Terrifically Terrific Tuesday Tends To Triumph & Tempt!

Last Update: Jun 6, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I slept very well after retiring early last night. I had an eBay sale, so right off the bat, I got that prepared to ship. Every bit helps in this day and age.

Once that was accomplished, the next order of business was settling into the Wealthy Affiliate Community for my morning sojourn.

This puts me at ease, and sets the tone for each new day!

Kitty even showed up to assist for a few minutes too. That always helps. She is such a good motivator!

Monica called this morning and we chatted for about 20 minutes. She will be down the street assisting her sister, Sharon in mowing their aunt's yard.

Kindle Vella Story #2, Episode #7 is essentially finished now. There will still be editing to do though.

I am putting finishing touches on it right now, and will likely do this throughout today. This will be the bulk of my Wealthy Affiliate research activities for this day.

There are still too many "fish to fry" concerning my Driver's License issue! They need to get rid of layers of bureaucratic nonsense, and then this would be a "nothing burger" issue whatsoever! There still seems to be a lot of hurdles to get past. The Fight goes on!

The time had come for me to venture outside and capture a few images of the new day, to include the title image.

We were in the mid 70s at that time.

Whoops! This never surprises me, but there was Humphrey! I guess it is Tuesday again. He always shows up, with a few exceptions on the day before HUMP day.

The day looked to be shaping up to be a good one weather-wise!

In similar words to the song by the band Rush--Red Barchetta--until the DL situation gets resolved, I will be "committing my daily crime" of driving when it was necessary!

The drive over was quite nice!

There was gas to be gotten and one more errand, and the longer this drags out, the harder it will be. My step daughter Alison, with my third wife Lalani has been a trooper in pursuing this, and I appreciated her efforts.

I am glad I made it back. Monica will likely take me grocery shopping later today! We'll see if that transpires.

What do you know? She called shortly thereafter, and the rest of my day was set!

I waited for her to arrive sitting at the picnic table!

We were at Walmart for about an hour, then she had errands to run, and then we ended up at her house.

We chatted for a while on the deck while enjoying the Blog Dogs.

It was quite nice!

I took a few more images of them outside!

They were very entertaining.

We finally went inside, and Monica washed some clothes for me and I took a bath and put on clean clothes. The afternoon was quite nice, indeed.

The Blog Dogs enjoyed being back inside too, since the day had gotten rather hot.

The house was much cooler. Monica made me lunch after the bath and we chatted for almost an hour. That was nice too.

Before long, it was time to go. Monica was on and off the phone, since the two younger kids were over in Manhattan with their older sister. She'll pick them up later.

When I finally got dropped back off at the eBay house, I decided that I had a great and relaxing day which is what we all need from time to time!

I will likely talk to her later in the evening too!

I am now, at long last, putting the finishing touches on the blog post that I started this morning. It has been a very fun-filled and eventful day!

My mother called and I chatted with her for a while and will likely do so again. I had also chatted with my buddy Kevin earlier too.

There were no money jobs today, but that is alright. I loved how I spent this day!

I will be on the phone again soon, but I will also be on the computer later in the evening!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Certainly sounds an excellent day all in all Jeff, even without any paying jobs!

Take care buddy and I wish you an even better HUMP day!!


It certainly was, Nick! I got a lot of things done!

Hump Day is quiet, but , moving right along. Hope yours is too!


Great to hear my friend!

A pretty quiet HUMP day here too after a very late one last night!

Enjoy what is left of yours Jeff!!


So I hear, Nick! So far, so good here!


Happy to hear that buddy!


Happy Frisatsu!


Happy Frisatsu Jeffrey!


Same to you, Nick!


If you notice Jeffoi, my presence in WA has been getting later and later, lately!

I am trying to figure stuff for my new big project! Once I figured it out, the rest will come easy!

Your DL’s issue is very frustrating!
Although, there should be nothing new - it’s the government bureaucracy!!! I am sorry Jeffoi that you have to go through that!
It’s a good thing Monica is there to support you!

Please be careful when you drive. Can you get some certification to allow you to drive, while the DL issues are being figured out? Someone needs to make a living! As someone needs to eat and pay bills!!!

It must be frustrating for you Jeffoi!

Maria πŸŒΉπŸ™πŸΌ

No problem, Marioi! Keep doing what you need to do!

Yes, my DL problem is a bane right now, but eventually, this too shall pass! I am happy to have Monica's support too!

No, I can't, I will just have to be careful! It is frustrating, but it is, what it is.

Have a Happy Hump Day!🐫


I used to think that waiting in line at the DMV was bad enough, Jeff. But these people who deal with suspended DLs seem far worse. Stuff shouldn't take this long to get resolved!

Those two seem to have the simplest life. All they need is a corner in the yard, on the deck, or a cool tiled floor and they're content with taking naps anywhere!

Hope you have a good Hump Day! 😎🐢🐱🐢

Isaiah 😊

I totally agree, Isaiah, especially since I didn't have anything to do with the accident last year. My name was one of those on the title apparently, and now I have a suspended license!😳

Yes, the BLOG DOGS are loving life again!

I hope you have a Happy Hump Day too! 🐫😎🐢😹🐢


The bureaucracy surrounding your license is unfortunately becoming standard in so many countries these days. Vietnam, where you think it would be bad is probably easier now than most western countries
Was teaching this morning but am starting to unwind and am anticipating some wormy moments later, lol. Have been given a couple of cold presents which I am currently studying in detail and am slipping into my worm outfit soon…lol.
I am hammering and nailing a couple of posts together at the moment and while I will not be releasing anything to the world today, I will have the rough draft ready later…
Lol..must be time to worm up soon. Lol.

Wow, Stevoi! Good for you, my friend!

That is the way to get the day started!

Well done!


Did 3 posts today, but did not let anything go out today ( apart from the AI/ Monica post..lol) didn’t trust myself..lol.
Bed soon and my Gawd I will sleep well buddy. Lol.

Haha, and that was a good one, Stevoi!

Sleep well and wake up refreshed tomorrow!

Jeffoi 😴

This was a great day for you, Jeff. :D

Mine has been ok. No power nap, but I did get some work done on my story. I also found a map that is closer to what I need for the location of The Trade. Now I just need to find a program where I can render it out. There is a Mapping program that I would like to get, but I really can't afford the $70+ dollars it would cost. I just checked. For the four programs I want bundled together, the cost is now $107.00. :p


Oh. Rush is just about my all-time favorite group along with Journey, and Red Barchetta is one of their best songs.

Believe it or not, JD, Rush was my very first Rock concert attended.--The Signals tour, if I recall correctly!

I hope you figure the other thing out!


That is cool, Jeff. I saw them on the Roll the Bones tour. But I did not like their opening band Primus, which tainted the whole thing. I am not much for concerts anyway.

I have gotten some more work done on my story. I have retyped about a thousand words (about six and a half handwritten, double-spaced pages). Which is more than I have been able to do in a long while.

Signing off for the night. Good night my friend.


Sleep Well

Wow, JD! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished, my friend! Well done!

I'm glad you got a lot done, for a change!


Thanks. I got a Demo program that might help me with the map of my story, but it does not have the resolution I really need. I just looked at the website and I can get the full-on Program for about $40.00. I might have to do that.

My uncles might come over and we work on the house some more today, or one uncle and I might do some other stuff, and if neither of those happens I intend to work on my story some more.

Happy Wednesday


Awesome, JD! Sometimes we must go with the flow!

Happy Hump Day!🐫





You're very welcome, JD!


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