoon.

The first thing I noticed was that Rocky was out again, with some of his squirrel buddies. That is always refreshing to see!

While we were talking, I also captured another image of the sunny late afternoon too!

Then the weather started to change. There was thunder and things began to get more overcast.

Such is Kansas weather these days! We shall see what happens for the rest of the day.

I am still editing Kindle Vella Story #2, Episode #7. If luck holds, I will get it published this evening!

That will be the bulk of the Wealthy Affiliate research for the day. I also plan to try to edit the KV story that I turned into an eBook and is currently in draft in Amazon's KDP. That is proving to be a bit problematic! I'll persevere though.

Monica will be tied up with friends for this evening, so I likely will only hear from her late in the evening, but that is alright. Her and the kids should have fun at the late movie they are going to watch.

Blog Dogs Star and Shadow seem to be doing okay too! I never thought they wouldn't be!

The rest of the evening will be spent taking care of some endless tasks at the eBay house, and I will also likely be on the phone too, now that it works. I was so relieved about that. You have no idea.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Apart from the phone issue it sounds like a pretty relaxing day Jeff!

Take care buddy and enjoy a wonderfully productive start to Frisatsu!


Yes, there was that unexpected glitch in the day, and now all is good!

Enjoy your Friday portion!


Thanks my friend and enjoy a fantastic Saturday portion!


Stormy but completely relaxing! Moving very slow today, my frined!


Make the most of it when you can my friend!


I grab those chances every time that I get, Nick!


As do I buddy!


I never doubted that, Nick!


Morning Jeff.

Yet another FriSatSu is upon us again!

What a large tail Rocky has. I have 3 squirrels in my yard but they are half his size. I'm pleased Kitty showed up - she must working the afternoon shifts this week.

Nice to read the Guzzle Table is being put to good use. Who knows, I may join you for a beer there one day if I'm ever down your neck of the woods. I know what I'm like for travel and can just take off at a moment's notice. I need to clear a few projects first and my next visit will be to see my Princess. After then who can tell? Stranger things have happened!

Have a great FriSatSu.


Good day, Paul!

Happy Frisatsu!

Rocky always seems to have had that large tail. Kitty has been helping to get the eBay house sorted, which is a continuous job.

Enjoy the trip to see your pricess, and I'll be waiting at the guzzle table if you show up!


Heheh Jeff - if there's free beer involved I'll show lolz;-)


There will be, but you might not like the beer that I drink, Paul!


Worry not Jeff. If it's free I'll like it. That's a 'Paul's Promise'.

Paul (free beer) Bounce

Haha! I am the same way, Paul!


I'm a huge fan of "free" as well Paul, but.... when it comes to the beer Jeff drinks you'll probably drown before you get drunk my friend!!


Heheh - don't bet on one - If the beers are free it's straight down my neck. If I drown though Jeff is NOT allowed to relieve me. At least that way I'll die a happy man;-)

Paul ;-)

Don't knock it until you try it, Nick!



Certainly sounds like a good way to go Paul!!


I do drink my fair share of water daily Jeff!!


I do too, Nick!


Without a doubt Jeff!


Of course, everything liquid has water in it!




Hey Jeffoi!

How easily we get frazzled when our devices seem NOT to work! How frustrating it is to realize how dependent we become!

But that’s alright. Now that your device is working, you stress level is lessened!

While you are having your Kansas weather, our summer in the East Coast is messed up by the fire from Canada. Our air is not in anyway safe! Our pool is open, but we are mostly indoors until the air is safer.

Am glad I am working. Then I can catch up with the WA foray! So you will see my comments when you wake up! 😊

Maria 🌹

Hi, Marioi!

You are right. Without my phone, my business doesn't exist. We need our phones and computers to communicate. Without communication, we are adrift.

Hopefully, the air quality for you will get safer very soon.

I am always happy to see you here, and glad you are back to work too!

Happy Frisatsu!


It is mind boggling how we got so extremely dependent on gadgets Jeffoi!

Our air quality has been getting better from the wild forest fire in Canada. Hope it continues to be so!

Enjoy your Frisatsu as well Jeffoi!

Maria 🌹

Well, for me, Marioi! Since I am a mobile business, a land line does me no good at all.

I'm glad your air is getting better!

I am enjoying it so far, and hope you are too!


Nice happy post. Wished I had more energy but I did go to physical therapy here, and did my thing on the elliptical for half an hour, and was trying to play a game,(so you stand up to play but you are so into it you don't want to rest- very clever)- but the other patient got sick and was throwing up so we had to quit. I was praying for him because he had no control over it. It was very sad. Hef already lost a third of his body weight. Probably not knowing about gut health., and has a low grade infection in the gut,no energy to look into it, some stuff has migrated to where It doesn't belong and colonized and is accumulating toxins. It would have been OK if it didn't go where it doesn't belong. Food additives are so pervasive in food industry products, this is probably maltodextrin being the culprit. Yet most of us know nothing about what It can do to you and why.
Just garbage to make you ill and try to get the medical to figure it out. Let me add and not waste 10 years of your life and lable it " autoimmune" which is what they call it when they ain't got a clue what is going on with you!"
OK, guess that's a mini rant. If I see that fellow again, I might ask if he has SIBO or SIBU so for Small intestine. And see what the poor fellow has to say.
Good thing we probably don't have that miserable thing going on. We all get to enjoyed the food we eat, as it should be.
Blessings,Jeff. Thank you dear friend, hope this helps some one.

I'm very glad that you are still making it through, Suzay! I feel sorry for your friend!

We must approach life one day at a time, my friend~ Keep recovering!


Hey Jeff, it sounds like you had a great phone day. I have been at it with Verizon, so I know what you mean. We have had some weather in the low 90s. It will be short. We will be in the 100s with a tad more index.

I hope you have a great evening!


I must admit that it was a good day, Chet!

Mine is with Straight Talk, and that a little more difficult to circumvent.

I don't like your temps!

I will have a relaxing evening, my friend, and hope that you do too!


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